University of Birmingham off-campus student accommodation rental guide

The allocation of halls of accommodation at the University of Birmingham is very different from previous years, as the ‘first come, first served’ system has been abolished and replaced by a random and more equal allocation. But even so, there are still many students who do not get a place, so many students are faced with the problem of renting off-campus accommodation, which can be a headache. What is the best value for money? What is closer to campus? These are all issues that need to be addressed. So I’ve put together a guide to renting off-campus student accommodation at the University of Birmingham, which I hope will give you some help.

Douper Hall

Location: Douper Hall is located in Birmingham’s Selly Oak area, very close to University of Birmingham. There is a wide range of shops, bars and restaurants nearby.

Facilities: All bedrooms have a bed, large desk, en-suite bathroom with sink and toilet. Shared facilities include a kitchen and a large laundry area, and there is also a relatively large car park. The flat is surrounded by security guards and cameras 24 hours a day. The main entrance and main doors are keycard controlled.

iQ Birmingham

Location: 140 Bath Row, Birmingham, B15 1NE.

The flat is located in central Birmingham, very close to the train station and also very close to Birmingham Business School. There is also a large shopping mall nearby and many basic requirements for general personal living can be met. There are both en-suite and studio rooms available, but you can be sure that the bedrooms are fully furnished with desks, cupboards and beds, as well as en-suite bathrooms. The difference is that the studio is for one person and has a separate kitchen, while the en suite has a shared kitchen and living room. There are also many free amenities, such as a sports hall, laundry room and free and fast wifi.

Brook Studios

Location: 536 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6BD.

The location is very advantageous as it is basically a 5 minute walk to University of Birmingham and very close to the city centre, with direct buses to the door. There are plenty of shops, supermarkets and restaurants nearby, so you don’t have to go far to get your essentials.

The rooms are all studios with kitchen and bathroom, with large double beds, en-suite bathrooms, 32″ LCD TVs and are well furnished. The rooms are all studios with an open kitchen and en-suite bathrooms, beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes and TVs. There is parking, but it is not free. For those who like to work out, there is a free gym, which is great. There’s also an access security system, so you’re in safe hands.

Victoria Hall Birmingham Phase I & II & III

Location: 17 Grange Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham , B29 6BL

The location of this flat is also very good. The off-campus apartments I recommend are all close to the University of Birmingham, and this flat is just steps from the University of Birmingham.

Facilities: Each room has a queen size bed, wardrobe, desk and a common room where you can make friends and a common kitchen with a fully equipped fridge and microwave. There is also broadband and wireless in the rooms, which are very fast. As for security, you can also rest assured that there are professional staff on duty to help you with any problems you may have and an electronic access control system to keep your property safe.

Athena Studios

Location: Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B5 7SN

The apartments are centrally located in Selly Oak, opposite the University of Birmingham Sports Centre, and you can get to the academic area very quickly without cycling at all. Various convenience stores, shopping centers and bars are all close by.

Facilities: This flat was previously renovated and reopened in September with a variety of amenities. Each room has its own kitchen and bathroom, a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a TV. The wifi is free and there is also property insurance for everyone to avoid any worries. There is also a professional management and maintenance staff available 24 hours a day to help with any problems.

Selly Oak Court

Location: Elliott Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham , B29 6LA

This flat is located opposite the University of Birmingham’s Selly Oak and Edgbaston campuses, which is still a great location. Although it is in a busy downtown area, it is not too noisy and there is a peach tree in the middle of the city. There are all kinds of shops and a night market at night, so it’s great to have a quiet and active life.

Facilities: There are individual flats with separate kitchens and bathrooms, and shared flats with shared kitchens and living rooms, but each room has its own bathroom, and overall both types of accommodation are very good. The apartments are modern and have common areas where you can play games, work out or study together. I must say that the wireless in this flat is 40 megabytes, which is one of the best in many flats. There is also 24-hour closed circuit security.

Metchley Hall

Location: 500 Harborne Park Rd , B17 0NH

This flat is close to the University of Birmingham Edgbaston campus, further from the city centre than the above flats but only 15 minutes away, and the bus goes directly to it. Supermarkets and hospitals are not far away and the surrounding transportation is very convenient.

Facilities: All Metchley Hall apartments are equipped with a kitchen and en-suite bathroom, beds, furniture, desks etc. The basic facilities are still very well equipped. There is of course free wireless, bike storage and laundry facilities (for those who don’t like hand washing). As far as security is concerned, you can also go in the direction that strangers are not allowed to enter the flat without a fellow lodger.

Finally, a few tips for renting off-campus student accommodation in Birmingham:

You can refer to the rental information I recommended above, but you should also do your own homework.

Try to pick a flat that is cost-effective so that you can save a lot of money every month, which can be used for travel and other places to improve your quality of life. When you sign the contract, you must read it carefully before signing it, otherwise you will not only have no way to complain when you are finally found to be cheated, but you may end up in unnecessary disputes with the renter, and you should do a good job with the security facilities after moving in. Translated with (free version)

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