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Pearson, Vancouver

Student Accommodation

7657 Cambie street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6P 3H8

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Property ID: S00742223
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Pearson 1
Pearson 2
Pearson 3
Pearson 4
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Basic Info

Elevator Gym 24 hours security Furnished Bills included Short lease

Highest Floor 6

【Apartment Information】
Vancouver's largest student apartment building has two buildings, each with 6 floors, located on 7567 Cambie Street.
About 30 meters from the bus stop Northbound Cambie St @ W 61 Ave
Walk to Marine Dr Sky Station about 8 minutes
One stop from Langara College
Walk to Marine Gateway shopping mall about 6 minutes
The crane is about 25min to kpu
The crane takes about 30 minutes to downtown Vancouver
【Inside the apartment】
The rooms are equipped with beds, tables and chairs, towels and sheets, and hairdryers.
The kitchen is fully equipped with refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave and kitchen utensils
Indoor laundry facilities, washer dryer
Includes water, electricity and high-speed wireless Internet access
Balcony, extra storage space
【Apartment Facilities】
Weekly housekeeping service (public area)
Free gym
Security / access control system
Bicycle storage
Provide paid underground parking

House Rules

Cancellation Policy

No Visa No Pay

If you have been denied a visa or study permit, you must provide the official refusal letter from Immigration and Citizenship Canada to the Manager at least 14 days before your Move-In Date to receive a full refund of the Amenities Fee, the Security Deposit, and any rent paid.

The conditions in the prescribed period are cancel

1.Cancellation Before Moving In
When the Tenant provides the cancellation notice 30 days or more before the Move-In Date:The Amenities Fee will not be refunded. The Security Deposit and any rent paid will be refunded.
When the Tenant provides the cancellation notice less than 30 days before the Move-In Date:The Amenities Fee and the Security Deposit will not be refunded. Any rent paid will be refunded.
2.Cancellation After Moving In
When the Tenant provides the cancellation notice 60 days or more before moving out:The Amenities Fee will not be refunded. If the Tenant pays a weekly rate, rent may be recalculated to reflect the new tenancy duration and applied to the last 60 days of the remaining tenancy. The Security Deposit will be refunded.
When the Tenant provides the cancellation notice less than 60 days before moving out:The Amenities Fee will not be refunded. Rent will be required for 60 days following the date the Manager receives the notice. If the Tenant pays a weekly rate, rent may be recalculated to reflect the new tenancy duration and applied to the amount required for 60 days. The Security Deposit will be refunded, only if the Manager receives the aforementioned rent required for 60 days.
3.All cancellation amounts listed above are a genuine pre-estimate of the liquidated damages the Manager will suffer as a result of your early termination of this Agreement.


No cancellations allowed. If you can't move in after signing, find a subtenant or fulfill the contract as agreed. Subletting may have additional fees determined by the apartment management.

Pearson FAQs

Is GECpearson a student apartment?

No, Pearson 1 is a social apartment, and Pearson 2 is a student apartment.

How many layers does GECpearson have?

Both Pearson 1 and Pearson 2 are 6 floors

Does the apartment provide parking space?

The apartment has an underground parking lot, $90/month.

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Student Accommodation in Vancouver

What are the factors to consider before renting an apartment in Vancouver?

Before renting an apartment, you should first understand your accommodation needs, including the area you are renting, the distance and time to and from school, the budget cost, and whether you are sharing an apartment.

After deciding on your needs, it is recommended that students spend some time researching the security situation in the area they have chosen. You can visit the relevant local websites to check the safety factor of the area, and if it is an area with a high crime rate, it is best not to choose to live there.

When looking at properties, pay attention to the availability of amenities around the community, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, banks, etc..

You should also pay attention to what living goods are provided by the landlord, whether they can meet your daily needs, and what additional things you need to buy. If you plan to find a roommate to share a room, you must discuss these issues with your roommate in advance to avoid conflicts in the future.

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Should I choose a house or an apartment to rent in Vancouver?

Depending on your situation, houses and apartments have advantages and disadvantages, but generally, apartments are more expensive, so remember to consider your own situation.

Can I come to Vancouver and see the apartment before I decide to sign?

Yes, we encourage students to see the apartment in person before deciding to sign up, so they can get a more direct feel for the apartment. However, we have to admit that many students want to move in right away when they arrive in the U.S. Also, the closer to the start of the school year, the higher the price and the fewer good apartments there are. Therefore, students should decide when to sign up according to their actual situation.

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