Student Accommodation

Properties: Student Accommodation

Available to: Students only

Management: Centralized Management

Property Management Company: Student Apartments Management Company

Facilities: Should include: Full range of facilities

Security: Should include: CCTV, security and key cards

Foundry Mack- 318 Alfred


Single Room - 2 Bedroom

1B - 1 Bedroom








Property ID: S01467623

From CA$1205/month(s)

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No Deposit No Broker Fee Close to CBD walkable to school Near restaurant The suite comes with laundry equipment Close to restaurants, Convenience Store apply for the apt in 2021

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Rent includes



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Other Fees

Service fee

Security deposit

leasehold insurance

Utitlity fee

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318 Alfred St, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3S5 View on Map

Apartment Info

Total 80 beds Built in 1990 3 Floors

Property Details

The Foundry Mack Community is ideally located on the corner of Alfred Street and Mack Street, right across from Victoria Park. This Queen’s student housing community is not only fun, social, and safe, but located just a few blocks from Queen’s University and Metro Grocery. It’s also a short walk to the downtown core where Kingston’s best restaurants and bars are on showcase.


Foundry Mack- 318 Alfred All room typesHouse detail

Rates and room status are updated at any time, subject to the final confirmation of the apartment.

Price Change Tips

Due to the large application number, the room price may change in time. The room price will be adjusted at any time based on the number of remaining rooms. If the number of rooms is limited, the room price may increase at any time. Details are subject to the contract.

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Single Room

Private bedroom provides privacy and quiet study space. Bathroom may be ensuite or shared. Kitchen is always shared.

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2 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

Optional lease term: 12month

Shared bathroom

Shared kitchen

Fixed Lease 12month(s)

Move in: 2022-09-05

Move out: 2023-08-27

From CA$1,205/month(s)/room


"1 room" refers to 1 bedroom, which is similar to one room and one living room in China. There is a separate door between the bedroom and the kitchen.

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1 Bedroom

1 Bedroom

1-2 person(s)

Fixed Lease 12month(s)

Move in: 2022-09-05

Move out: 2023-08-27

From CA$1,229/month(s)/unit



Public Transport ()


318 Alfred St, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3S5







Times are calculated as the crow flies, actual times may take longer

Fee Details

Rent includes

Water ()

Heating ()

Tips: Reference only, read your contract carefully to see what is included

Other Fees

Tips: please refer to the agreement or contract for specific relevant expenses

Booking notice

Application Materials

These are the necessary information for the apartment to review the tenant's background. The rental contract will be given only after the apartment has no problem.

Offer Letter

Resident's valid copy of passport

Refund Policy

Full Cancellation Policy

We don't have a cancellation policy. Once they pay and sign the lease is theirs. The only way out is to find a lease takeover which is up to them to find. We would not pay for any commissions on lease take overs only new residents. In order for them to sublet they would have to notify the front desk of the property and fill out a sublet form signed off by the Community Manager.

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