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Normanton Park Senior Apartment near Curtin, Singapore


57 Normanton Park, Singapore, Central Singapore 117284

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Property ID: S01574220
Normanton Park Senior Apartment near Curtin undefined
Normanton Park Senior Apartment near Curtin 1
Normanton Park Senior Apartment near Curtin 2
Normanton Park Senior Apartment near Curtin 3
Normanton Park Senior Apartment near Curtin 4
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Basic Info

Near bus station Gym Short lease

【Fee Details】 There is no intermediary fee required for direct rental of cooperative apartments. The deposit is one month's rent, and the default deposit after booking the property is non refundable.

【Apartment Features】 Four bedroom and two bathroom, entrance guard/access control system, swimming pool, gym, greenery, club activity center, parking lot, outdoor fitness equipment, children's activity area, bag carrying, clean and tidy.

【Geographic Location】 Near the bus stop, 20 minute bus to Curtin School.

House Rules

Cancellation Policy


1. Check-in/check-out time: After 14:00 pm on the same day of check-in (if the room is packed in advance, you can check in early); Before 12:00 noon on the day of moving out.

2. After the student makes a reservation, if they do not go to Singapore due to their own reasons, the deposit will not be refunded.

3. If the contract cannot be cancelled after check-in, and if there is a breach of contract, the apartment has the right to pursue the remaining rental fees.

4. If the tenant is unable to complete the lease term after living for three months due to various reasons and finds a lessee to take over their own house, it is not allowed to sublet in principle. However, if there are really special reasons, the apartment party can consider whether to accept it based on individual cases, and the specific situation can be negotiated with the apartment; If the apartment owner agrees to sublet, a sublease fee will be required to transfer the room. Secondly, the new tenant's rent will be signed based on the current rent and lease term price, rather than the price of the old contract. For example, if a student signs a contract for 9 months, stays for 6 months, and transfers out for 3 months, then the lessee needs to sign a new contract based on the then 3-month rental price, rather than the 9-month rental price.

5. If there is a sense of luck or a breach of contract to escape, the apartment will take legal measures.
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