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Available to: Anyone

Management: Centralized Management

Property Management Company: Management Company

Facilities: Should include: Full range of facilities

Security: Should include: CCTV, security and key cards

Legacy at Powelton Village



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Property ID: S00203589

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From US$800/ Month


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Rent included Utilities

10 min to DREXEL U, 14 min to Upenn

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3608 - 12 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(PA) 19104View on Map

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Total49 beds

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Immaculately restored, fully furnished student housing located steps away from campus. This ideal address offers community, safety, convenience and an invaluable total immersion experience of University City.

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1B indicates a one bedroom apartment. The bedroom, kitchen and living room are all separate rooms. The apartment is private.

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Full Rent·1 Bed 1 Bath


Move in from: 2020-08-15 Start rent

Move in Requirements: At least 12 Month signed

1 Bathroom

1 Bedroom

Fixed Lease 12 Month

Move in: 2020-08-15 (Flexible)

Move out:

US$1,315/ Month/Set

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3B indicates a 3 bedroom apartment. Although you can rent individual rooms, there is usually only one contract, so you need to coordinate contract signing and rent payments with your roommate. 3 bedroom apartments usually have two bathrooms, but may have just one.

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Full Rent·3 Bed 2 Bath


Move in from: Start rent

Move in Requirements: At least 12 Month signed


2 Bathroom

3 Bedroom

Fixed Lease 12 Month

Move in: Flexible (Flexible)

Move out:

US$800/ Month/Set

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Facilities & Service


Common space Wi-Fi ()


Study Area ()

BBQ area ()







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Water ()

Wifi ()

Tips: Reference only, read your contract carefully to see what is included

Booking notice

Refund Policy

If you are in violation of this Lease Agreement, we can, without demand or notice (other than as provided in this paragraph) in addition to other remedies as allowed by law: a.Collect any fine imposed by the Community Policies or Lease Addendum; b.Sue to collect past due Rent and any other damages we have incurred because of your violating the Lease Agreement; c.Terminate your right to occupy the Premises, institute an action for eviction, but not terminate the Lease Agreement or end your monetary obligation for the Premises by giving you written notice providing 24 hours for you to leave; d.Sue to collect all unpaid Rent and other sums which would become due until the Expiration Date of the Lease Agreement or until another person takes occupancy (and then, we can still recover from you the difference between the Rent you were supposed to pay and the rent actually paid by the new resident together with the reletting charge of 85% of one month’s rent. e.Terminate the Lease Agreement and your right to occupy the Premises and institute an action for eviction, by giving you written notice and providing 24 hours for you to leave;f. Report all violations to credit reporting agencies; Do any combination of a, b, c, d, e, or f.however, if the default solely relates to your failure to move in, we will return prepaid Rent and the Security Deposit if a replacement resident acceptable to us takes occupancy on the Lease Commencement;however, we will retain an amount of one month’s Rent as a lease cancellation fee. All unpaid amounts will bear interest at 18%per year from the date originally due through the date of payment. In the event of a default by Resident, Landlord shall be entitled to all of its legal fees, court costs, deposition fees, and expert witness fees. Where permitted to by law, Resident expressly waives any right to recover legal fees against Landlord whether such fees may be awarded pursuant to contract or statute.


Is the unit furnished?

Yes, all apartments at The Avenue include a furniture package including a full-size bed, dresser, desk and chair in each bedroom, a leather-style or microsuede sofa and lounge chair, coffee table and entertainment stand with flat-panel HDTV in each living room, plus a dining set or counter stools.

what's the difference between studio and 1b1b unit ?

Studio is similar to 1B1B, and the studio is cheaper. The defining difference between a studio and 1-bedroom apartment is that a 1-bedroom features a separate bedroom area that is distinct and closed off from the living room and kitchen area. 1B1B is a standard unit with one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom.

My lease term is less than one year (11.5 months). Why should I pay 12 times rents?

The student apartment is actually charged according to your actual rental period (for example, 11.5 months), and then for the convenience of calculation and management, it is directly divided into 12 parts and charged monthly. In this case, whether it is an apartment lease or website description, it is generally not called "rent", but "12 month installment". For the convenience of management, the apartment required all residents pay monthly rent on the 1st day of each month or in advance. "Late fee" may be incurred after the time specified in the apartment. For details, please refer to the relevant clauses of the contract.

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