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Glossary of terms used in UK student accommodation

For international students, solving the accommodation problem is a prerequisite for studying at ease, so how much do you know about UK university accommodation before you prepare to leave?

There are two types of accommodation in UK universities, Part-catered and Self-catered.

Part-catered means that students eat in the school canteen, including breakfast from Monday to Friday and the main meal (lunch or dinner) at weekends.

Self-catered, without a doubt, means that students can cook their own meals in the kitchen. Kitchen facilities can be shared, but students are expected to bring their own kitchenware, pots and pans.

Privately owned accommodation: Private accommodation includes shared flats, houses, boarding houses, bedroom and living accommodation. Prices vary greatly. Compared to student accommodation, this type of rental is more risky. When there is a dispute between the student and the landlord, it is difficult for the school office to intervene. Recommended: UK Renting Tips

Homestay: Students can rent a room in a privately owned house for rent and live with the owner or their family. Kitchen facilities are available and three meals a day can be provided. Although this type of accommodation allows students to have the company and support of others, on the other hand, they will not be able to live completely independently. This kind will be cheaper than student flats.

Common types of halls of residence: Standard, Ensuite room and Studio flat

The main types of accommodation in UK university halls of residence are Standard, Ensuite room and Studio flat, which are divided into part-catered and self-catered.

Standard: 8-12 people usually live in a single room with a sink, shared kitchen and bathroom.

It is an ordinary bedroom (with windows) with a bed (usually a single bed), a desk, a wardrobe, which is divided into two kinds, one is Standard rooms with

One is Standard rooms with washbasin, which means that this bedroom has a small washbasin (as well as a large mirror with a small light), and generally this kind of room will not be damp. Then there are the normal rooms without washbasins. This type of room is usually cleaned and cleared regularly by someone. Bathrooms and kitchens are shared, and the number of people sharing them may vary, which can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s not expensive. In some dorms that offer meal service, cooking is not allowed in the kitchen, and there’s only a fridge and a microwave oven in the kitchen.

Ensuite room: A single room with basic living facilities in the bedroom, a separate bathroom, toilet and sink. Usually 7 people live in the room and share the kitchen.

On top of the Standard room comes its own bathroom, which has a toilet, shower and wash hand basin. This bathroom is included within the bedroom and may make the room slightly damp. Some schools’

There are two types of Ensuite, Superior and Basic, and the bedrooms are similar in terms of the number of people sharing the kitchen. The former has a smaller shared kitchen and a larger area. The latter has a smaller kitchen and a larger shared kitchen. The latter has a smaller kitchen and more people sharing the kitchen. This kind of room usually does not have a cleaning service.

Studio Flat: a single room with a double bed in a larger house with a separate kitchen, bathroom, washbasin and toilet. It is suitable for students with children or couples. This type of room is rare and you need to apply in advance.

This type of room is a step up from the Ensuite type, which not only has a separate bathroom, but also has its own kitchen. Personally, I feel that students who pay more attention to privacy and quality of life and want to live on campus can consider this type of room. In addition, Studio is very suitable for couples to live, warm and convenient and save money. However, one thing to consider is that Chinese people generally cook with more serious “pollution”, and this kind of room with an open kitchen needs to be ventilated to dissipate odour and prevent grease and smoke.

Commonly used dormitory terminology: Single Bedroom (shared kitchen and bathroom)

Single Room with Basin, also a single room, but with an extra sink in the room – more options for students;

Single Bedroom Studio: single flat with en-suite bathroom and modern kitchen;

Shared Studio: a double flat with shared bathroom, kitchen and living area for two students;

Single Study Bedroom: single room with en-suite bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and living space for 6-8 people;

1 bed flat is simply a one-bedroom flat with one bedroom, en-suite bathroom and kitchen (the kitchen is separate from the bedroom);

2 bed flat Two bedrooms, two bedrooms, shared kitchen and bathroom.

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