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香港中西区坚尼地城青莲台11号翠荷苑洋楼屋苑二室一厅, Hong Kong


Hong Kong, 坚尼地城, Hong Kong, Hong Kong 999077

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Property ID: R01617337
香港中西区坚尼地城青莲台11号翠荷苑洋楼屋苑二室一厅 0
香港中西区坚尼地城青莲台11号翠荷苑洋楼屋苑二室一厅 1
香港中西区坚尼地城青莲台11号翠荷苑洋楼屋苑二室一厅 2
香港中西区坚尼地城青莲台11号翠荷苑洋楼屋苑二室一厅 3
香港中西区坚尼地城青莲台11号翠荷苑洋楼屋苑二室一厅 4
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Basic Info

I have lived here for a whole year after my study at the university of hong kong. I feel really great. the main difference from the street building is: quiet and no traffic noise; Safe, located in Qingliantai, in the same place as the apartment of Hong Kong university students, with combination locks in and out, and managers on duty downstairs. The transportation is convenient, and it is very close to the campus and living area of HKU, down the steps to downtown Kennedy Town. Here are the details:

It is located next to the student apartment of Qinglian Tai in the dormitory of Hong Kong University. It is very close to the school. It takes five minutes to walk to the school. The environment is very beautiful and the fragrance of birds and flowers is very quiet.

The house is located on the 8th floor (11th floor in total). It is not sunny in summer and not so humid in spring. It is quiet and has a view.

Roommate is a quiet and beautiful sister, regular work and rest, love clean love health, gentle and lovely

The whole building is pink, with the student apartment on the left and the Luban Temple on the right. There is a relatively spacious open space downstairs. There are many ancient and famous trees on the open space. Standing downstairs, you can overlook a part of the sea view of Kennedy land.

The traffic is especially convenient (the traffic is so convenient that there is really no one left because of the traffic on the road). The right side goes up the mountain to HKU, and the right side goes down the mountain to the prosperous Belvedere Street. The right side of Huikang Supermarket is 7-11 on the left. Opposite is Baijia. There are many delicious foods. The favorite Gaosheng Tea Restaurant, Thai food and barbecue are all concentrated here.

The decoration in the room is very English, platinum color, there is a super large living room, the living room has a large double table and a super large sofa, no one can live

Kitchen and bathroom space is also very spacious, the focus is clean and tidy and relatively new, with refrigerators and washing machines, as well as microwave ovens.

There is a wireless network and a TV

The bedroom is small and exquisite, very suitable for girls, a single bed, with suspended solid wood cabinets, can hold a lot of things, mosquito nets have been installed, free of charge. IKEA's tables and chairs focus on super-large wardrobes with sliding double doors, and they look very beautiful. They also have super-large windows and air conditioners.

In a word, everything is perfect. There is an amiable uncle on duty downstairs, which is safe and reliable.

The rent is 8000 per month, two for one, and the landlord will sign a contract directly. The rent will start from mid-to-late May to mid-June. The details can be negotiated.

Interested please contact WeChat Anny_moon_smile
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