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Living Guide for Freshman in Reading


You’ve all started university and look forward to studying and living in Reading. So today, this blog will introduce some aspects of the University of Reading.


Clothing and Accommodation Tips

On-campus supermarket

Whiteknights Campus is not far from the city center. And plenty of small shops, banks, pharmacies, and bakeries are around the school. The school also has a shop with all kinds of goods students need, such as food, drinks, sandwiches, snacks, alcohol, medicines, stationery, cards, and magazines. There is also a Blackwell’s bookshop where you can buy textbooks.


There is a Lloyds and Barclays cash machine in the center of the Whiteknights campus. There is also a Natwest cash machine near Sports Park. All the central banks in the city center have branches, and withdrawals are primarily free.


There are 14 student hostel blocks.
There are different types of hostels, such as regular hostels and boarding hostels. There are also unique hostels for married students.
The Student Residence Office also assists students in renting off-campus accommodation.
If you need any repairs or replacements in your residence halls, call it 24 hours a day.
Hotline: 01183787777
Or email: Reading.Helpdesk@upp-ltd.com

Off-campus Apartments


New Century Place (RG1 4ET)

All rooms are studio. 2.2km from the school. Centrally located, opposite the casino, cinema VUE, and restaurant Fridays. 200m from the nearest bus stop 21.

Queens Court (RG1 7QF)

Studio and en-suite, 3km from the university. Centrally located next to Hibachi, Tesco, and Iceland. 200m from road 21 station.


Reading Serviced Apartments

Stylish student accommodation next to the University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus. The Oracle, brimming with top-notch retail stores and trendy restaurants, is a go-to for shopaholics and goodies. Starting at just £500 per month.

Campus Cardding

Campus card is used for entering the library, borrowing books, and printing. It also allows access to the canteen, park eat, coffee and exams. Campus cards can be topped up online or paid in cash at the top-up machine on the library's ground floor. If you lose your card, you must get a replacement in the Carrington building, which costs £10. A 5% discount is for paying with your card in the canteen.


-The Oracle, a large shopping center in the city center. -Wilko is a supermarket in the Broad Street Market in the city center. It has great prices and quality, worth a visit. -Ikea; 26 bus from Reading train station, the restaurant on the roof is worth a visit. -Boots; similar to Watson's. Shampoo, body wash, skincare, make-up, and other everyday items, 3for2 discounts all year round.


Food and Transportation Tips


young person card

Discount 1/3off

Age 16-25

young person card


Please search for the Young Person Card on Google. Then you can find the official website and apply for it there.

Or apply on-site at the train station with your passport and a 2″ photo.

Types of Tickets

Anytime you can take any train at any time. Of course, the price is also the highest. So it is recommended to buy it if you are in an emergency.

Advance Book your tickets online in advance. There may be special offers. The disadvantage is that you can’t use it if you miss the train.

young person card


Download the app, Train-line is recommended.

Once you have purchased your ticket, go to the ticket counter at the railway station to collect it. Or go to a self-service ticket machine and insert the same bank card you used to buy the ticket. Or buy the key on the spot. (The Young Person Card can be used for all the above methods. But you must carry it with you in case of inspection).

Transport in London

You can buy an off-peak London day travel ticket when you go to London. It includes all kinds of transport in London. Therefore, you don’t need to buy an oyster card. It is quite affordable.


The Breakfast Club

The carefully designed menu offers a variety of classic breakfast delicacies. The overall dining atmosphere is chic and welcoming. It is a combination of brightly colored walls and vintage furniture. The staff is friendly and welcoming. It ensures that your dining experience is a pleasant one. Ideal for an early morning solo breakfast or a breakfast with friends and family.


Address: 53-55 King’s Rd, Reading RG1 3AB

Bel & The Dragon

Reading’s top pick is Bel & The Dragon, the critically acclaimed Western restaurant. It is known locally for its unique style and exquisite cuisine. Each entree and dessert is carefully designed and cooked. Another unique feature of Bel & The Dragon is the built-in bar. It serves a wide range of wines.


Address: Blakes Lock, Gas Works Rd, Reading RG1 3EQ


In conclusion, embarking on your journey as a freshman in Reading is an exciting new chapter. It is filled with opportunities for personal and academic growth. The city offers a vibrant blend of culture, history, and modernity. It is curated to enrich your university experience. It is more than just an academic transition. It’s about embracing and integrating into a dynamic community. It will shape you in the years ahead. Remember, every challenge is a stepping stone, and every experience is a lesson.

So dive in, explore, make the most of your time, and enjoy your journey. We believe in you and your potential to shine in this new chapter of your life. Trust this guide to navigate through your freshman year. And envision yourself as part of Reading’s thriving student community.

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