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Top 5 things to consider when renting a student accommodation for global students in the UK

1、How to secure a “clean break” for your deposit

When renting a private property in the UK, a deposit of 4-6 weeks’ rent is required at the time of signing the contract. Your landlord must place the deposit in Tenancy Deposit Protection, a government-guaranteed scheme designed to protect tenants’ rights, within 30 days of receiving the deposit slip. If the tenant’s lease has expired, the landlord or agent must return the deposit in full within 10 days of the end of the contract, provided that no damage has been done to the landlord’s property and the rent and bills are paid on time. This deposit will always be protected by the TDP if you have a conflict with your landlord over the deposit.

2、Do your homework

Rents and housing vary from region to region. You can ask your classmates for the most affordable rental properties according to your psychological price point. In this regard, advice from older students can save you a lot of money, and some school student unions will have free brochures and counselling services available. If the original tenant is living on the property when you view it, you can also ask him what it’s like to live there – he’s certainly the person who knows the most about the advantages and disadvantages of the room.

3、Don’t miss every detail of the contract

Most contracts state that the tenant must give at least one month’s notice to the landlord if the contract is to be terminated. However, in some cases, this can take up to 2 months or 15 days. Some homes are recommended to take photos before moving in if they are in poor condition. Scratches on walls, stains on carpets, broken furniture, etc. should be documented and communicated between the two parties, otherwise it may become a dispute in case of withdrawal.

4、Monthly bills are determined by the energy saving condition of the house.

Many Chinese landlords or second landlords will pay a monthly bill for their tenants, while some share a monthly water and electricity bill. Don’t forget to take the monthly bill into account when calculating how much you can afford to pay for a flat. As students don’t have to pay Council Tax, daily charges include Gas, Electricity, Broadband, Water and, if you have a TV in your home and watch live TV, a £145.50 annual viewing fee. However, if you choose a student flat, this is all included in the rent and you don’t have to worry about it.

5、Lock your doors and windows to prevent fire and theft

As students live a rich life, they often go out late at night, so places where students live can be easily targeted by thieves. It’s also important that your flatmates look out for each other and don’t neglect to close the windows in the living room or kitchen when you go to bed. If you are worried about property theft, you can also take out property insurance, which will cover your laptop, mobile phone, iPad, etc. Many UK homes have smoke and fire alarms in the kitchen, which can be triggered if there is too much smoke or vapour, in which case you should open a window and press the alarm as soon as possible. In some student halls of residence and flats, if the alarm goes off, everyone must go downstairs and gather in the courtyard and wait for the resident staff to check the problem before returning.

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