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Youmi International

杭州萧山区萧山商业城通惠中路688号, Hangzhou, 311203

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From ¥ 1,330 /month

awesome public area

Check in get the cashback of ¥ 60

Near bus station

Monthly leasing available

Near metro line 2


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Price-match Promise
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Room Type

  • Studio


Ideal for: Singletons; group bookings also available

More info: One person bedroom, with a communal living room and kitchen. Can also be known as a private room. Ensuite rooms include a private bathroom.




Apartment Facilities







Washing machine




6 month

Available now



6 month

Available now





Public transport


Fitness center

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To Zhejiang College of Construction:








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Property Details

The pictures are for reference only, the room does not include soft decoration.
[Apartment profile]
North-South Transparency and fully furnished apartment with brand new home appliances, separate bathroom and complete facilities, bringing a exquisite life for you.
Community amenities: Gym, Rest Area, Coffee Bar, Small Theater, Shared Kitchen, Entertainment Room, Business District, Unmanned Shop, Express Cabinet
Room amenities: AC, Wifi, washing machine, water heater, refrigerator, bed, wardrobe, computer desk, sofa, dressing table
[Location and surroundings]
Transportation: subway: line 2, Renminguangchang Station, only 2.3 kilometers to get to; line 5, Tonghuilu Station(Constructing); Bus stop: Peijiadai Stop, Bus route: 406 / 727/ 734/ 736a
Community amenities: restaurants, supermarket, shopping mall, hospital and banks
[Security and service]
Security service
The deposit is one-month rent. Can be paid three by one or one by one to ease your financial pressure. The rental price would go up 10% to 15%, if you rent for a short term.
The management property fee is 150 yuan / month; Water fee is 5 yuan / ton, electricity fee is 0.95 yuan / Kwh.

●University:CPC Hangzhou Party School of CPC Xiaoshan Branch School,Sunny School,Xiaoshan Teachers' College for Vocational Studies,高桥学前教育集团,Xiaoshan Star Art Foreign Languages Spare-time School,萧山明仕棋院,School of Primary Education, Hangzhou Normal University,Xiaoshan Nongxiao,Xiaoshan Technician College,奥鹏远程教育学习中心,Hangzhou Zhijiang Specialty Institute,浙江教育学院,肯德基萧山天润发餐厅少先队校外劳动实践基地,中国计量学院法学实习基地,杭州市书画艺术研究会名家创作中心,杭州师范大学医学院教学与研究基地,浙江大学研究生创业素质拓展实践基地,杭州市留学人员萧山区创业园,明基职业教育开发区学校,杭州市萧山区消防宣传教育基地
●Police:Public Order Brigade, Xiaoshan District Branch of Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau,Xintang Police Station,Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan Branch,Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan Branch Shibei Police Station,Xiaoshan District Branch of Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau,Certification and Service Window, Xiaoshan District Branch of Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau,Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan Branch Entry-Exit Reception Hall,Chengxiang Police Station,北干街道巡防二中队,萧山区公安分局北干派出所墩里吴社区警务室,杭州市北干派出所,杭州市公安局萧山分局北干派出所,广德社区警务屋,杭州市公安局萧山区分局北干派出所绿茵园社区警务室,萧山区北干街道社会治安综合治理委员会绿茵园社区综治室,Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan Branch Entry & Exit Licensing Center,杭州市公安局萧山分局巡(特)警大队,Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan Branch Public Security Brigade,Xiaoshan Station Police Station,徐家河警务室
●Cafe:清风茶楼,一品香茶庄,Ming Tien Coffee Language,Blue Mountain Cafe,Cite Coffee,Dio Coffee,Ubc Coffee,Eden Coffee,Dio Coffee,Ubc Coffee,上岛咖啡女人街店,C.straits Cafe,五丰冷食特约经销部,Lanshan Coffee Hall,Dio Coffee,杭州萧山开发区上岛咖啡店,C.straits Cafe,C.straits Cafe,C.straits Cafe,蒙牛冰淇淋,清风茶楼
●Bank:农行金城路支行,Guangdong Development Bank,交行萧山支行,China Merchants Bank,Postal Savings Bank of China,ICBC,Bank of Communications,Postal Savings Bank of China,Bank of China,China Citic Bank,Guangdong Development Bank,China Construction Bank,ICBC,China Construction Bank,招商银行杭州萧山支行,中国建设银行萧山支行,China Construction Bank,China Citic Bank,Industrial Bank
●Store:Di Yixiu,Qinggang Longgu Gypsum Board,广德贸易红酒专卖店(NO.01),Happy Baby,Laozuofang,China Jinjiu,Tianming Glasses
●Convenience_store:KEDI Xiaoran East Branch,Zhuji Department Store
●Book_store:Wenxue Bookstore,Sanwei Book House,Intellectual Book House,Yiyou Bookstore
●Bicycle_store:Giant Service Center
●Car_dealer:Zhejiang Century Car Market,Jinfeng Maika Automobile Service Posthouse
●Furniture_store:Xiaoshan Asiapaint Sales Center
●Restaurant:A. B. C.,Chongqing Snacks,Yipin Casserole,Modern Restaurant,Huijuan Noodle Restaurant,Jiubaiwan Soup Stock Noodles,Jiubaiwan Soup Stock Noodles,东北烧烤,Xi'an Flavor,Sichuan Restaurant,Chuanxiangguan,Lanzhou Beef Stretched Noodles,Shanxi Noodle Restaurant,Taiwan Hand Grasp Bread,Hunan Side Dish,Chongqing Characteristic Snack,Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot,Jinhua Casserole
●Lodging:Quzhou Hotel,New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou,New Century Hotel Xiaoshan Zhejiang,Jinma Palace,Holiday Inn Hangzhou Xiaoshan,Blossom Hotel,Lotour 99 Inn,杭州银隆西湖四季酒店,Sanbi Hotel
●Hospital:Zhejiang Xiaoshan Hospital,Xiaoshan Xiaoran Women's Hospital of Hangzhou,Xiaoshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Xiaoshan Medical Science Consultation Out-patient Department,浙江省中医院,Xiao'er Langzhuanye Children Hairdressing,Xiaoshan Huadong Hospital,Xiaoshan Economic-Technological Development Area Hospital,Xiaoshan Dentistry Hospital,杭州第二棉纺织厂职工医院,Tonghui Branch of Xiaoshan No.1 People's Hospital,East Hospital,Changgeng Hospital,Jiemei Stomatology Clinic,Xiaoshan Hospital Mental Health Center,楼江口腔诊所,Tianlan Dental,Xiaoshan Health Consultation Testing Center,Xiaoshan Health Center,浙江大学医学院附属第一医院萧山合作医院
●Park:Beishan Park,Jiangsi Park,Yongxing Park,Langlang Langshui Park,Jiangsi Park (East Gate 1),Yinhe Park (East Gate),Beitang Park Nansha Customs,Beitang Park,Changshan Community Central Park (West Gate),Xuanwu Zhifeng Amusement Park,Jiangsi Park (Southwest Gate),Xishan Park (East Gate),Xihe Park,Nanjiang Park,Tianzhiquan Ecological Park,Wuliancun Yulong Park,Beitang Park,Yuji Park,Beishan Park,Xin'an Park
●Point_of_interest:Kaiyue Garden,Tongda Unit,Wanxiang City Garden Coffee,Jinying Mansion,Wanshanghui Complex Building,Chengbei Residential Area,Rongxing Nanyuan,Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yucai Woman Middle School,Grand Parkray Hangzhou,Super 8 Hotel Beijing Tian He Sheng

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