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多伦多一线地铁旁美丽house超大主卧出租, Toronto


Claver Avenue, North York, ON, Canada, Toronto, Ontario M6B 2W3

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Property ID: R01601051
多伦多一线地铁旁美丽house超大主卧出租 0
多伦多一线地铁旁美丽house超大主卧出租 1
多伦多一线地铁旁美丽house超大主卧出租 2
多伦多一线地铁旁美丽house超大主卧出租 3
多伦多一线地铁旁美丽house超大主卧出租 4
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Basic Info

Elegant and beautiful 2-storey super-large master bedroom, with 450 feet equivalent to one room and one hall, super-large double-basin washing table, large toilet, and furniture with all kinds of bags to check in. There is a lot of public space.
Located next to Lawrence west station 2 minutes walk to bus stop 5 minutes to subway. Direct to DT York University how much. Shopping center Yorkdale mall is not far, supermarket is very close
Community security quiet landlord timely maintenance, cleaning. Roommates are friendly. Students.
Ask not to smoke hemp not to take tenants not to keep pets at night to keep quiet.


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Student Accommodation in Toronto

What are the typical apartment types available for rent in Toronto?

In Toronto, most students choose a Flat Apartment, followed by a House, a Townhouse and so on. There are usually studios, 1 bed 1bath, 2 bed 2 bath, 3 bed 3 bath, 4 bed 4 bath and so on. There are also room types that belong to shared bedrooms, such as 2 bed 1 bath, 3 bed 2 bath, etc

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What are the factors to consider before renting an apartment in Toronto?

Before renting an apartment, you should first understand your accommodation needs, including the area you are renting, the distance and time to and from school, the budget cost, and whether you are sharing an apartment.

After deciding on your needs, it is recommended that students spend some time researching the security situation in the area they have chosen. You can visit the relevant local websites to check the safety factor of the area, and if it is an area with a high crime rate, it is best not to choose to live there.

When looking at properties, pay attention to the availability of amenities around the community, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, banks, etc..

You should also pay attention to what living goods are provided by the landlord, whether they can meet your daily needs, and what additional things you need to buy. If you plan to find a roommate to share a room, you must discuss these issues with your roommate in advance to avoid conflicts in the future.

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What are the general steps for applying for student housing in Toronto?

Generally speaking, the steps to apply for an apartment are as follows: Fill out the application form -> Submit the application form -> Personal background check -> Apartment sends the contract -> Read the contract carefully -> Sign the contract -> Pay the money.

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