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Langshiyu Dinglan Square Apartment

杭州市江干区蕙兰雅路388号丁兰广场B座7楼, Hangzhou, 310000

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From ¥ 2,072 /month


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Near bus station

Near business center

Monthly leasing available

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  • Studio
  • xbxb


Ideal for: Singletons; group bookings also available

More info: One person bedroom, with a communal living room and kitchen. Can also be known as a private room. Ensuite rooms include a private bathroom.




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6 month

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Property Details

The pictures are for reference only, the room does not include soft decoration.
[Apartment profile]
Fully furnished apartment units leisure, entertainment, shopping and life experience as one. There is a supermarket nearby, so you can easily go shopping; there is also a theater nearby, and you don’t need to worry about being too late to get to home because of watching a movie; there are many special restaurants, and you can walk to taste these various foods. Only three hundred meters walk to Dinglan Park. Looking out from the window of the room, you can view an amazing landscape: spring is full of vitality, and autumn is full of poetry.
[Location and surroundings]
Transportation: bus route: 85/99/272/B2
Community amenities: restaurants, Starbuck, banks, shopping malls and parks
[Security and service]
Provide gym facilities, billiard table and dryer.
Security service
The service fee is 150 yuan/month for one bedroom, 200 yuan/month for two bedroom.
Water fee is 4.5 yuan per ton, electricity fee is 1.2 yuan Kwh.
Can be paid one by one or three by one or twelve by one at your convenience. The shortest rent term is one month ( the rental price of short term would go up 10%) and the maximum is no longer than a year.

●University:淅江商业职业技术学院,Hangzhou Gongshu Administration School,杭州新颖医用氧舱研究所,杭州奶牛研究所,杭州培育幼儿园浙江省珠算式心算教育活动实验基地,中共杭州市委党校拱墅区分校,Zhejiang Education Institute Banshan Campus,杭州市笕桥镇社区学校,浙江育人专修学院半山分院,杭州大家艺术专修学校,杭州凯地托管中心,杭州天成教育集团黎明校区,浙江老年电视大学拱墅分校杭玻阔板桥社区教学班,江干区九堡镇三卫村老年学校
●Bank:Hangzhou United Bank,杭州联合银行新城广场分理处,Hangzhou United Bank,杭州银行丁桥支行,Agricultural Bank of China,Hangzhou United Rural Commercial Bank,Zhejiang Mintai Commercial Bank,China Construction Bank,ICBC,Bank of Hangzhou,Postal Savings Bank of China Bank,Hangzhou United Bank,China Minsheng Bank,Hangzhou United Bank 24-hour Self-service Service Bank,杭州联合银行三星分理处,杭州联合银行,杭州联合银行金门槛分理处,Hangzhou United Rural Commercial Bank,Postal Savings Bank of China,Bank of China
●Convenience_store:General Merchandise Supermarket,General Merchandise Supermarket
●Clothing_store:Red Coral,Happy Girl,Tedelon,Old Beijing Cloth Shoes,Yipintang,Chiu Shui,Chiu Shui,Chiu Shui
●Store:Times Communication (Airport Road),Great Wall Communication
●Home_goods_store:Great Wall Hardware,GREE
●Grocery_or_supermarket:Jiayou Supermarket Mingzhu Street Branch,Jiayou Supermarket,Jiayou Supermarket,Jiayou Supermarket
●Pharmacy:Sanjiu Pharmacy
●Restaurant:Jiangsu Hotel,Yipinxian,东北人家饭店,Northeast Restaurant,Shanli Home,Dongbei Renjia,Hangsanxian,Yunnan Cross-bridge Rice Noodles,Zhou Tianzhoudi,You Shachisha,Qiaoyanfang,Aunt Dumplings,Sichuan Restaurant,Jinling Snack,Dingge Black Fish Restaurant,Village Restaurant,Brother Restaurant,Chuanxiang Restaurant,Shenjiamen Small Seafood,Sichuan Restaurant
●Cafe:Charenju,Starbucks Coffee,C.straits Cafe,C.straits Cafe,香飘飘奶茶,奶茶博士,Caf Niche,Moji Naika,Milu Forest Coffee,Time Pick,天缘音乐茶楼,Zhuanzhu Coffee,Huadu Cafe,France Cafe,Xiangxie Paris Cafe,黑珍珠奶茶,wen我珍珠奶茶,Yipai Coffee,Dreams Internet & Cafe,好再来
●Point_of_interest:Huhang Line,Huhang Line,Hangzhou Beixiu Elementary School,Huhang High Speed Railway,Dingqiaozhen Zhaojia Community (Northeast Gate),Huangheshan Tunnel,Huhang High Speed Railway,Chenxiu Jiayuan (Northern District Northwest Gate),长睦家苑,施家湾通讯,金门槛,石桥公交停车场,Tianquanyuan Unit
●Lodging:杭州永汇国际大酒店,Jasmine International Hotel
●Hair_care:Exquisite Woman
●Police:Dingqiao Police Station,Jiupu Police Station,Dingqiao Police Station,Shiqiao Police Station,Hengtang Village Police Affairs Office,杭州市半山派出所,杭州市公安局江干分局丁桥派出所,Dingqiaozhen Society Public Security Comprehensive Management Work Center,杭州市江干区城市管理行政执法大队丁桥中队,丁桥镇治安巡逻户口协管中队二分队,丁桥地区治安协管大队赵家公园值勤室,杭州江干公安分局丁桥派出所飞达治安中队,杭州江干公安分局丁桥派出所流动人口管理站,乔司镇治安岗亭,丁桥地区社会治安综合治理工作中心赵家工作站,丁桥派出所赵家社区警务室,丁桥地区平安巡防大队赵家中队,江干区公安分局丁桥派出所建塘社区警务室,丁桥地区平安巡防大队建塘中队,丁桥镇建塘社区居民委员会来访接待室
●Park:Dinglan Park,Longshan Park,天都城欢乐四季公园,Hushan Park,Jiantang Park,Sanyi Park,Incorrupt Government Culture Park (South Gate),Huangjia Culture & Sports Park,Yuzhangcun Shengyu Culture Garden,Hangzhou Banshan National Forest Park,Hangzhou Jianqiao Master Lianchi Hometown Culture Paradise (Northeast Gate),Buddhist Learning Culture Paradise,Caozhuang Park,Happy Four Seasons Park,Jiantang Park,Hushan Park,Tiandu Park,Happy Four Seasons Park
●Premise:Hangzhou Banshan National Forest Park

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