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  • Trumpington Meadows
    Trumpington Meadows
    New buildOn campusNear CBDTop developers
    New houseApartment
    UK London England

    From £464,995

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  • Staines Upon Thames
    Staines Upon Thames
    Subletting availableCentral locationNear shops
    New houseApartment
    UK London England

    From £342,500

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  • Caledonian Road
    Caledonian Road
    Subletting availableHigh yieldCentral locationNear CBDNear subway
    New houseApartment
    UK London England

    From £625,000

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  • Bridgewater Wharf
    Bridgewater Wharf
    New Year cash back from ¥10000A full set of furniture for freeDown payment from 110 thousand
    New houseApartment
    UK Manchester England

    From £132,495

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  • The Ram Quarter
    The Ram Quarter
    On campusSubletting availableListed developerExisting Homes
    New houseApartment
    UK London England

    From £510,000

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  • Vita Student Cardiff
    Vita Student Cardiff
    Top developersDowntownGuaranteed 6.5% annual returnClose to university
    New houseApartment
    UK Cardiff Welsh

    From £142,715

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