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Suiyu Qiaosi Yuncun Community

浙江省杭州市余杭区乔司镇永西五组39号, Hangzhou, 311101

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From ¥ 800 /month

butler service

Check in get the cashback of ¥ 60

Shared kitchen

Near metro line 1


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Terms & Condition

Room Type

  • Studio


Ideal for: Singletons; group bookings also available

More info: One person bedroom, with a communal living room and kitchen. Can also be known as a private room. Ensuite rooms include a private bathroom.




Apartment Facilities



3 month

Available now



3 month

Available now





Laundry room


Fitness center

Interactive Map

To Zhejiang University Of Media and Communications:








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Property Details

The pictures are for references only, the room does not include soft decoration.
[Apartment profile]
The community is a pilot project which environment,security and fire fighting system are reliable.
[Location and surroundings]
you can walk 20 minutes or ride 10 minutes to subway station.
[Security and service]
Provide public security.
deposit: the deposit is one month's rent.
lease term: three months,six months, one year
short-term rental:rise up 100 yuan
water fee: 1 yuan/day electricity fee:1.2 yuan/kwh
The service fee covers property fee,cleaning fee and maintenance costs.
laundry/laundry/kitchen: free

●Park:Dinglan Park,Sanjiaocun Jiangnan Chen Park,Sanjiaodian Park,Sanyi Park,Happy Four Seasons Park,Tiandu Park,Happy Four Seasons Park
●Cafe:Charenju,C.straits Cafe,Starbucks Coffee,辰溪茶馆,意胧胧奶茶,Dreams Internet & Cafe,冰与火美食吧,Juzi Coffee Shop,来吧奶茶屋,台湾大拇指奶茶休闲吧,大口九奶茶(NO.09),多味奶茶,Huadu Cafe,果珍冷饮,阿凤奶茶,奶茶休闲吧,Zhaohua Xishi,香缘珍珠奶茶(胜稼店NO.17),Feiying Tea House,Qiangqiang Tea House
●Police:Qiaosi Police Station,Jiupu Police Station,杭州市星桥派出所,Xingqiao Police Station,Dingqiao Police Station,Yongxicun Society Public Security Comprehensive Control Workstation,余杭区乔司镇劳动监察中队,余杭区乔司镇治安巡防大队,余杭区公安分局乔司派出所警务工作室,Xincheng Police Affairs Office,杭州市余杭区城市管理综合行政执法大人乔司镇中队,余杭区公安局乔司派出所新街社区警务室,Qiaosi Police Station,杭州市公安局余杭分局乔司派出所,乔司派出所办证中心,Qiaosi Station Police Station,Qiaosi Residential District Ping'an Patrol And Protection Brigade Qiaosi Center,Xingqiao Police Station Wanlecun Public Security On-Duty Station,杭州市下沙派出所江干公安分局星野集团治安联防队
●Hospital:Qiaosizhen Hospital,杭州余杭仁爱门诊部,杭州余杭骨科医院,仁济医院,Yongxi Community Health Service Station of Qiaosizhen,Yuhang Yongxi Community Health Service Station of Qiaosizhen,乔司陈祥兴西医内科诊所,Qiaosi Lijingtang Medical Treatment,Yuhang Qiaosizhen Community Health Service Center,Hangzhou Ren'ai Homeland Yuhang Qiaosigongliao Station,任克新牙科诊所,牙科任贵龙诊所,Hemuqiao Health Service Station,余杭区第1人民医院乔司卫生院,Yuhang Qiaosi Health Center Muye Out-patient Department,乔司镇方桥社区卫生站,乔司镇大井社区卫生服务站,Xingqiao Residential District Wanle Community Health Service Station,福安门诊部,朝阳社区卫生服务站
●Store:Huhang Line,Fashion Baby,Momo Tea,Huhang Line
●Clothing_store:Xishang Meishao,Women's Corner,Women's Corner,LAORENTOU,Dimens,Auchan,Women's Corner,Chiu Shui,Xishang Meishao,Women's Corner,Women's Corner,LAORENTOU
●Electronics_store:Ideal Technology,DELL,Ideal Technology
●Car_repair:Sanjiao Tires,Sanjiao Tires
●Grocery_or_supermarket:Supply and Marketing Supermarket,Xinglong Department Store,Jiayou Supermarket,Supply and Marketing Supermarket
●Home_goods_store:Auchan,Great Wall Hardware
●Point_of_interest:Huhang Line,Subway Line 1,Chenxiu Jiayuan (Northern District Northwest Gate),Tianquanyuan Unit,Huhang High Speed Railway,长睦家苑,Yilong Industry,Supply and Marketing Supermarket
●Restaurant:I Pin Hsiang,I Pin Hsiang,Fumanlou,Yipinxian,Hangsanxian,Village Home,Shanli Home,Wuwei Xuan,Chuanxiang Restaurant,Hometown Restaurant,Taiwan Hand Grasp Bread,Tonglu Tujia Cai,Lanzhou Beef Noodles,红烧羊肉面,华莱士炸鸡汉堡,Common People Breakfast,Jiuqianke,Wallace,Chuanshi Bone Meal,Juewei Duck Neck
●Bank:China Construction Bank,China Citic Bank,Agricultural Bank of China,Bank of China,Postal Savings Bank of China,Taizhou Bank,Industrial Bank,中国农业银行杭州市余杭支行,Postal Savings Bank of China,Hangzhou United Bank,China Minsheng Bank,杭州联合银行三星分理处,Hangzhou United Bank Youth Sub-Agency,China Construction Bank,余杭农村合作银行杭海路支行,Zhejiang Mintai Commercial Bank,Hangzhou United Bank,Hangzhou United Bank 24-hour Self-service Service Bank,杭州联合银行新城广场分理处,Postal Savings Bank of China
●Meal_takeaway:Shaxian Snack

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