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Murano Senior Apartment near NUS, Singapore


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349A Pasir Road, Singapore, Central Singapore 117484

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Property ID: S01512815
Murano Senior Apartment near NUS undefined
Murano Senior Apartment near NUS 1
Murano Senior Apartment near NUS 2
Murano Senior Apartment near NUS 3
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Basic Info

No Application Fee No Service Fee Furnished Short lease

【Apartment Lease Term】Lease Term 6/12 months

【Cost details】 Direct rental of cooperative apartments does not require intermediary fees, and the deposit is one month's rent

【Apartment Features】 Apartment Type: Three bedroom, two bathroom configuration: The apartment is located in a superior location, very close to NUS, Business School, FASS, SDE and other universities, and can be reached by walking soon. There is a bus stop at the entrance, which is convenient for going to various parts of the city. There are convenience stores, restaurants, etc. around, making life and transportation convenient. There are leisure facilities such as swimming pools in the community. The indoor furniture and appliances are complete, and the space is spacious, with multiple room types to choose from.

【Geographic Location】 The apartment is 590m away from Nus and takes 8 minutes to walk; About 18 minutes' drive from Jinwen Tai Metro Station; About 23 minutes by car from Yi'an Institute of Technology; About 21 minutes by car from SIM University; About 13 minutes by car from Singapore Institute of Technology

House Rules

Cancellation Policy


In case the either party shall be at liberty by notice in writing to the other determine this tenancy,
and upon such notice being given, Lessee terminating the tenancy before the lease ends. Lessor shall not be liable to return the rental deposit. The Lessee shall reimburse to the lessor the rent in respect of the unexpired portion of the tenancy, or to find replacement to fulfill the tenancy and get agreement from the lessor.
Lessor shall also be liable to return the lessee the rental deposit and the paid rent of the unexpired portion of the tenancy the lessee if the lessor terminates the tenancy before the lease ends.

Pets Policy

No Pet

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