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Navigate Your Way to Best Student Accommodation in Bangor

Finding the perfect student accommodation in Bangor can often feel like navigating a maze. But don’t let the stress of the search divert you from your academic journey.

This guide is your compass, providing trustworthy advice and authentic experiences to help you find your ideal home away from home. Let’s explore together the best options Bangor has to offer, guiding you towards a community where you’ll thrive.

Student Accommodation in Bangor

Budget-Friendly Choices!

Life in Bangor is quite easy on the pocket, especially given the variety of budget-friendly student homes on offer. Many of them are near Bangor University. The rental costs usually swing between a modest £75 to a slightly luxurious £240 per week, which varies depending on the room choice and amenities included. 

Allow me to lead you through some of the best value-for-money student residences in Bangor, guaranteeing a nurturing space that supports your studies and growth.

iQ Ty Willis House, Bangor

Diversified Pricing and Options

Studio Flats for Students in Bangor

Price Range: £104 – £275/week

Location: 6-18 High Street, Bangor, Wales LL57 1NP

Room Types: En-suite, Studio

  • Located in Bangor’s High Street
  • Close to the city centre
  • A 14-min walk to Bangor University
  • Grade II listed building
  • Dual occupancy at no additional charge (for certain rooms)

Ty Ni, Bangor

Various Exquisite Studios

Tips for Renting in Bangor: 4 Ideal Studio Flats for Students

Price Range: £198 – £238/week

Location: 17-23 High Street, Bangor, Wales LL57 1NP

Room Types: Studio

  • Renovated in 2018
  • Located in the centre of Bangor
  • Few minutes’ walk from Bangor University
  • Parking space at an additional cost
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows (for certain rooms)
  • Package Room

Llys Y Deon, Bangor

Excellent Value for Money

student accommodation in Bangor

Price Range: £129 – £195/week

Location: Dean Street, Bangor, Wales LL57 1US

Room Types: En-suite, Studio

  • A 9-minute walk from Bangor University
  • 15-minute stroll to St. Mary’s College
  • Close to the city centre
  • Courtyard

Neuadd Kyffin, Bangor

Prime Location

student accommodation in Bangor

Price Range: £114 – £174/week

Location: 110a High Street, Bangor, Wales LL57 1NZ

Room Types: En-suite, Studio

  • Built in 2018
  • A mere 10-minute walk from Bangor University and St. Mary’s College
  • Close to High Street Bangor
  • Parcels collection

Key Considerations Before Booking a Student Accommodation in Bangor

  • Before committing to a student accommodation in Bangor, consider the distance from your university or college. Proximity to transport links and local amenities, like shops and eateries, is also crucial.
  • Consider the living conditions – does it offer a conducive environment for studying, is internet connectivity reliable, and what are the provisions for laundry and cooking?
  • Lastly, factor in the budget. Ensure that rent, bills, and any additional charges align with your financial capabilities, so you can focus on your studies without undue stress about expenses. 
student renting in the UK


Navigating your way to the finest student accommodation in Bangor need not be a daunting task. Armed with this authentic, visionary advice, the path is clear for you to find a place not just to stay, but to flourish and make lasting memories.

Remember, the best student accommodation isn’t just about the four walls and a roof, but about the support, comfort, and community it offers.

Trust your instincts, embrace the journey, and soon you’ll be stepping into an accommodation that feels like home.

student renting in Bangor


1. Cheaper prices

Securing your student housing early could be important to unlocking substantial savings. 

2. More choices

The key to securing suitable accommodation lies in proactive planning and early booking. Delaying this essential task until the eleventh hour not only limits your selection but also adds undue mental stress.

Yes. Here are some of the student accommodations near Bangor University that we highly recommend.

iQ Ty Willis House

Ty Glyn

Ty Ni

Princes Hall

Neuadd Kyffin

Llys Y Deon

Yes. With an international ranking of 401 by the reputable Times Higher Education, Bangor University boasts an impressive 4.3-star rating, as provided by learners on Studyportals. Nestled in the heart of North Wales, Bangor, one of the UK’s cosiest cities, offers students more than just an education. It provides a close-knit, friendly university atmosphere combined with breathtaking landscapes and exciting places to discover.

No. However, you can hop on a train and reach Manchester Airport in a mere couple of hours. Additionally, London is just a short train journey away, with less than four hours separating you from the heart of the city.

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