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Student Policy

Student Agreement

The following agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of uhomes, the local uhomes Supervisor and you, the Homestay student.  For the purpose of the Homestay placement, uhomes and the uhomes supervisor are acting as an agent on behalf of you, the student to locate a suitable Homestay environment and be available  for ongoing support if required.


Uhomes will work with supervisors, hosts and students to meet all stakeholder expectations  and is committed to providing you and your host with a positive and safe Homestay experience.

By participating in uhomes Homestay you, the student will be  confirming that you understand and are happy to abide by the terms and conditions detailed below and those that relate to the operation and use of the Australian Homestay Network system.

The uhomes community recognises that students come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and composition and students will be matched with families as per their personal requirements where this is possible.

The uhomes community is committed to supporting successful outcomes for all Homestay students. This means that uhomes has an obligation to maintain a reasonable standard of care in situations where a member’s action, or failure to act, could reasonably be expected to affect you as a Homestay student.

This also relates to situations where someone else is likely to be affected by what you do or do not do and where it is reasonable to expect that the other person might suffer some harm.

Standard of care is the ‘reasonable’ standard expected so that your safety and wellbeing are not compromised.

A breach of duty of care is the failure to meet the relevant standard of care.  This might happen through the failure to do something that should have been done.  This does not mean that every mistake constitutes a breach of duty of care.  This will depend on whether or not the mistake was reasonable in the circumstances.

While in a Homestay placement you will be expected to abide by the following policies:

(a) Payment and Finances

1、directly pay Homestay fee to your host

2、understand that you will be required to give two weeks notice when you plan to leave your host’s home and pay the appropriate Homestay fee

3、understand that you will be charged for two weeks Homestay if you do not give the required notice

4、meet all personal expenses for travel, entertainment, telephone calls, medical expenses and other personal, incidental costs keep all valuables, money, passport and airline tickets in a safe place

(b) Courtesy in the Homestay home

1、understand that hosts come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and composition and that this will not be the basis for acceptance or rejection

2、understand and accept your host’s house reasonable rules

3、understand that water is scarce in Australia and there may be water restrictions in place in your area, and respect these restrictions

4、communicate in a respectful way

5、ask permission of your host before inviting friends to their home

6、ask permission of your host before smoking

7、ask permission of your host before taking alcohol into their home

8、ask permission to use your host’s telephone and expect to pay the cost of your telephone calls

9、ask permission to use your host’s computer or internet access and expect to pay the cost of your usage (within reason)

(c) Responsibilities

1、take responsibility for your own practices and needs

2、keep your bedroom clean, neat and tidy and assist with minor household chores

3、be considerate to your host’s household and keep noise to a minimum

4、pay for any damage you cause to host property

5、be aware of and respect the cultural differences and beliefs of the host and their family

6、communicate with your host every day and give adequate notice if you will not be home for meals or are staying overnight with friends (If you are under 18, you must inform your host where you are at all times and be home by any specified curfew).

7、be aware of and abide by the national and state laws of Australia (for example, wear bicycle helmets, respect legal age of drinking, wear seat belts etc.)

8、To learn more please visit this website

While in a Homestay placement you can expect your Homestay Host to:

1、have a duty of care towards you, their Homestay student ( your host may ask you to let them know where you are going and the time you will be home)

2、support and assist you to live comfortably within your new environment

3、respect  your right to privacy

4、respect your culture, customs, language and beliefs

5、provide you with adequate, healthy meals prepared in a clean environment

6、provide you with a secure, private, clean and (warm in winter/ cool in summer) bedroom, good healthy food, laundry facilities and a supportive environment

7、ensure that you have your own room and not force you to share a room with other students or a member of their family, unless you specifically request to do so

8、advise you of the route you will take to and from your education provider

9、provide an orientation within the family home (e.g. provide advice and safety instructions on the use of any pool area, household facilities and security.)

10、advise you of the household rules and practices (e.g. what time dinner is served, telephone protocols, rules regarding smoking, alcohol, guests visiting, curfews if you are under eighteen, household tasks and bathroom conduct)

11、allow you to use the facilities in the home and show you how to do so (e.g. laundry)

12、expect you to help with minor household chores e.g. help with the dishes and keeping your room clean and tidy

13、liaise with uhomes regarding any concerns or difficulties

14、notify uhomes as soon as there is any change of circumstances in the household