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Top Tips for Securing Your Dream House for Rent in NYC

For the students planning to come to New York, a significant challenge to tackle is the issue of renting a house. Today, uhomes want to share with you some essential knowledge about house for rent NYC. This unique city has its own set of rules when it comes to finding a place to live, distinct from other cities!

House for Rent in NYC-Common Areas

  • Manhattan

1. Downtown: Suited for Wall Street professionals or Pace University students. Newer, luxurious developments exist at a higher cost.

2. Midtown: Spans 14th to 59th Street, featuring landmarks like Penn Station and Times Square. Luxury buildings are mainly in Midtown West, newer properties along the river attract a younger crowd.

3. Upper West Side and Upper East Side: the Upper West Side is a hub for Columbia University students. Upper East Side has charming older buildings with unique character.

  • Long Island City (LIC) 
  1. It offers an excellent safety, and great location with convenient transportation. The rents for this area are relatively lower than in other cities, and they are more affordable.

2. LIC’s core area, with access to 7 subway lines, it’s a quick 15-minute ride to  Midtown       Manhattan.

3. Housing in LIC is new.  It’s just a 30-minute commute to schools like NYU and Parsons,         even closer to Fordham

  • Brooklyn                                                                                                                                        Downtown Brooklyn is a relatively safe area with comprehensive amenities. In recent years, numerous modern rental buildings with excellent facilities have been constructed, providing convenient access to NYU Tandon within walking distance.
  • Roosevelt Island                                                                                                                                               Roosevelt Island, is known for its excellent safety with a 0% crime rate. Residents enjoy a free shuttle service to the tram or subway. 
  • Jersey City  

    It is a safe and quiet area with excellent amenities, and each with its own subway station, it offers diverse living options. Newport, along the river, has stunning views, a large mall, a beach, and parks. Exchange Place has many office buildings and luxury apartments.  

Common Types of House for Rent in NYC

  1. Studio: Studio is a large suite, it is for the people who want to live alone. Basically, it divided into kitchen + bathroom + living area.

2. 1B1B house type:  In general, it is one bedroom with one bathroom.

3. 2B2B house type: The house include two bedrooms and two bathrooms. People always divide the living room into more bedrooms so that three students can share the room. The student who lives in the master bedroom can have exclusive use of the bathroom in the master bedroom, but also needs to share more of the room fee.

4. 2B1B house type: The house include two bedrooms and one bath, students in the master bedroom and second bedroom need to share a bathroom.

5. 3B2B house type: three bedrooms and two baths, suitable for three people, each person has a separate bedroom. The people who live in the master bedroom have a separate bathroom, the rest need to share a bathroom.

House for Rent in NYC Tips

  1. Typical buildings will release listings 30-60 days in advance, with summer listings basically releasing in May/June. So students are advised to choose their rooms as early as possible.

2. New York buildings generally have a unified management company to manage. After the last tenant removed, the room have to be unified to clean the room, repainting, maintenance, etc. The furniture must be emptied, so most of the apartments are unfurnished. Thus, it is necessary to buy the new furniture before you move in.

3. In New York, most of the buildings are pet friendly, even some buildings will have dog park. There are also buildings that only support cats. You need to ask for details when you inquiry.

4. In NYC, many people choose to share roommates. In some situations, there are 3 people living in a 2-bedroom apartment. At this time, one of them will be living in the living room. The living room can be partitioned in a series of ways, which can ensure your privacy to a certain extent. The price of living room is cheaper compared to the bedroom, and the view and light will also be better. 

House Rental Tips in NYC

1. The high-end properties demand a strong credit history. In addition, requires a clean criminal record, and an annual income equal to 40-45 times the rent. The policy for the international students or individuals with income below the 45x rent requirement, necessitate mandatory guaranteed occupancy insurance.  And, they do not accept one time upfront payment. 

2. In general, the monthly rent covers water and gas expenses. While the electricity and Internet costs are separate and need to be activated and paid individually. The Internet fees range from $70 to $100 per month. And the electricity expenses vary based on monthly usage, often higher in the summer.

3. The basic lease term in New York is usually 12 months. However, there are many apartments in New York adopt the “bonus month” system. The “bonus month” means they give an extra 1-2 months to live for free without paying. Thus, the total lease may also be 13-14 months. Many buildings give 1-2 months free rent to new tenants in the first year of occupancy. However, when the lease is renewed, the rent will be higher than the previous year.

4. One month’s rent and one month’s deposit are required within one week of signing the contract. Payment can be made online through the building’s official payment platform or by writing a Bank Certified Check.

Documents Requirements

Validity of identity: 120+ Passport front page +visa 

Proof of enrollment / 0PT

-Proof of most recent Bank Statement (can be downloaded from internet banking)

Landlord Reference Letter (required for some buildings)

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