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近Havelock地铁站主人房间出租, Singapore


2a Boon Tiong Rd, Singapore 164002, Singapore, Central Singapore 164002

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Property ID: R01576846
近Havelock地铁站主人房间出租 undefined
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Basic Info

Individual Landlord
1⃣Havelock MTR Station Thomson east coast line TE16 (Townsend-East Coast Line 164002)
2⃣1 Female Man
3⃣You can report the address of all permits.
4⃣Contact telephone number 93676526 or micro signal jameszu
The city center is close to the havelock subway station's master room for rent. it can be checked in from November 20 onwards. one woman will have priority. the rent is 2500. the utilities are shared equally in three rooms. there are washing machines and refrigerators. the downstairs of the city center is the exit of the happy subway station. it takes 30 seconds to get out of the elevator to the subway station. bus station can also make many trips downstairs to guoda, downtown, sentosa, wujie road, wujie road and wujieshui, opposite the road is the famous China-Pakistan Lubacha, the super-large food pavilion, and the school district room within one kilometer of Lihua Primary School. Only 2 households on this floor can go directly to the 2000-square parking lot. Moving can drive the car to the door and look at the house at any time.

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