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Scape Carlton, Melbourne


29 reviews

Student Accommodation

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581 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3053

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Property ID: S01504833
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Basic Info

753 Beds

Built in 2021

No Service Fee Gym 24 hours security Brand new Renovated Bills included Parcels collect Short lease

Scape Carlton is a modern student accommodation located in the heart of Melbourne's Carlton. The 20-storey building has nearly 900 beds and is Melbourne's new high-quality student accommodation. It offers a full range of amenities including a state-of-the-art gym, multi-purpose study space, 24-hour reception, self-service laundry, cinema, yoga room, sauna, swimming pool and BBQ facilities. In addition, free high-speed Wi-Fi is available in the apartment building, providing students with a safe, convenient, comfortable and productive study and living environment.

Scape Carlton is a modern, well-equipped, well-located and comfortable student residence building, a great place for students to live.


Residence Facilities:

Scape Carlton is a modern and well-equipped student accommodation building with single room, en-suite and studio types. If you prefer to live alone, you can choose a studio room. The following is a description of the facilities in the building:

Communal areas: There are a number of communal lounge areas within the building, including a TV room, gym, games room, study room and laundry room. These areas are equipped with high quality equipment and furniture to meet the various needs of students.

Room facilities: Each room has basic amenities such as a private bathroom, kitchen and refrigerator. In addition, the rooms are equipped with modern furniture and appliances such as beds, tables and chairs, TVs and air conditioning. 

Security facilities: The apartment complex is equipped with a 24-hour surveillance system and a professional security team to ensure the safety and privacy of students.

Social activities: The apartment complex often organizes various social activities such as barbecue parties, sports competitions and cultural exchanges to help students meet new friends and expand their relationships.

Scape Carlton offers a range of high-quality facilities and services to meet students' needs and enable them to enjoy a comfortable and convenient student life in Melbourne.



Scape Carlton Melbourne is conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne's Carlton. Just a few kilometres from Melbourne's city centre, the city's famous attractions and business centres are easily accessible on foot or by public transport. The apartments are surrounded by prestigious universities and educational institutions such as Melbourne University, Monash University and Victoria University, making Scape Carlton a convenient choice for students studying at these institutions. Scape Carlton Student Apartment is a convenient place to stay. 

There are also a variety of shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and other amenities in close proximity to the flats to meet your daily needs. All in all, Scape Carlton Student Apartment are ideally located for students to get around and live in, making them an ideal choice for accommodation in the heart of Melbourne.


Surrounding Life

Scape Carlton is located in the Carlton area, which is a popular place for young people and students. Here is some information about life around the apartments:

Shopping: There is a large shopping centre just a few minutes walk from Scape Carlton called Melbourne Central, which has a variety of shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cinemas. There are also a number of smaller shops and coffee shops close to the apartments.

Dining: Carlton is one of Melbourne's most famous restaurants, with a variety of restaurants and tapas bars, including traditional Italian restaurants, modern cafes and bars, as well as some Asian restaurants and more. Students can sample a variety of cuisines here.

Transport: Scape Carlton is just a few kilometres from Melbourne city centre and students can walk, cycle or take public transport to the city centre or beyond. There are several bus routes around the flats, as well as a train and tram station.

Recreation: Around the flats there are a number of parks and green spaces where students can walk, run or do other outdoor activities. There are also a number of arts and cultural venues in the Carlton area, such as Carlton Gardens, the National Museum of Victoria and the University of Melbourne. 

All in all, life around Scape Carlton is very convenient and students can enjoy shopping, dining, transportation and entertainment in the area.


Security and services

Scape Carlton is a purpose-built student accommodation flat where security and services are very important. The following is a description of the security and services available at the flat:

Security: Scape Carlton has a 24-hour security service with security guards patrolling the flats to ensure the safety of students. In addition, security cameras are installed in flats to monitor common areas and entrances.

Reception service: Apartments have a 24-hour reception service that can assist students with day-to-day issues such as courier collection and delivery, house maintenance, access card management, etc.

Social activities: The apartments organize a variety of social activities so that students can better integrate into the local community, make new friends and relax at the same time. 

Cleaning services: The apartments provide regular cleaning services to ensure that the common areas and students' rooms are clean and hygienic.

Fitness facilities: The apartments have a free gym for students to use. There is also a bike storage area for students to get around by bike.

Scape Carlton focuses on student safety and services, providing a variety of amenities and social activities so that students can enjoy a safe, comfortable, convenient and enjoyable stay.


Apartment prices/properties are subject to change at any time, and the specific rent prices are subject to the final OFFER and contract sent by the apartment.


29 reviews

Great customer service · 13
Amazing facilities · 9
Amazing area · 12
Super-fast internet · 8



06 Nov 2023

very good, the room is very new, the apartment is also very complete
very good, the room is very new, the apartment is also very complete



27 Oct 2023

The location is very good, the layout is good, but the lighting is limited and the air conditioner is a little defective.
The location is very good, the layout is good, but the lighting is limited and the air conditioner is a little defective.



14 Oct 2023

Good good good good good goodGood.
Good good good good good goodGood.
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy

No Visa No Pay

No Place No Pay


The information provided in Part 2 of these Booking Terms and Conditions relates to cancellations made prior to the execution and/or commencement of your relevant residential tenancy agreement. Separate terms will apply to cancellations made after the execution and/or commencement of your relevant residential tenancy agreement.

(a)Despite any other provision in these Booking Terms and Conditions, in order to arrange a refund of any amounts paid by you (including a holding deposit), you must first complete and provide to us a refund form (Refund Form). A copy of the Refund Form is available at Part 3 of these Booking Terms and Conditions (as may be updated from time to time).
(b)All refunds will be made via bank transfer (or otherwise via a method of our choosing) within the timeframe required by the law of the Relevant State or, if no such timeframe is stipulated by the law of the Relevant State, within a reasonable period of time after the applicable Refund Form has been duly completed and provided to us.

(a)We understand that some individuals apply for accommodation while waiting for confirmation of acceptance to and/or enrolment in an education facility and subsequent course offer, or issue of an Australian student visa by the Australian Government.
(b)Notwithstanding any other clause in these Booking Terms and Conditions, if you have paid a holding deposit for a Property and:
(i)your application for an Australian student visa is denied or not provided by the Australia Government; and/or
(ii)you are not accepted into any education facility you applied for,
you may request in writing for your booking to be cancelled in which case:
(iii)your booking will be cancelled; and
(iv)the holding deposit and all fees paid by you will be refunded in full, (Full Refund).
(c)In order to qualify for a Full Refund, you must provide us with:
(i)written proof of the relevant circumstance set out in clause 7(b) (Part 2);
(ii)a minimum of 2 weeks’ written notice prior to the commencement date of your residential tenancy agreement; and
(iii)a duly completed Refund Form.
(d)If you do not comply with the requirements set out in clause 7(c) (Part 2), you will not qualify for the Full Refund and this clause 7 (Part 2) will not apply.

At any time prior to the execution and/or commencement of your residential tenancy agreement, we may (at our complete discretion, but otherwise to the extent permitted by the law of the Relevant State) cancel your booking if any of the following occurs:
(a)the information you provide as part of the booking process is false or misleading; or
(b)you fail to comply with your obligations in these Booking Terms and Conditions.
In this case, to the extent permitted by the law of the Relevant State, we may retain any holding deposit and/or any other amounts you have paid to us.

Pets Policy

No Pet

Double Occupancy Policy

Double occupancy rooms:

No double occupancy rooms.

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Student Accommodation in Melbourne

Will I have to pay a deposit for Melbourne student accommodation?

Some student accommodations in Melbourne will require a deposit (which may start out as a reservation fee) but not all – it depends on which accommodation you choose. If you are asked for a deposit, it will be capped at five weeks’ rent.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Melbourne?

Yes, students who book early or a while in advance are eligible for good deals and pay lower rent in Melbourne. You can also save on rent by making a group reservation. Other offers are constantly available; we recommend you keep an eye out for the latest ones on our website!

What is the average rent of student accommodation in Melbourne?

Student accommodation prices in Melbourne will depend on a range of different factors, the most important being location. The accommodation price can range from AU$230.00/week to AU$451.00/week. You can expect to spend AU$400-500/week for a decent room on average. Apart from the location, the rent also depends on the various amenities and facilities provided by the accommodation and the room's configuration. Rent will decrease as you move further away from the City Centre.

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