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Church Park, Boston

4.8 (5 reviews)


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221 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts(MA) 02115

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Property ID: S00140258
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Basic Info

Elevator Gym 24 hours security Pets allowed Parcels collect

509 Total Units

Highest Floor 11

Built in 1973 · Renovated in 2008

【Apartment Information】
Church park is located in the fenway area and is a high-end apartment near the Berkeley Conservatory of Music and Northeastern University. The apartment is designed with ‘elegance’ and ‘modern’ as the main design style, combining casual elegance with modern details. Due to its modern design style and excellent location, the apartment is sought after by students from various universities nearby.
Church park has a total of 508 rooms, providing students with three types of rooms, studio, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Each room type is equipped with central air-conditioning, kitchen, living room, and each bedroom has a wardrobe, which is very private. The kitchen is designed with a marble table top and is equipped with a microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, and oven. There are public washing machines and dryers on the top floor, which are cleaned regularly. The apartment is equipped with a gym and a yoga room. The overall design style is young and sunny, and the floor-to-ceiling windows make the overall space more spacious and bright.

10 minutes walk to NEU
6 minutes walk to Berkeley Conservatory of Music
18 minutes walk to BU
13 minutes by bus to BU
12 minutes by subway to BU
1 minute walk to Whole Foods Market
4 minutes walk to College Convenience, an Asian supermarket
4 minutes walk to convenience store Hemenway Variety
6 minutes walk to Prudential Center
4 minutes walk to the Massachusetts Avenue Orange Line subway station
6 minutes walk to the green line subway station
[Inside the apartment]
The kitchen is equipped with granite countertops, refrigerator, ice machine, stove, microwave, dishwasher, oven, the room is equipped with walk-in closet, automatic sprinkler system, wooden floor, bathroom with toilet, bathtub and shower, some units are equipped Meeting Facilities.
【public Utilities】
Gym (200/year per household), laundry room, elevator, concierge service, roof terrace, access control system, garbage disposal, parcel collection service, resident caretaker, visitor room, pet bath room, electric car charging station, car washing area.

5 reviews

Amazing area · 4
Great customer service · 3
Amazing facilities · 1
Super-fast internet · 1



18 Aug 2022 14:40:22

Very patient, every problem can be solved quickly.
Very patient, every problem can be solved quickly.



08 Mar 2022 11:25:18

It is very close to the school, it is safe to have the front desk and double entrance guard.
It is very close to the school, it is safe to have the front desk and double entrance guard.
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House Rules

Cancellation Policy


No refunds for cancellations. If you can't move in after signing the contract, find a subtenant or fulfill the contract as agreed. Specific policy determined by the apartment management.
Application Policy

Required Documents

Offer Sample

I-20 or DS2019 Sample

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Pets Policy

Pet allowed

Church Park FAQs

What facilities does the suite have?

The kitchen is equipped with granite countertops, refrigerators, ice machines, stoves, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and ovens. The rooms are equipped with walk-in closets, automatic sprinkler systems, wooden floors, and the bathrooms are equipped with toilets, bathtubs, and showers. Some units are equipped Meeting Facilities.

Is there matching furniture?

Apartments in Boston are unfurnished, with basic wardrobes, central air conditioning, refrigerators, ice machines, stoves, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and ovens in the suites.

Are pets allowed in the apartment?

Yes, both cats and dogs are allowed, $250/year for cats/Year (maximum two) or $500/year for dogs (maximum one, weight limit 60lbs)

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Student Accommodation in Boston

What do the utility bills cover when renting an apartment in Boston?

Utility refers to the water, electricity, heating, garbage and wastewater treatment fees, security fees, Internet and cable TV fees and other miscellaneous expenses that the tenant spends every month. Some landlords will include all these costs in the rent and require tenants to pay them together.

When renting a house in Boston, can I cancel the lease at any time after signing the lease?

You may not. Generally speaking, the lease will take effect immediately after it is signed, and neither party can terminate the lease in advance. According to the relevant laws of the United States, if the tenant has signed a long-term lease, he/she shall bear the rent for the entire lease term. Even if he/she is forced to move out, the landlord still has the right to require the tenant to pay all the rent.

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Can I go to Boston and see the house before deciding to sign?

Try not to. It is best to move in directly after arriving in the United States. Then, the closer the school starts, the higher the rent, and there is no good housing left around the school. Therefore, students, please decide the time you sign according to your actual situation.