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Perth – The University of Western Australia: Rental Tips

As a student preparing to study at the University of Western Australia in Perth, renting an apartment is an important issue for us. After all, as we are starting our study abroad career in a strange city, it is especially important for us to find a comfortable, convenient and affordable place to live. The neighbourhood of The University of Western Australia is a very good area to live in, and the following will share some tips and precautions for renting an apartment, which we hope can help you.

Understand the Perth Rental Market

International students need to know the local rental market to rent an apartment in Perth. You can get rental information through Perth rental websites and other channels, and you can also consult local rental agents or campus dormitories to get more rental information.

Consider Your Needs and Budget

International students can choose to rent an apartment according to their needs and budget as there are more universities in Perth, as well as different flats and independent houses in the surrounding areas. International students should consider the price of renting an apartment, public transport in the neighbourhood, shopping and other amenities.

Choose a Suitable Rental Area

When choosing a rental area around Perth University, international students can consider places that are close to the university, such as those that can be reached by walking or transport within half an hour. 

Contact the Landlord or Agent

After choosing a suitable area, international students need to contact the landlord or agent to make an appointment to see the apartment and sign a rental agreement. When signing the rental agreement with the landlord or agent, international students need to read the content of the contract carefully, such as the rental period, the price, and the withdrawal regulations.

Prepare necessary Rental Materials

When signing the contract, international students need to provide some necessary documents to the landlord or agent, such as an ID card, passport, visa and other documents. Some rental companies will also require international students to submit a guarantee for renting an apartment.

Pay attention to Issues Related to Renting an Apartment

In the process of renting an apartment, international students can also pay attention to local topics related to renting an apartment, such as rental subsidy policy, special price reduction for renting an apartment, etc., to get some preferential information in time.

Recommended Rentals Around The University of Western Australia

Perth Central

Welcome to Perth Central Student Home

Perth accommodation

Designed with students in mind, our unique accommodation provides comfort, convenience, and a vibrant community atmosphere that will make your university experience truly unforgettable. 

Surprising Rooftop Terrace with Stunning City Views

Unwind after a long day of lectures and assignments and soak in the picturesque Perth skyline from our breathtaking rooftop terrace. With comfortable seating and incredible panoramic views, this little urban oasis is the perfect place to relax, socialise with new friends, and watch the sunset every evening while you enjoy your downtime. 

Friendly 24/7 Onsite Support Staff

Here at Perth Central Student Home, we understand the importance of having a supportive community around you at all times. That’s why our friendly, professional onsite support staff are available 24/7 to assist with anything you need, whether it’s a maintenance request, a friendly chat, or guidance around the area. 

Walking Distance to Top Universities

Forget long commutes in the early morning! Perth Central Student Home is strategically located within walking distance of the city’s top universities and educational institutions. That means you can say goodbye to the stress of getting to class on time and hello to a leisurely stroll through the vibrant streets of Perth! 

 Perth City

Perth accommodation

Modern Amenities for a Seamless Experience 

At Perth City Student Living, we are committed to offering you the perfect blend of style, comfort, and technology. We feature:

Luxurious, fully-furnished private and shared rooms: Complete with comfortable bedding, desk, and ample storage space to create your dream hideaway.

High-speed Wi-Fi: Stay connected and ace those assignments without any hiccups.

State-of-the-art common spaces: Lounge, games room, study spaces, and a breathtaking rooftop terrace to unwind, socialize or focus.

Professional-grade kitchen: With smart Stainless-steel appliances and ample space to unleash your inner chef and share meals with friends.

Cutting-edge security systems: 24/7 security and on-site management, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Eco-friendly features: Energy-efficient lighting and appliances to minimize our carbon footprint.

Unbelievable Prices and Discounts: Budget-Friendly Living! 

What sets Perth City Student Living apart from the other student accommodations in Perth City is our mind-blowing price range! We are proud to offer various discounts, including early-bird offers and group bookings, to help you secure the best possible living experience without breaking the bank.

Ideal Location Surrounded by Stunning Campus Scenery 

Perth City Student Living is strategically located within walking distance of the most popular university campuses, making it the perfect choice for students interested in their studies. Easy access to public transport will let you explore the city’s fabulous attractions and immerse yourself in Perth’s vibrant culture.

Campus Perth

Perth flat

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary student living experience? At Campus Perth Student Accommodation, we have redefined what it means to combine style, comfort, and convenience for today’s modern students. 

Location, Location, Location: Forget long commutes and miss out on all the action! Our fantastic Campus Perth residence is ideally situated within walking distance of major universities and city attractions. From here, you can easily fuel your mind with knowledge or satisfy your wanderlust and experience the vibrant Perth culture.

Shared Rooms for Lasting Connections: Making new friends has never been easier, thanks to our well-designed shared rooms. While you’ll have your own personal space, you can also connect with like-minded students from diverse backgrounds, creating an unforgettable living experience and a strong network for the future!

Amenities and Services that You Deserve: At Campus Perth, your safety and comfort are paramount. Our 24-hour security service ensures a secure living environment to keep you worry-free. Plus, a variety of top-notch amenities unfold before your eyes, curated to meet every need.

Spacious Coworking Spaces to Bring Out the Genius in You: Are you tired of overcrowded libraries or noisy cafés? Say no more! Our Campus Perth residence is your ultimate game-changer. Boasting spacious coworking spaces, you can easily focus on your studies, collaborate with peers, or brainstorm for your next big project with ultimate ease. It’s time to ignite your creativity and witness your academic achievements soar to new heights!

Unmatched Lifestyle & Convenience: Campus Perth’s sparkling spirit extends through its communal spaces, tailored to deliver an unmatched lifestyle. Enjoy a de-stressing workout at our gym, a light-hearted movie night in our entertaining room, or indulge in delicious meals at our dining area. It’s all about creating unforgettable memories while you’re with us!


Finding the right accommodation near The University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth can significantly enhance your student experience. There are various options available, from on-campus housing to private rentals and shared accommodation.

When searching for a rental property, consider factors like proximity to the university, access to public transportation, cost, and the surrounding neighbourhood. Renting a room in a private home with utilities included could be an affordable choice, with prices typically ranging from $130-$180 per week.

Finally, renting to students can be beneficial for landlords as well. Perth, being home to several universities, has a steady demand for student accommodation.


Focus on the proximity to UWA, access to public transport, safety of the neighborhood, cost of rent, and the condition of the property. These factors are key to ensuring you have a comfortable and convenient living experience during your time at UWA.

Start by exploring various student accommodation websites and local listings. Consider sharing an apartment or house to split costs. On-campus accommodation can also be a cost-effective option.

Enquire about the terms of the lease, payment schedules, and maintenance responsibilities. Don’t forget to ask about utility costs, internet availability, and any restrictions that may apply to the property.

  1. Renting through an agent may provide more support and protection during your tenancy. However, renting directly from a landlord could potentially save you money on agency fees.
  2. What should I do if I encounter issues with my rental property near UWA? Report any issues to your landlord or property manager immediately. They’re typically responsible for addressing maintenance and repair issues.

While not always mandatory, renters insurance is highly recommended. It covers your belongings in case of damage or theft, and can also provide liability coverage.

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