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Youmi International Jinsha Lake Apartment

杭州江干区下沙街道下沙路与下沙南路交叉口中豪七格广场3幢, Hangzhou, 310000

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From ¥ 3,100 /month

awesome public area

Check in get the cashback of ¥ 60

Near bus station

Monthly leasing available

Near metro line 1


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Room Type

  • Studio
  • xbxb


Ideal for: Singletons; group bookings also available

More info: One person bedroom, with a communal living room and kitchen. Can also be known as a private room. Ensuite rooms include a private bathroom.




Apartment Facilities







Washing machine




6 month

Available now



6 month

Available now





Public transport


Fitness center

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To China Jiliang University:








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Property Details

The pictures are for reference only, the room does not include soft decoration.
[Apartment profile]
North-South Transparency and fully furnished apartment with complete home appliances, separate bathroom and complete facilities, bringing a exquisite life for you.
Community amenities: Gym, Rest Area, Coffee Bar, Small Theater, Shared Kitchen, Entertainment Room, Business District, Unmanned Shop, Express Cabinet
Room amenities: AC, Wifi, washing machine, water heater, refrigerator, bed, wardrobe, computer desk, sofa, dressing table
[Location and surroundings]
Transportation: subway: line 1, Jinshahu Station, only 1.2 kilometers to get to; Bus stop: Zhigecun Stop, only 300 meters to get to
Community amenities: restaurants, shopping malls, convenience store and banks
[Security and service]
Security service
The deposit is one-month rent. Can be paid three by one or one by one to ease your financial pressure. The rental price would go up 10% to 15%, if you rent for a short term.
The management property fee is 300 yuan / month; Water fee is 5 yuan / ton, electricity fee is 1.2 yuan / Kwh.

●Police:Community Police Affairs Office,Xiasha Police Station,Xiasha Residential District Society Public Security Comprehensive Control Work Center,Xiasha Police Station, Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau,下沙巡防大队第三中队,智格社区警务室,Xiasha Xunfang Brigade Er Lochus,Xiasha Society Public Security Comprehensive Management Work Center,下沙巡防大队,下沙派出所民警值勤室,杭州经济技术开发区交警大队白杨中队,Jianggan Baiyang Residential District Jingyuan Community Patrol And Protection Lochus,Shangsha Police Affairs Office,新元社区警务室,Community Police Affairs Office,下沙巡防大队头格中队,杭州经济技术开发区城市管理行政法,Economic and Technological Development Zone Brigade, Hangzhou Assistant Police Detachment,Dabei Community Police Affairs Office
●Park:Jinlin Park (Southwest Gate),Hangzhou Fire Fighting Theme Park (West Gate),China Water Exhibition Hall,Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area Love Theme Park,Higher Education West Park
●University:Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (West Gate),Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (North Gate 1),Zhejiang Yuying College of Vocational and Technology,Zhejiang University of Media and Communications,Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (South Gate),杭州电子科技大学高教园校区-图书馆,China Jiliang University,杭州电子科技大学财经学院,杭州电子科技大学,Hangzhou Dianzi University Sports and Art Teaching Section,Hangzhou Dianzi University (North Gate 1),杭州电子科技大学国际教育中心,Zhejiang University of Media and Communications Administration Building,Zhejiang Vocational College of Police Officers,浙江大学公务员考前铺导特约报名点,Zhejiang University of Media and Communications Art Building,浙江理大学,Zhejiang Sci-tech University Building 3,Zhejiang University of Media and Communications Logistics Comprehensive Building,Zhejiang University of Media and Communications Student Learning Center,Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (West Gate),Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (North Gate 1)
●Restaurant:Crock Simmered Soup,Chuanweiguan Restaurant,Xi'an Snacks,Shanli Home,W.L.E Skipper,Jinxiu Jiangnan Restaurant,Northeast Restaurant,Baixing Renjia,My Kitchen,My Kitchen,Northeast Restaurant,Laoshan Noodle Restaurant,Yunnan Cross-bridge Rice Noodles,Yaobude,天津灌汤包,Taiwan Hand Grasp Bread,Qiandao Lake Tujia Cai,Yunnan Cross-bridge Rice Noodles
●Meal_takeaway:Shaxian Snack
●Cafe:Shaxian Snack,Shaxian Snack,Shaxian Snack,C.straits Cafe,85 Du Coffee,上岛咖啡,茶风暴,C.straits Cafe,Starbucks Coffee,Ubc Coffee,两岸咖啡,Xue Coffee,Cotton,RODICOCO,Creativity Coffee,Oupasi Coffee,Xiji Fashion Tea Drinks,Fashion Coffee,Zhuanjiao Lianshangbao,Yihuayiye Coffee Restaurant,珍珠奶茶专卖店
●Hospital:Zhejiang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Restaurant,Hangzhou Xiasha Wuyungang Stomatological Clinic,New Area Out-patient Department,下沙医院,浙江省中医院下沙院区,Hangzhou Xiasha Hospital,Hangzhou Xincheng Hospital,Zhejiang University School of Medicine Affiliated Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital Xiasha Area,Wiseye,No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou Xinkang Hospital,Jili Health Jiupudian,杭州湾南诊所,平价门诊,Green Yiliao,益民门诊,Qige Clinics,杭州经济开发区七格诊所,下沙乐镇七格村卫生室,Renmin Out-patient Department
●Bank:Agricultural Bank of China,中国建设银行杭州经济技术开发区支行下沙储蓄,Hangzhou United Bank,Agricultural Bank of China,China Construction Bank,中国农业银行杭州市下沙支行,Bank of China,农行钱塘支行,杭州联合农村商业银行下沙支行高沙分理处,Bank of Hangzhou Xiasha Development Zone Branch,中国民生银行杭州下沙支行,Agricultural Bank of China,Industrial Bank,杭州联合农村合作银行下沙支行高沙分理处,China Minsheng Bank,Hangzhou United Bank,中行高新支行下沙分理处,工行大学城支行
●Lodging:Jinjiang Inn,DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Hangzhou East,铂宫酒店,Hangzhou Blossom Water Museum Hotel
●Point_of_interest:Guihuayuan,Subway Line 1,Babao Bazu,Wings Golf Training Center,格林联盟酒店,Qige Family Planning Cultural Park,下沙综合市场,Touge Community Residents' Committee,Jiubao Bridge,Kairui Food Peiliao (Hangzhou) Limited Company
●Grocery_or_supermarket:Hangzhou Supermarket
●Store:Changsheng General

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