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Properties: Apartments

Available to: Anyone

Management: Centralized Management

Property Management Company: Management Company

Facilities: Should include: Full range of facilities

Security: Should include: CCTV, security and key cards

American Copper Buildings


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Property ID: S00531655

From US$4956.9/ Month


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No Broker Fee24-hr SecurityFree shuttleGymSwimming PoolWasher Dryer
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House information

School distance

To School of Visual Art 1.04km

17min 17min 6min



Rent includes



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Other Fees

Application fee: US$20/Person

Security deposit: 1 Month Rent

leasehold insurance

Amenity fee: US$150/Month/Person

Service fee

Utility Fee

Parking Fee: US$400/Month

Lease Guarantee Service Fee

Fee Details


626 1st Avenue, New York, New York(NY) 10016View on Map

Apartment Info

Total760 Units Built in 2016 48 Floors

Property Details

[Apartment Information] The "Hermes" tower in Midtown Manhattan, a unique twin tower, was built in 2016 and consists of 48 floors [Position] Located at East 35th Street in Midtown Manhattan, subway station 4/5/6/7/S/Grand Central station;A 4-minute walk to The University of New York Station;Bus line M15, ferry, subway, 25 minutes to New York University, 13 minutes to New York School of Visual Arts East Campus [Around] A three-minute walk to a pizzeria and a 15-minute bus ride to Koreatown.A 10-minute walk to Trader Joe's and Target, a three-minute walk to the hospital, and a 10-minute walk to AMC Theaters [Apartment Facilities] Outdoor pool, unique indoor concourse pool, double deck with View gym, paid butler service, yoga room, sauna room, 24H security, indoor climbing, outdoor lounge area, party area, piano lounge, etc [Inside the Apartment] Part model with river scenery, part of the family may enjoy Manhattan city landscape, overlooking the Empire State Building, brand kitchen indoor wash drying facilities, a variety of your choice of interior decoration style, nest indoor intelligent control device (such as air conditioning, lights, alarm clock can manipulate) panorama French window, marble bathroom, perfect the kitchen facilities and so on


American Copper Buildings All room typesHouse detail

Rates and room status are updated at any time, subject to the final confirmation of the apartment.

Price Change Tips

Due to the large application number, the room price may change in time. The room price will be adjusted at any time based on the number of remaining rooms. If the number of rooms is limited, the room price may increase at any time. Details are subject to the contract.

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"1 room" refers to 1 bedroom, which is similar to one room and one living room in China. There is a separate door between the bedroom and the kitchen.

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1 Bed 1 Bath

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

1-2 person(s)

Optional lease term: 24Month

Entire unit

You can find a roommate to rent together, or you can enjoy the whole house.

Fixed Lease 24 Month

Move in: 2022-07-06

Move out: Negotiable

From US$4,956.90/ Month/Unit

Per person: From US$2,478.45/ Month


"2 rooms" refers to 2 bedrooms, which is similar to domestic two room houses. The common room type is 2b2b = 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, i.e. two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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2 Bed 2 Bath

2 Bedroom

2 Bathroom

2-4 person(s)

Optional lease term: 12Month

Entire unit

You can find a roommate to rent together, or you can enjoy the whole house.

Fixed Lease 12 Month

Move in: 2022-06-30

Move out: Negotiable

From US$7,996.83/ Month/Unit

Per person: From US$2,665.61/ Month



Fitness Center ()

Swimming Pool ()


Storage Units ()

Bike Storage ()

Parking Space ()

Storage room ()

Elevator ()

Laundry Room ()

Traffic facilities

免费班车 ()


Balcony (roof)

Games Room (Children)

Courtyard ()

热水浴缸 ()

Garden ()

Supporting service

Concierge service ()


626 1st Avenue, New York, New York(NY) 10016







Times are calculated as the crow flies, actual times may take longer


1 reviews

3.0 points

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Real evaluation 2021-05-21 03:18

3 points

Move in 2020-08

Feedback time: 2021-05-21 03:18

Average facilities

OK area

The leaking problem always annoys me


Fee Details

Rent includes

Gas ()

Water ()

Tips: Reference only, read your contract carefully to see what is included

Other Fees

Application fee: US$20/Person

fees must pay when applying for accommodation

Pay time:Pay on booking

Pay method:Visa/Master

Security deposit: 1 Month Rent

Deposit is refundable at the end of the the contract,less any deductions for damage, rent or other charges outstanding.

Notice:Deposit is refundable at the end of the the contract,less any deductions for damage, rent or other charges outstanding

Amenity fee: US$150/Month/Person

Charge of facilities,mainly for the use of public facilities

Parking Fee: US$400/Month

Use of the parking space provided by the apartment will be paid monthly.

Lease Guarantee Service Fee

Because you are a renter who does not meet the landlord’s requirements to qualify for a lease. This can happen to students, foreign nationals, self-employed individuals, or really anyone with an aytpical or hard to evaluate risk profile. Landlords tend to be fairly cookie-cutter in their approach to qualifying tenants.For a 1 year lease, generally around 50-90% of a months rent. The cost is per lease, not per tenant.

Notice:Deposit is refundable at the end of the the contract,less any deductions for damage, rent or other charges outstanding

Tips: please refer to the agreement or contract for specific relevant expenses

Booking notice

Pets Policy

Pets allowed

Refund Policy

Full Cancellation Policy

A.The following are defaults under this Lease: Tenant fails to carry out or violates any agreement or provision of this Lease. Tenant and other Registered Occupants of the Apartment move out before this Lease ends and abandon the Apartment. Tenant fails to pay Rent in a timely manner more than four times in any 12 month period after written notice from Owner (which written notice need not be a statutory Rent demand) demanding that Tenant pay the Rent. B.If Tenant defaults in any one of these ways (other than a default in the agreement to pay Rent), Owner may serve Tenant with a written notice to stop or correct the specified default within 10 days. Tenant must then either stop or correct the default within 10 days, or if the default cannot be corrected within the 10 days, begin to correct the default within 10 days and continue to diligently do all that is necessary to correct the default as soon as possible. C.If Tenant does not stop or correct the default within 10 days, or, if the default cannot be corrected within 10 days to correct the default within 10 days and continue to diligently do all that is necessary to correct the default as s possible, or if Tenant violates the prohibition in this Lease against objectionable conduct, or if Tenant violates the provisions of Article 2 above entitled "Use of Apartment", Owner may give a Termination Notice stating that this Lease will end seven days after the date the Termination Notice is sent to Tenant. At the end of the seven day period, this Lease will end as if that date were the end of the Term stated in this Lease. D.If Tenant does not pay Rent when this Lease requires after a personal derrend for Rent has been rrade, or within 3 days after a statutory written demand for Rent has been made,or If this Lease ends. Owner may do the following: (i)enter the Apartment and retake possession of it If the Apartment is abandoned; (ii) go to court and ask that Tenant and all Registered Occupants in the Apartment be compelled to move out; (iii) seek a money judgment or If this Lease ends. E. If Tenant or any Guarantor of this Lease (i) assigns property for the benefit of creditors, or (ii) files a voluntary petition or an involuntary petition is filed against Tenant under any banknjptcy or insolvency law, or (iii) a tnjstee or receiver forTenant's property is appointed. Owner may give 30 days' written notice of cancellation of this Lease. If any proceeding or action set forth above is not fully dismissed, discontinued or withdrawn within such 30 days, the Term will end as of the date stated in the notice. Tenant must continue to pay Rent, damages, losses and expenses without offset. F. Once this Lease ends, whether because of default or otherwise, Tenant gives up any right Tenant might otherwise have to reinstate or renew this Lease. G. Even if this Lease ends, Tenant will remain liable to Owner as provided elsewhere in this Lease.


n what year was the apartment built? How many floors?

Built in 2017, it has 48 floors.

Is there a supermarket near the apartment?

A 10-minute walk from Trader Joe's and another midsize city offers a range of food, groceries, and skincare products.

Is there a washer or dryer in the apartment?

Every house has an indoor washer and dryer.

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