UK Supermarkets Summary: Includes large shopping supermarkets, convenience stores and online supermarkets.

People who are new to the UK should firstly figure out what supermarkets are available in the UK. Supermarkets in the UK are divided into high-end, ordinary, online and cheap supermarkets according to different market positioning, and there are Chinese supermarkets, Japanese, Korean supermarkets, Indian supermarkets, Polish supermarkets and so on according to local characteristics. Next, we will give you a list of what are the supermarkets in the UK, including large shopping supermarkets, convenience stores and online supermarkets.

Summary and reviews of large shopping supermarkets in the UK

Whole Foods Market

The largest natural and organic food retailer from the United States, it is also considered the most rustic level supermarket in the UK, and is usually opened near high-end residential areas.

As of 2018, Whole Foods Market has opened seven shops in the UK, all of which are centred in London, at Piccadilly Circus, Kensington, Clapham Junction, Richmond, Fulham, Stoke Newington and Camden. Whole Foods sells natural and organic food, with premium brands and expensive prices. Every time you go to London, you have to go to Whole Foods in Piccadilly Circus to buy fresh fruit juice, hahaha, super delicious, and you can also buy some fruits that you can’t buy in other supermarkets in the UK, the price is really expensive, but the quality is really good.


Waitrose is a high-end supermarket in the UK, mainly opened in commercial areas, high-end residential areas, the customer base is mainly middle and high class people, is also one of the supermarkets chosen by the British royal family. Waitrose price is relatively expensive, but the quality is very good, known as the British middle class wind vane, meaning where there is a Waitrose, where is the rich area.

In some small towns, you can often see Little Waitrose, generally opened in John Lewis shopping centres (he two is a group). Membership card usually has no points, you can get a free copy of the day’s newspaper, or enjoy a free hot drink, the business will also send you coupons from time to time.

Waitrose’s vegetables and fruits are fresh, and they have a Waitrose Duchy Organic range, a brand founded by Prince Charles. Including vegetables, meat, fruit, dairy products, sauces, biscuits, wine and so on, all organic food, good quality, the price is not too expensive.

prince-charlesWaitrose’s wine is also of quite high quality. Last time, Bonny was invited to participate in a live broadcast by NetEase Koala and Waitrose, which mainly introduced Waitrose’s red wine. They have a professional wine-tasting team, which selects high-quality wineries from different countries in the world, and finally picks out everyone’s favourite flavour through everyone’s tastings. After coming back from that event, Bangley only recognised Waitrose when buying red wine.

Ocado Online Supermarket

Ocado网上超市Ocado is the largest online supermarket in the UK, and they only offer online services, no physical shop, Ocado is also the only online partner of Waitrose, so you will find that orders placed in the Waitrose online supermarket will be delivered by Ocado, and there are many Waitrose products on the Ocado website, which is a very close relationship between the two companies anyway.

Ocado’s delivery service is first class, with a powerful warehouse and logistics system to ensure your order arrives on time. Many office workers who do not have time to go to the supermarket will choose Ocado online supermarket to buy, very convenient.

Marks & Spencer

M&S (Marks & Spencer) for short, is an old British department store, widely distributed in the United Kingdom, there are large supermarkets and convenience stores, large supermarkets in addition to the sale of food there are clothes, shoes, skincare products, bedding, kitchen and bathroom supplies.

The price is relatively expensive, and Waitrose a level, but the quality is also very good, especially their self-produced snacks are very tasty, the supermarket is particularly liked by the elderly (the elderly in the UK are generally better off).

Previously, Bonny initiated a vote on British supermarkets in British Chinese circles, and the result was that M&S far exceeded all supermarkets and became the best supermarket in the minds of British Chinese, without one, and people have left comments recommending Marks & Spencer’s good goods. Their food, really is closed eyes to buy can not be wrong, whether it is vegetables, fruits, meat, biscuits (green packaging of pistachio butter biscuits, suggest that we must try) or desserts, bread, and even paper towels are better than the quality of others.


Sainsbury’s is the oldest large-scale food retail chain in the UK, with a history of nearly 150 years. Sainsbury’s Local, which is particularly convenient. Sainsbury’s meat products are especially fresh and cost-effective.

Sainsbury’s has its own Taste the Difference range, which is the best value for money. If you’re not sure which brand to pick for the same type of product, go for this range.


Tesco Extra is the largest retail chain in the UK, and one of the top three in the world. Tesco Extra is generally in the suburbs, 24 hours a day (many Chinese choose to go to sweep up the milk powder in the middle of the night, ahem, I have met it many times), with large car parks and petrol stations (the price of fuel should be considered as the cheapest on the market), which has a full range of goods, basically covering all the essentials, and the price is affordable, the quality is very good. The price is affordable, but the quality depends on what you choose. There are also Tesco Metro and Tesco Express, which are located in all major cities, towns and neighbourhoods in the UK, making them very convenient.

Tesco Finest range

Tesco Finest 系列

Tesco has a Finest range, which comes in black packaging and is very eye-catching, and this range is also of good quality.

Tesco’s 24-hour shop is equipped with a seafood section and a deli section. We highly recommend buying their roast pork knuckle, which is indescribably delicious and you won’t forget it once you’ve had it. The pork knuckle is indescribably delicious and you won’t forget it once you’ve had it.

ASDA Walmart

Acquired by the world’s retail giant Walmart in 1999, ASDA merged with Sainsbury’s again in 2018.ASDA hypermarkets are usually opened in the suburbs, again with large car parks and petrol stations. Prices are cheaper than Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Unfortunately, ASDA does not have convenience stores, so it is a little less convenient.

ASDA little angels

ASDA has a Little Angels mother and baby brand, listening to many Chinese mothers have recommended that this series of organic baby food is not bad, there are a lot of baby food and snacks are very cost-effective. ASDA’s baby milk powder is often discounted, so the UK to do the purchase of the family like to go to their home to buy sweeping goods.ASDA little angels系列辅食

Morrisons Supermarket

Morrisons is one of the popular supermarkets in the UK, which is known as the “four mainstream supermarkets in the UK” together with the previous three, and is mainly located in the suburbs. For us Chinese, Morrisons can buy some ingredients that suit our taste, such as pig’s trotters, pig’s heart, pig’s liver, pig’s waist, pig’s trotters, pig’s skin, oxtail, ox bone, sheep bone and so on, that’s why I call it the supermarket that best suits the appetite of Chinese people, and is the supermarket that Bonny goes to the most every day, there is no other one, and basically, I would choose to buy all the meats in Morrisons.

One of the special features of Morrisons is the daily rush half an hour before closing time, the supermarket will discount food expiring on that day, from 50% off to 75% off, you can even get a 5p box of lamb heart.


A large Wholesale supermarket chain from the US, cheap and good quality, the only drawback is that the portion size is too big for large families to buy, the goods are basically family packs. The only difference with other supermarkets is that you must have a membership card to shop at the supermarket, and you have to check whether you have a card when you go in and out. Membership card can be done on the official website, you can also go directly to the supermarket to do, they will sometimes set up in the street or shopping malls for membership card counters, the annual fee of 25 pounds, but will send some discount coupons, in fact, can earn back.

Their products are large packages, such as toothpaste, a box of 12, a box of lamb 5 kg, they can not eat so much, you can find a group of friends with a membership card to go to buy, and then together to share. Every month there is a special price of the month, the price is even cheaper.

Because Costco’s many things are imported from the United States, so you if you want to buy American brands, go here to buy is the cheapest, such as the new show case, Coach and MK bags, and a lot of friends reacted to their tyres are very cheap.


SPAR is a Dutch international retail supermarket chain, divided into hypermarkets and convenience stores, in the north of the UK is more common SPAR hypermarkets, the south is generally a convenience store. Convenience stores mainly supply food and a few daily necessities, distributed in major streets and neighbourhoods, especially convenient and affordable.

The co-operative supermarket

The co-operative is a famous supermarket chain in the UK, which has branches in various medium-sized cities and towns, mainly distributed in the community, headquartered in Manchester, and acquired Somerfield, another retail supermarket chain in the UK, in 2009. the price is moderate, and the convenience is good.


Wilko is a famous high street supermarket chain in the UK, mainly selling household goods, distributed in every town’s high street, daily necessities are especially cheap, such as laundry detergent, hygiene products, pots and pans, bedding, etc. I think their toilet paper is very cheap. I think their toilet paper is very good, four rolls for a pound, I will stock up a lot every time, the quality is better than a lot of big name paper towels.

Iceland Frozen Food Supermarket

Iceland Frozen Food Supermarket is a supermarket that specialises in frozen food and the prices are very low! Frozen food includes chips, fried chicken, fish fingers, pizza, ice cream, desserts, frozen seafood and some frozen vegetables, especially convenient for those who can’t cook. You can find them in all towns and cities in the UK.

I would often go for their frozen duck spring rolls, which are delicious when baked in the oven, and the doll’s head ice-cream that we ate as children, which you can also get here.

WHSmith Convenience Store

The small convenience stores are mainly located in airports, railway stations, highway service areas and high streets of various towns, with products mainly fast food, less variety, but extremely convenient. However, WHSmith’s main focus is on cultural goods such as newspapers, books and magazines.

Lidl Cheap Supermarkets

A supermarket from Germany with very cheap prices and a good range of fruit and vegetables. However, the brands sold inside are also from Germany and other continental countries, so it can look like you are unfamiliar with the product brands.

Aldi Cheap Supermarket

Aldi 廉价超市About Aldi and Lidl, really a long, long time can not distinguish between the two in the end who is who, are from Germany’s cheap supermarkets, and the two are often competing who is the king of the cheap, selling things almost, prices are almost, even the building colour is similar, face-blind me really can not distinguish ah.

Poundland one pound shop

In addition to not selling fresh food, other things including tableware, paper towels, laundry detergent and other daily necessities, as well as biscuits, chocolates and other snacks can be found in Poundland, and the price is only one pound. It is very affordable for the student population. Many of the same things that cost more than a couple of pounds in supermarkets are only a pound here.

Wing Yip

伦敦北部荣业行超市Wing Yip is one of the largest Chinese supermarket chains in the UK, headquartered in Birmingham, with one in North London and one in South London, mainly selling Chinese and South East Asian food. It’s a place for the Chinese, from rice, oil and salt to pots and pans, and you can buy fresh vegetables flown in from China. The neighbourhood is complemented by the usual Cantonese style teahouse, where you can enjoy a nice morning tea every time you go.

Japan Centre

日本中心超市Japan Centre is the Japanese supermarket that I use the most myself, and their online supermarket is also doing very well, with full UK delivery service, I am more familiar with Japan Centre than Yossi Mall.

Japan Centre has a physical shop in London, every time I pass by, I will go to eat some snacks, such as freshly made takoyaki (octopus dumplings), udon noodles and so on, now their supermarket address moved to 35b Panton Street SW1Y 4EA, it’s not convenient to go to London, if you can directly book on their official website, such as Japanese ingredients, snacks, cutlery, beverages, drinks, etc. can be purchased, the official website also often have discount codes. There are often discount codes on their website, and the quality of their stuff is very good.

Fine Food Specialist

Fine Food Specialist高端食材网站Is a high-end food ingredients website in the United Kingdom, there are a lot of seasonal vegetables and fruits, many of which are imported from Southeast Asia, as well as a lot of valuable seafood and meat, such as Japanese beef, Australian beef, Iberian ham, foie gras, caviar, truffles, fresh oysters, porcini mushrooms, duck liver, chanterelle mushrooms, sweet shrimp that can be eaten as sashimi, salmon, Arctic shellfish, Japanese scallops, lobsters and so on. All delivered to your door in frozen packages with great service.

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