Shopping Guide around University of Glasgow


University is near the student street, there are quite a lot of supermarkets, such as Ice land, Morrison, LIDL, ASDA, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury, Somerfield, Tesco. considering I am a student, I think LIDL is the cheapest, but the quality of the stuff is average, and the variety is not much (if you go there, remember to bring a green bag to go, oh! Not much (if you go, remember to bring an environmental bag to oh, bags are charged).
Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s goods belong to the price is expensive but the quality is good ah, Morrison and Somerfield belong to the raw food is more, the price is also quite reasonable.Tesco is the UK especially popular supermarket, do not do more to introduce (part of the 24-hour business). Tesco is a popular supermarket in the UK, so I won’t talk about it (some of them are open 24 hours). Sainsbury’s is a great supermarket for students, where you can find all the stationery you need, as well as fresh fruit, and most importantly, cheap prices! Sainsbury’s is a great place for students, you can find all kinds of stationery and fresh fruit here, and the best thing is that it is cheap! There is also a metro station, so as long as you live near the school, it is very convenient to buy anything.

Shopping Malls

Glasgow is known as the ‘fashion capital’ of Scotland, so it’s easy to get a good deal on clothes here! You’ll find everything from top luxury brands to niche designs. In the city centre, near Sauchiehall and Buchanan Street, there are many exclusive shopping venues and boutique malls, and you’ll have a great shopping experience in the two or three hundred year old buildings, where commerce and history blend together!
And don’t miss out on the tree-lined West End (West End), there are super interesting things to see, such as all kinds of antiques, handicrafts, second-hand shops, you can find a lot of treasures, and you can also bargain with the shopkeepers hahaha. In fact, if you take a bus from the school to the city centre, there are many shopping malls, there are many high street brands, such as Gap, Zara, Riverisland, Topshop, All Saint, and these brands are often on sale, so it’s very cost-effective to buy them! Next, let me introduce you to some of the big shopping malls.

1. Buchanan Galleries
This is Glasgow’s newest and most popular shopping centre. It’s big enough to be on the corner of Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Street, the main shopping streets. There are over 90 shops in the centre with a wide range of products, including clothing and shoe shops, as well as a good selection of gift shops, electrical goods, John Lewis, H&M, Habitat, Mango and many more. All the shops that girls love to shop in can be found here.
Parking is also available, but not free. The transport is very convenient, just near the Queen Street railway station and Buchan Street bus station. The environment is also clean and comfortable. If you are tired of shopping, you can go to Starbucks with your friends to have a cup of coffee and rest your feet, which is also considered a particularly comfortable afternoon!
Address: 220 Buchanan St, GI 2FF
Opening hours: 9:00-18:00 daily (20:00 on Thursdays, 10:00 on Sundays)
A good place for tea near Buchanan Galleries – Glasgow Tea House Willow Tea Room: Mackintosh designed the interior of the tea room for Miss Cranston, the owner of the tea house. Serves fine English afternoon tea.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00-17:00, Sunday 11:00-17:00
There are 2 locations on Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Street, which are both within walking distance of each other.

2. St Enoch Shopping Centre
This is the largest shopping centre in Scotland and is a bright and spacious shopping mall with a wide range of goods, so you can buy basically anything you want to buy. The special feature of this shopping centre is that it has the largest glass food court, so you don’t need to look for a restaurant to eat here, there are good food everywhere, so you can eat and shop at the same time!
Address: 55 St Enoch Square, G1 4BW

3. Princes Square
Princes Square is a relatively upmarket shopping mall, with a much nicer shopping environment and a very pretty mall. Many of the shops sell unique items that are hard to find in a mall, including some big brand name clothing (like Vivienne Westwood), perfume and jewellery, so if you’re a fan of the best of the best, you can come and have a browse! For those who love desserts, don’t miss Café Pastry Irrocco, which often has new flavours on offer, so be sure to give it a try!
Address: 48 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 3JX, Scotland

Barras Weekend Market, a curio market for the young and literateThis antique market has a long history and is world famous! It’s very busy on weekdays and is a favourite place for international students as it’s cheap and has a lot of good bargains. The stallholders, who are good at attracting customers, will sell you everything from trainers to flowers, from quail eggs to plaster cherubs. My favourite thing here is the antique furniture, which is exquisite. A lot of people also like to come here to pick up CDs, and the prices are very good too!
Address: 54 CaltonEntry The Barras Glasgow
Opening Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-17:00

Shopping Note
In the UK, the standard VAT (Value Added Tax) rate is 20%, which is borne by the consumer and is included in the total price you pay for the goods. So how do you minimise this? It’s charity shops, and there is no VAT on donated goods sold in charity shops. Most UK towns and cities will have one or two charity shops on the high street and in the main shopping areas, where you can pick up lots of vintage bags, vintage clothes, and beautiful tea sets!

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