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Zhiding Linghui Square Apartment

苏州市工业园区领汇广场2幢, Suzhou, 215100

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From ¥ 6,000 /month


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Monthly leasing available

Near metro line 1

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  • Studio
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Ideal for: Singletons; group bookings also available

More info: One person bedroom, with a communal living room and kitchen. Can also be known as a private room. Ensuite rooms include a private bathroom.




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Washing machine

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Property Details

The pictures are for references only, the room does not include soft decoration.
[Apartment profile]
This is a well-decorated and clean apartment. The whole house is facing south with good sunlight. The large floor-to-ceiling windows let you feel the city scenery of Suzhou Park. The room is equipped with air conditioning, LCD TV, automatic washing machine, various kitchen utensils (paid for use) , disposable slippers, toothbrushes, towels, hair dryers, toiletries, etc.. We also prepare books, jumping checkers and other entertainment facilities for children;
The bathroom separate dry and wet area, and hot water available for washing and bathing. We hope to take care of your healthy life in all aspects. We provide professional clean service, bed products change for each tenant. There is a gym near the apartment (paid for use), so that you could working out at the trip. We aim to let you travel more easily, just like going back to your own home.
[Location and surroundings]
The apartment is located near the gate 4, line 1,Nanshi Street Subway Station, with direct access to the subway station in 3 minutes, and direct access to Yuanrong Times Square, Jinji Lake Scenic Area, Oriental Gate, Guanqian Street and other tourist attractions.
Restaurants within a 10-minute walk: Modern Media Plaza
Traffic introduction:
Eslite Bookstore, Yuanrong Times Square, Ferris Wheel Park: Subway Line 1, only 2 Stations to get to Times Square, Exit 1
Jinji Lake, Expo Center, Suzhou Culture and Art Center, Moonlight Pier: Metro Line 1, 3 Stations to reach
Suzhou Center: Metro Station Line 1, 4 stations to get to the Gate 6 of Dongfangzhimen Station
Suzhou University, Pingjiang Road: Subway Line 1, Xiangmen Station
Zhuozheng Garden, Suzhou Museum, Lion Grove: only 9 stations of Metro Line 1 to Linton Road, 1.6km from the scenic spot
Guanqian Street: Subway Line 1, 10 stations to Leqiao Station
Tiger Hill: Subway Line 1 → Line 4 Sujin Station, 2.6km from the scenic spot
Take the line 1 to get to Suzhou Railway Station
[Security and service]
The apartment provides the 24-hour security service and clean service, equipped with access control card, and you can take high-speed elevator to the designated floor.
Can be paid one by one to ease your financial pressure, monthly leasing available;
Water fee: 4.38 yuan / ton, electricity fee: 0.8 yuan / kwh, gas fee: 3.72 yuan / m³, and the rent includes management property fee and internet fee.

●University:科普教育基地,瑞思学科英语,Suzhou Industrial Park Old-age University,唯亭镇社区教育中心,苏州市文联业余艺术学校工业园区分校,江苏省文学艺术界联合会书画考级培训基地,湖东教师发展学校,苏州市网上家长学校实验基地,连云港师范高等专科学校毕业生就业基地,江苏省铜合金材料工程技术研究中心,苏州工业园区科普教育基地,西安建筑科技大学教师实践基地,苏州三星家电研发中心,苏州工业园区娄葑镇莲香社区学校,苏州工业园区第七中学社会实践活动基地,苏州大学创就业实训基地,娄葑镇莲花三社区居委会校外教育辅导站,苏州市职业大学实训基地,苏州大学应用技术学院教学实习基地
●Police:Hudong Police Station,Kuatang Police Station,Suzhou Public Security Bureau Suzhou Industrial Park Bureau,Xingtang Street Station Police Station,Xietang Police Station,外来人员登记服务站,莲香社区警务室,苏州工业园区公安分局斜塘派出所荷韵社区警务室,莲花新村第三社区警务室,工业园区跨塘派出所跨南巡区中心警务室,张泾社区警务室苏州工业园区公安分局跨塘派出所,苏州市工业园区斜塘派出所民警值班室,跨塘派出所联防队民警值班室,苏州市公安局苏州工业园区分局跨塘派出所,Gaobang Community Police Affairs Office,苏州工业园区公安分局跨塘派出所青剑湖二社区警务室,跨塘派出所启园新村社区警务室,Suzhou Industrial Park Sub-bureau of Public Security Teqin Brigade,苏州工业园区公安分局斜塘派出所莲花四社区警务室
●Local_government_office:Suzhou Public Security Bureau Patrol Police Detachment Kuatang Lochus
●Cafe:Starbucks Coffee,Starbucks Coffee,一茶一坐时代广场店,Starbucks Coffee,星巴克,Dio Coffee,Xinghu Coffee Shop,都可茶饮(NO.212),COSTA COFFEE,CoCo都可茶饮,星巴克,Milo Cafe,爱茜茜里,Jamaicablue,Dio Coffee,New Island Coffee,Dio Coffee,Coco都可茶饮(NO.287),Starbucks Coffee,New Island Coffee,Starbucks Coffee,Starbucks Coffee,一茶一坐时代广场店,Starbucks Coffee
●Hospital:美尔雅口腔诊所,上海交通大学医学院苏州九龙医院,苏州工业园区娄葑医院,Soochow University Affiliated Children's Hospital Park General Hospital,海鲨口腔诊所,Likang Medical Treatment,Parkway Health,Xietang Community Health Service Center,九龙医院-儿科门诊,九龙医院-妇产科门诊,九龙医院-肠道门诊,九龙医院-呼吸道门诊,九龙医院-感染性疾病门诊,湖东社区卫生服务站,Suzhou Industrial Park Fangzhou Community Health Service Station,Dongshahu Community Health Service Centre,Linglongwan Community Health Service Station,娄葑医院斜塘分院,Loufeng Community Health Service Station,苏州东湖门诊部
●Pharmacy:Li'an Medicine,Li'an Medicine
●Store:三星电子正门,Suning,亮视点苏州时代广场,邻里中心湖东店,THOMAS SABO,OMEGA
●Electronics_store:Kecheng Technology
●Car_dealer:Suzhou Jiuhe Automobile Service Co.,Ltd.
●Bank:Agricultural Bank of China,建设银行园区营业部,中国工商银行苏州工业园区支行东湖大郡分理处,ICBC,中国工商银行苏州工业园区支行唯亭分理处,Industrial Bank,中国建设银行苏州工业园区支行,Bank of China,中国邮政储蓄银行苏州市分行营业部,东亚银行苏州分行,中国建设银行苏州斜塘支行,中国银行旺墩支行,中信银行园区支行,中国建设银行苏州玲珑湾支行,中行新街口支行,Bank of Communications,China Construction Bank,农行新城支行,Bank of Jiangsu,南京银行
●Lodging:InterContinental Suzhou,Ibis Suzhou Sip,Modena Jinjihu Suzhou,Mercure Suzhou Park Hotel & Suites,Regalia Resort & SPA,玲珑·邻里假日酒店,Crowne Plaza Suzhou,Jinji Lake Shilla Hotel,Genting Star,Days Hotel Suzhou,Harbour City Restaurant
●Point_of_interest:Huning Line,Neighbourhood Center Linglong Mansion,Meitaile Technology (Suzhou) Limited Company,Hyatt Regency Suzhou,Mingren Golf Club,Subway Line 1,Yiyuan Apartment
●Restaurant:Zhuhongxing,Jinhaihua Exotic Specialty Restaurant,Aks,TASTY西堤牛排,哈根达斯,Zhuhongxing Noodle Restaurant,番茄主义,Mary's,McDonald's,Zhuhongxing Noodle Restaurant,够鲜工坊,Lanhai Singapore Da Seafood,InterContinental Suzhou Hotel Chinese Food Restaurant,食其家,苏浙汇,新梅华四季厨房,食之秘,长发西饼,萨莉亚
●Park:Shahu Ecological Park (North Gate),Baitang Ecological Arboretum (West Gate),Jinji Lake Wind Park,Baitang Ecological Botanical Garden (Northeast Gate),Fangzhou Park,Zhongtang Park,Jinjihu Park,Jinji Lake Scenic Area (North Gate),Lotus Park,Shahu Ecological Park,Wusong Jianglv,沙湖生态公园停车场,Jinji Lake Scenic Area (South Gate),Feicuihu Ecological Park,Baitang Ecological Arboretum,Jinjihu Park,Zhongtang Park,Modern Leisure Square,Park,Lotus Park

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