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Guide to renting in Edinburgh

Edinburgh does have a very famous Edinburgh University, but we are talking about today’s rental quotations are not just for Edinburgh University freshmen Oh, otherwise Heriot-Watt, Longbia, and Queen Margaret College new students will not be happy da ~ the following we do not talk too much, and immediately into the main topic. Open the map, our content today is – Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Renting Guide As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has naturally been incorporated into the British Empire’s amazing postcode system, which means that you can roughly judge the area just by the combination of letters and numbers in the last 6 or 7 digits of the address.
The best area in Edinburgh is Stockbridge, where the postcode starts with EH4, making it a very wealthy area.

Secondly, EH1, 2 and 7 are also good, especially near Princes Street, which is close to the city centre, convenient and safe, and the rent is not too expensive to bear. So I suggest that when you are looking for a house, you should also pay attention to the surrounding environment, if it is a school, hospital, or government, you can put your heart inside, for example, EH4 near Fettes College is a very good choice.

Unless you can afford to pay around £200 a week for rent, that would only entitle you to a 15-minute walk to your school. Of course, if your school happens to be on the outskirts of town, like Lombardy, then congratulations, be patient and look around, you’ll find a good value house eventually~!

Renting a room in a hostel

This is an eternal topic, no matter how many years have passed, no matter how many children’s shoes green and green teenagers go out and return with a fluttering style, this is a question that every freshman who steps out of the country will ask.

There is no standard answer to this question, the benevolent see benevolence, I can only describe as objectively as possible, and then we choose for ourselves to suit their own it.

Dormitory good ah, save yourself busy running before and after the network, telephone things, water and electricity do not have to worry about, as long as you pay the rent, all kinds of bill school properly help you do good, God knows how difficult to understand the English of the Scotsman! But then, the first problem you have to face comes, the roommate! Europeans are relatively easy to communicate with, just a bit unforgiving. Black friends are half and half, and there indeed are so many who are nice, in which case you’re lucky. If you have an Indian or Arab roommate, you’ll have to get along. And the party culture of foreigners is just like the drinking culture of China, which has a long history. If you encountered a house sound with the whole floor vibration of the situation do not make a fuss, not a month you will be accustomed to, maybe three months will join them may also say.

Renting an apartment, undeniably, is an old trouble! Before you go abroad, you have to start looking for a room, and then ask your seniors to help you to take a look, which is still a lucky situation, but more students are facing the fact that they are going to start their studies in two days, and they are still running around in the streets trying to choose a suitable room. If you have a roommate who prepares everything and waits for you to split the cost, you should thank them. Speaking of which, if you’re renting an apartment simply to save money, I have to remind you that the average weekly rent for a school is around £150, and if you’re renting a room in a better location, the price will be between £100 and £150, with farther away places being at least as low as £90. Moreover, you need to pay the bill for renting outside, so if it’s just because of the money, students can weigh it up again.

The reason why I live outside is more because I have more choices. Choose a roommate who loves hygiene and communicates well, choose a relatively quiet location, and choose a house with stone walls! Yes, there are two types of walls in British houses, stone and wood panelling. I was lucky enough to spend one night in my friend’s “boarded up” room, and decided that I would never spend another night in her house unless she moved. It was one of those experiences where you could hear the phone vibrating in the next room! Not to mention all the other activities!

Room Rental Tips.

1. Availability
This is the same all over the world, it’s just information on websites, adverts on the street and agencies. However, don’t forget that the campus is a great resource. A lot of information is posted on the school’s internal forums and bulletin boards, so keep an eye out for it.

2. Signing the contract
Once you have found a property you like, you need to sign the contract. If you sign the contract with a regular agent, you don’t need to worry too much, you just need to provide proof of funds and deposit as required, but this is the most expensive way; the ideal situation is to sign the contract directly from the landlord, which is cheaper than the agent, and you can also discuss with the landlord’s face to face on the maintenance of the damaged facilities in the property. Let the landlord show an HMO (House in Multiple Occupations) license, which is a corrupt country to ensure reasonable living space for the tenants and require the landlord must handle the documents; if you only need to rent a room in the flat, you can also consider directly and the second landlord to deal with, although not legally protected, but it is still recommended to sign a flat Although it is not protected by law, it is still recommended to sign a flat share agreement in writing, of course, the more detailed the better.

3. Moving in
Here comes the trouble. Electricity, gas and internet. I sincerely recommend that you choose to sign a contract with a house that has been installed with these, if not, please make sure when you sign the contract that the room has a valid telephone signal port or cable TV access, which is a must for TV network signals, and if not, you will need to pay more than 200 pounds of fees.

4. Land Tax
Land Tax!!! Students please note that this is completely free of charge, you just need to go to the town hall with your student ID number to apply for it. The land tax in Scotland includes the water bill.

I wish you all the best in finding the right house for you!

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