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University of Manchester Accommodation Guide

The University of Manchester is one of the largest universities in the UK, so no one should be surprised about the fact that they have the most student accommodation in the UK. There are close to 10,000 rooms across the university, and all of them are single rooms, which is a rarity in the UK. The standard configuration is a single bed, a desk and chair set, a wardrobe and shelves, and of course, internet. The rooms are so, and the overall configuration is even better and more modern. I’m afraid you won’t be needing your old keys at UMass any more, as there’s a card access system and 24-hour CCTV surveillance, and each block of halls of residence has its resident supervisor and tutor, so it couldn’t be more welcoming.

As for what’s going on nearby, the most important thing about on-campus accommodation is that it’s convenient. As well as being close to teaching areas and the library, you’ll also be able to enjoy the university’s recreational facilities, such as the sports halls, gymnasium, music rooms and bars, to name but a few.

The halls of residence at UMass are scattered in the City Campus, Victoria Park Campus and Field Campus, let’s take a look at what UMass accommodation is actually like.

City Campus Accommodation

The location of the City Campus is perhaps the best, just 5 minutes away from the city centre, there are all kinds of food and drink nearby, from shops to art galleries, everything, so you can see that the students living on this campus are full of happiness. And with Manchester’s Premier League football club nearby, it’s a must-see for football fans. It’s worth mentioning that because of its proximity to the city centre, the halls of residence on this campus don’t provide meals, so you either have to go out to eat, or buy and cook your food. There are no restrictions on undergraduate or graduate students applying for dorms on this campus, and they are also separate.

1. Weston Hall
Located on Sackville Street, Weston Hall is close to UMIST, which is more convenient for UMIST students and is not restricted to undergraduate or graduate students. This dormitory building is still well equipped, the rooms are all with bathrooms, the kitchen is shared (one kitchen for every 8 people), and basic facilities are available, such as microwave ovens, fridges, and some crockery and cutlery. The communal ones also have a lounge and games room etc.

Address: Sackville Street Manchester M1 3BB (halls of residence office is in Wright Robinson Hall)

2. Grosvenor Place
A guide to accommodation at the University of Manchester
This hall of residence on Grosvenor Street is the most popular among Chinese students and is often unavailable, so those of you who applied for it must have had an RP outburst. The neighbourhood is conveniently located, and the facilities are all good. What’s more attractive is the cosy environment. The common areas of the hostel are set up with various ballrooms, coffee rooms, music rooms and libraries, audition lounges, etc. However, the bathrooms are shared and the kitchen is not. However, the bathrooms are shared and so are the kitchens. No restrictions on undergraduate or postgraduate applications.

Address: Grosvenor Street Manchester M1 7HR

3. Grosvenor Street Building
As you can see from the name, it’s close to Grosvenor Place, and for location reasons, this one is also very popular. The difference with Grosvenor Place is that there are fewer people to share a common room with, and the rooms come with their hand-washing trays.

Address: Grosvenor Street Manchester M1 7HR (halls of residence office on Grosvenor Place)

4. Whitworth Park
Close to UMass School of Languages and Business School, bathrooms and kitchens are shared (for 7 to 9 people), rooms are divided into those with and without hand-washing trays, and there are bars, gyms, and computer rooms in the communal areas, etc. WIFI will be provided as well, but you won’t be able to receive it in the halls of residence! If you want to rub Wifi you have to run out of the outside lounge.

Address: 316 Oxford Road Manchester M13 9WJ

5. Lambert and Fairfield
This hostel is a bit more lively, because there is a super active student union over here, always organising all kinds of activities, so kids are not worried about being bored at all. The location is also good, the traffic is convenient, near the city centre, Piccadilly train station and Chinatown, the bus station is also not far away, travel is very convenient. Room configuration is built on each floor with a lounge and kitchen, relatively spacious, this side of the lounge and home cinema and billiard room. The hostel is close to UMIST, and the application is basically based on robbery, so we should take advantage of the early.

Address: Granby Road Manchester M60 7LH (halls of residence office is in Wright Robinson Hall)

Fallowfield Campus
Fallowfield Campus is a very lively campus because it is like a small shopping district, there are all kinds of restaurants, clubs, bars and shops, and most importantly, there is a supermarket – Sainsbury’s. Usually, you will see a lot of students shopping in this area, and the children from the next campus sometimes come to this area for shopping, so how do you know? Sometimes students from the next campus will also come here to do their shopping, so how can it not be bustling?

However, it’s not the same as the city campus around the city centre, because this side of the city is a certain distance from the city centre, and also a certain distance from the teaching area of UMass. However, there is the busiest bus line that goes everywhere, and it runs 24 hours a day, so there is no fear of being late for class.


This is the cheapest dormitory in UMass. There are two types of dormitories, one with a washbasin and one without a washbasin. Although the overall dormitory may not be as good as the other dormitories, it’s still a small dormitory with all the essentials. There are 2 squash courts and a variety of bar rooms, the kitchen and toilets are shared, and the halls association organises social activities to enrich the after-school life. It’s worth noting that car parking isn’t cheap here, at £150 a year.

Address: 1 Moseley Road Fallowfield M14 6HX (halls of residence office in Owens Park)

Victoria Park Campus
The best feature of Victoria Park Campus is that it is green and quiet. Because it is far away from the city, you need to take a 10-minute bus ride to the city centre. However, there are still a lot of buses nearby, travelling is quite convenient, and there are also many small supermarkets around, so the basic needs of life can be met. Victoria Park Campus is located in the middle of the City Campus and Field Campus, it takes about 15 minutes to walk to both campuses, and resources are shared between campuses.

Opal Gardens
This hall of residence is relatively close to the bus station and is not restricted to postgraduate or undergraduate status. The halls of residence have en-suite bathrooms and telephones, as well as a shared lounge and kitchen on each floor. There is a photocopier in this dormitory, so the living facilities are quite convenient. However, there is no gym, and WIFI is not available in the dormitory, so you need to go to the common area. There is also a charge for car parking, so check before you stay.

Address: 2 Hope Road Anson Road, Victoria Park M14 5ES

Summing up.
Best feature: a wide range of different types, each with their specialities to choose from

There are so many halls of residence at UMass, how can they be singular? Therefore, when the university set up, apart from the common classification of undergraduate halls of residence for postgraduate students, it also breaks down the categories of whether the meals need to be self-care, whether the room has a toilet or wash basin, whether it is a personal dormitory versus a mixed dormitory, or a family dormitory, etc. Most of them are also arranged in rows. Of course, most of them are still distributed in rows, but we can still see that the choices are very diverse.

Except for the City Campus, the other two campuses offer room and board. However, the dormitories only provide 33 weeks of meals, and only breakfast and dinner on weekdays, so you’ll have to find your food for the rest of the year. The school provides a good variety of meals, but if you have any special requirements, please remember to ask in advance.

The most expensive dormitory is the one with a separate bathroom, followed by the one with a washbasin, and the cheapest one is the one with a shared bathroom, which depends on your intention and budget, but sometimes you can’t just apply for it if you want to. In addition, when you apply for the dormitory, be sure to read the restrictions and extra costs, and pay attention to not give WIFI or parking fees.

Application requirements for halls of residence

There are conditions for applying for a place in the halls of residence at UMass because they will provide accommodation for all first-time foreign students in the UK during their study period, as long as you come to the university alone and return the tuition fee, and submit an application for accommodation before 31st August of the first year, and after the next year, you must apply for accommodation again before February.

Above all, good luck with your application!

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