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74 Ambleside Drive, London


74 Ambleside Drive, London, Ontario N6G 4P1

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Property ID: R01575915
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master bedroom for rent, independent bathroom, toilet, storage room, downstairs have living room, central air conditioning, warm in winter and cool in summer, fully furnished, elegant environment, with balcony, garden and grass, there are 34, 10, 13, 2, 93 bus at the door. The location of the house allows you to get to UWO without taking a car for a few minutes, just a few minutes away from Masonville Mall, grocery store, bank, cinema, post office, library, etc. Simmons bed, table, chair, sofa, locker and other fully furnished, bag check in, water, electricity, gas, high-speed wireless Internet access, laundry and drying costs are fully covered. No smoking, no pets.

House Rules

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No Pet

Smoking Policy

No smoking
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Student Accommodation in London

Do I need to submit a certificate of deposit for the total rent during the rental period in London?

It is usual for some individual landlords or apartments to require proof of deposit of the total rent for the term of the lease.

Does renting an apartment in London have a big impact on my academic life?

The environment determines the quality of life. In addition to the proximity to schools and the security of the surrounding area, you should also consider the accessibility of your place of residence: Whether there is public transportation. Whether it is convenient to park. Whether there are supermarkets around.

What documents and papers are generally required for London student housing application?

Student housing will conduct a thorough background check, such as a financial check, criminal record check, etc. Therefore, the apartments require the following: a Canada Social Security Number (SSN), which is similar to a domestic ID number, to check your financial status. Canada driver's license number. Sponsor in the Canada (sponsor must also have SSN): Further assurance that the applicant can afford to pay rent. However, international students usually without all three of these documents. Most apartments allow international students to use other documents instead: I-20, Copy of passport or Visiting Scholar Visa form

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