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Brighton Accommodation Guide (Schools + Renting)

If you’re looking for beautiful university accommodation in the UK, then Brighton is at the top of the list.

Brighton is a seaside city just one hour from London, and the University of Sussex has accommodation that is comparable to a holiday flat, with a wide range of accommodation available to suit most people’s needs. Why do I say the University of Sussex? Because the University of Sussex has more Chinese students than the University of Brighton, is more like a main university in the city, and the scale of its accommodation is quite representative.

The University of Sussex has a staggering total of 8 student accommodation blocks, and because there are so many of them, the University guarantees first-year accommodation to international students who accept their offer on the stipulated date, which is something many UK universities can’t even promise to do.

There are three types of accommodation on the Sussex campus: the largest proportion of rooms are single rooms, the second are shared rooms, and the third is small family flats for couples and families. However, regardless of the type of room, each student residence has a self-catering communal kitchen with cooking utensils, so if you don’t want to eat out, you can cook your meals in the communal kitchen of your halls of residence. Meanwhile, university halls of residence are well-equipped, with telephones, curtains, carpets, beds, wardrobes, bookshelves, desks, chairs, desk lamps and washbasins in most rooms! Meanwhile, all flats offer wireless internet access, a common entertainment lounge with TV, and a cleaning service.

Below is a detailed guide to the University of Sussex’s halls of residence.

On-campus Accommodation
1. Park Village
Park Village is one of the best-located on-campus halls of residence. The reason why it is the best location is because it is close to the ISC, which is just a 5-minute walk away! How close is it? It’s as close as you can see the school building from the dormitory window. It is a three-storey building consisting of a combination of dormitory flats, each floor has 12 single bedrooms, 2 kitchens and bathrooms, equipped with shower facilities and toilets, and what’s better is that all bedrooms are equipped with individual washbasins, so you don’t have to queue up in the public bathrooms in the morning and evening to freshen up, which is convenient.

The number of rooms in the whole hostel area is 468 single rooms, 24 double rooms and 36 family rooms.

Address: Park Village, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RD

2. Brighthelm
The Brighthelm halls of residence are very close to the ISC, and it’s only a five-minute walk away, so you can wake up half an hour before class and not be late. The dormitory area is very large, with 60 dormitory buildings alone, each with five rooms. All dormitory buildings are thoughtfully equipped with well-equipped kitchens with washing machines and dryers. With individual washbasins in each room and two bathrooms in each building, every aspect of life is catered for. However, Brighthelm is a little more expensive than Park Village.

Rental type: 39 and 50 weeks

Open to: Undergraduate and postgraduate students

Address: Brighthelm, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9SA

3. The Park Houses
The Park Houses’ halls of residence are not far from ISC’s campus, just five or six minutes away. However, most of the rooms here are singles, with individual washbasins installed in each room, but the kitchen and bathroom facilities are in a communal area. Consider this place if you prefer to live alone. Compared to the first two, this one is not as lively.

Address: Park Village, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RD

4. Lewes Court

Lewes Court is at the rear of the campus, a five-minute walk from Park Village, and has three types of accommodation: flats for five or six people, en-suite rooms, and family rooms for families. Some of the rooms are specially designed for students with disabilities, so kudos to this hostel! As with other halls of residence, each flat has a kitchen, dining room, and lounge as standard facilities to meet the basic needs of students.

Rental Type:39 weeks

Number of rooms: 255 standard, 249 en-suite

Family Rent: £192-197 per week

Address: Lewes Court, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RU

5. Swanborough
The Swanborough Halls of Residence area is located in the heart of the campus, directly opposite Bramber House.

This is arguably the most luxurious of all the on-campus halls of residence! This newly constructed student accommodation consists of dormitory units for 4-7 students and four halls of residence for students with disabilities. All 250 rooms are en-suite, all have en-suite bathrooms, and each unit has its kitchen/dining/lounge, so if you didn’t know it was student accommodation you’d think it was that fancy hotel flat.

Address: Swanborough, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RF

6. Stanmer Court
Stanmer Court is the most accessible of the on-campus halls of residence, situated just opposite the entrance to the campus at Falmer Station. These new halls of residence are larger than Swanborough, with 472 rooms in three interconnecting blocks, all en-suite with private bathrooms! There are also dormitory units for 4-6 students, each with its kitchen/dining room/lounge, so apart from looking less luxurious, it’s no worse than Swanborough.

Address: Stanmer Court, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RF

7. East Slope
The East Slope halls of residence are ideal for those who like to live in groups, as the basic type of room is a single-storey townhouse, which can accommodate 6-12 students in a group, and is equipped with twin rooms and shared study/bedrooms, so it’s a great way to have a party and help out with your studies.

Address: East Slope, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton

8. Northfield
The Northfield halls of residence are also incredibly large, bigger than Stanmer Court! Consisting of 14 halls of residence, it offers 744 single en-suite rooms, 21 studios and 12 twin family rooms with communal function rooms. Looking like a domestic housing estate, it’s almost as if you can take care of your living and studying needs without leaving home.

Address: Northfield, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton

Off-campus rentals

1. Sawmills
Sawmills are brand new, high-quality flats in the heart of Brighton city centre, just around two kilometres from both the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. It is ideally located along the campus bus route, two steps downstairs to the bus stop and within ten minutes of the university by bus.

The flats are available in both multi-occupancy suites and studios, catering for both group and solitary human communities. So whether you want to share with friends or prefer to live alone for more privacy, there’s a flat for you.

Types: 3 Bed Cluster Ensuite, 5 Bed Cluster Ensuite, Standard Studio, Standard Studio Accessible.

Location: 14 minutes by bus to Brighton University, 17 minutes by bus to Sussex University.

Facilities: Fully equipped kitchen, staff on duty, bike storage, laundry, CCTV, communal lounge (with flat screen TV), high-speed wifi, fully equipped kitchen, ensuite shower room.

2. Britannia Study Hotel
The Britannia Study Hotel is a modern flat in the heart of Brighton, and if you’ve ever fantasised about living alone in a flat in an American TV show but with neighbours, this is the place to do it! With 122 bedrooms and a large living room with TV and vending machine, and a well-equipped kitchen or living room on each floor, complete with sofa, dining table, chairs and flat-screen TV, it’s easy to make friends in the communal living room and kitchen, as well as in your room.

Room types: Study Rooms and Superior Rooms.

Location: Less than 1 mile from the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex, both within walking distance.

Amenities: High-speed internet, door entry system, living room/kitchen with TV on each floor, modern bedrooms, tiled bathrooms, two storage floors, ground floor living room with TV and vending machine.

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