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Belong Here@Auckland Apartment, Auckland


15-17 Union St, Auckland, NorthLand 1010

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Property ID: S01441947
Belong Here@Auckland Apartment undefined
Belong Here@Auckland Apartment 1
Belong Here@Auckland Apartment 2
Belong Here@Auckland Apartment 3
Belong Here@Auckland Apartment 4
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Basic Info

Gym Short lease

House Rules

Cancellation Policy


1. The booking will only be held for 12 hours until the deposit is paid. If the deposit is not transferred within 12 hours of reservation, ths Supplier has the right to cancel the booking.
2. After payment of the deposit and you arrival in Australia/New Zealand, the Supplier will provide you with a formal lease agreement for the specific apartment.
3. The deposit is subject to the following cancellation and refund conditions:
a. If you cancel your booking at least 15 days before your move-in date, the deposit and pre-paid rent will be refunded less a $500 + GST administration fee together with any other out-of-pocket expenses;
b. If you cancel your booking 14 days or less before your move-in date, the deposit will be forfeited but you will be refunded any pre-paid rent;
c. If you do not sign your lease agreement on the day of move-in, clause b applies;
d. If you cancel your booking after you have signed your lease agreement, the terms of the lease agreement apply, full deposit and pre-paid rent will be forfeited.
4. Except as provided in clause 3 above, the deposit is not refundable unless the apartment type you have chosen is unavailable and the Supplier fails to provide me with alternative accommodation to your satisfaction.
5. Your booking deposit will be applied towards a furniture holding deposit when you sign the lease. The furniture holding deposit will returned at the conclusion of the lease, less any deductions for damage.

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