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Luxe London, London

4.0 (1 review)


1235 Richmond St, London, Ontario N6A 3L5

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Property ID: S00746318
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Basic Info

Parcels collect Gym

300 Beds

Highest Floor 19

Built in 2015

Apartment info: On the street between London's business and entertainment districts and London's largest shopping centre, and just 450m from Western's front door. A total of 19 floors, more than 300 suites
Location: Located between the University of Western Ontario and King's College, 18 minutes' walk to Western University, 9 minutes' walk to King's College
5 minutes walk to all bus stops
Surroundings: 8 minutes walk to TD CanadaTrust Bank and surrounding restaurants
23 minutes walk to the largest local Mason business district, 17 minutes by bus
20 minutes by bus to Xingye Supermarket
Inside the apartment: furniture, shuttle bus, no pets, minors allowed
Features multiple suite layouts with expansive windows and chef-worthy kitchens
Public facilities: 24-hour fitness center, yoga studio, game room, as well as home theater, spa lounge, roof terrace, business lounge. On-site professionals are there to help you every day, with high-definition security cameras.



1 review



13 Aug 2021 00:40

Cost performance is generally expensive
Cost performance is generally expensive
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy


No refunds for cancellations. If you can't move in after signing the contract, find a subtenant or fulfill the contract as agreed. Specific policy determined by the apartment management.
Application Policy

Required Documents

Offer See Example

Resident's valid copy of passport

Pets Policy

Pet allowed

Luxe London FAQs

Is the apartment furnished?

Yes, bed, sofa, wardrobe, table and chairs, refrigerator, microwave oven, stove, oven, dishwasher, TV, coffee table, air conditioner

What does XBXB in the house type mean?

"The naming method of Canadian apartments is XBXB. The first B refers to the number of bedrooms, and the second B refers to the bathroom, that is, the number of bathrooms; for example, 3B3B refers to the apartment type with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The layout is suggested that you can refer to the floor plan"

What is the lease form for this apartment? What is a Joint lease (joint lease)?

This apartment is rented out as a whole, that is, Joint leases, which means "joint lease". That is to say, several roommates sign a joint contract for renting a house together, and everyone has full payment responsibility for the room. If you are alone and want to sign a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house, you have to sign the whole thing, or wait until you have roommates to sign together. At the same time, if you live in a house under a joint lease and your roommate moves out suddenly, the apartment will also pursue the full rent from you if the apartment cannot contact your roommate.

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