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Q1:How do I book on uhomes?

Firstly, you can look at properties by entering the name of your school or city on the homepage. You can book your property and even pay your rent right there and then. The overseas rental market is extremely active, and properties are often unavailable by the time it comes to confirm. Because of this, we strongly recommend getting one of our consultants to help you look and book.

Renting Process:

Filter -> View -> Book -> Wait for Confirmation -> Pay reservation fee and service fee -> Sign the contract -> Get ready to move in!

Q2:How do I view a property?

If you are able to, we can take you to view the property in person. If you are overseas, we have a special team who can view the property on your behalf.

Q3:If I have friends come, can they stay at my place? Will the landlord object?

This is not normally an issue, but you should consult your landlord. This type of information should be included in your contract (if you know you will have this question, you can discuss it with your landlord before signing the contract).

Q4:Where do the properties on uhomes come from?

All listings on uhomes are from: Agents/Brokers, Landlords, Developers, and/or Student apartments. Every single one has undergone rigorous checks before it is available online.

Q5:Is “short-term letting” weeks or days?

At present, uhomes properties are divided into short-term or long-term lettings. Short-term indicates three months or less, whilst long-term is three months or more. If you want to rent a property for one or two weeks, then you are looking for short-term letting.

Q6:If I find somewhere I like on the platform, is there a service fee from uhomes?

Uhomes services include a number of different types: homestay, custom service, standard short-term and standard long-term services. In order to maintain the normal operation of the platform and labor input, we will charge a certain service fee.

Q7:Apart from the rent and the service fee, Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

The fees are different for every country. In addition to the rent and service fees, you should be aware of the following fees:

Reservation Fee: This acts as the booking fee. If you are not moving in straight away, this fee is to reserve the property before you pay your deposit or rent. This fee is normally deducted from the deposit or rent when you move in.

Deposit: Before you officially move in, you will have to pay a deposit. There is no typical amount a deposit should be, but it is usually equal to one months rent. As long as there is no damage to the property or any breach of contract terms within the rental period, the deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay.

Utility Fees: Within the course of renting you will incur water, gas, electricity and other related fees. You should check the terms of your contract to see what is included. Most contracts will include some of your usual household bills (but remember: if it is not mentioned then it is not included!)

Application Fee: In America and Australia, there may be an application fee for simply applying to stay in a student apartment, please note that this is non-refundable.

Q8:Are all uhomes properties fully furnished?

Student Apartments may well be furnished, but be aware that a lot of properties and houses are not. A lot of the pictures on uhomes are provided by the agency or landlord and are simply to give you an impression of what the room could look like. Please check the uhomes Property Description and your rental contract to see whether or not the property is furnished or not.

Q9: I no longer need the property I booked, what should I do? Can I get a refund?

If you unilaterally terminate the contract, you will need to check the terms to see if the deposit is refundable. In order to limit your loss, uhomes will try our hardest to help you transfer the rent to another student. However, the service and application fee are non-refundable.

Q10:If I see a property I like on uhomes, should I contact them directly?

If there is a house from our platform that interests you ,you could contact us by on-line chatting or leaving a comment to get the specific housing information and we will reserve the house for you.

Q11:What if I cannot find a property I like on uhomes?

Uhomes is constantly updating our listings. If you cannot find something you like, we recommend you select our Custom Service. The service fee (GBP 180-380) can be paid online and uhomes will contact you within 24 hours. Based on the consultation, we will recommend three properties to you. If you are not happy with our suggestions, the service fee is fully refundable.

Q12:Can I amend my choice after booking?

We will try our hardest to help you change your booking, but at this stage it depends on availability of other rooms as well as the conditions of your contract. The key is always to inform your landlord or Apartment agency as soon as possible.

Q13:Why is it only the Custom Service and homestay that includes a service fee?

The service fee helps us to keep uhomes up and running. It allows us to provide a 24/7 service to our clients, to verify our agents and landlords as well as personally check the properties themselves.

Q14:What are the fees when booking in America? What kind of cancellation fees are there?

We highly recommend contacting us to check availability and the specific conditions of properties before you make a decision.

Uhomes will help you confirm the price range and length of your stay. There will be a reservation fee which is set by the landlord, which includes a uhomes service fee of 20% of one months rent. When you move in, you can settle the remaining balance with the landlord. You will receive all contact details for the landlord after booking.

Uhomes allows landlords to select the type of cancellation (flexible, standard, or strict). This is to protect the interests of both the client and the landlord themselves.

Flexible: A full refund is available if you cancel prior to 30 days before the start date (excluding service fee). Standard: A 50% refund is available if you cancel prior to 30 days before the start date (excluding service fee). Strict: No refund is available when cancelling the booking.