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Secure Your Room At West View And West Village Glasgow Student Accommodation 2024!

In heavy news, the hottest student accommodation in Glasgow this year, with West View and West Village, is opening for 2024 bookings today! Even more rare is that both flats support January move-in, so students starting their studies in winter can also consider it. If you’re considering renewing your lease, don’t hesitate to click the book links. And for new students, don’t worry; uhomes will offer 400 exclusive rooms on the 5th of December. Don’t miss it out!

West View, Glasgow

2 Beith Court, Glasgow, Scotland G11 6EH
From £240/week

Review: 4.9

West View is a high-end student accommodation in Glasgow, ideal for students from all walks of life. The student flats are close to the University of Glasgow, a 10-minute walk away, and the Partick train station is also close by, making it easy to commute to work. In addition to its convenient location, West View Student Apartments prides itself on its robust security features, including a CCTV system that is always on to ensure the safety of its residents. There are 310 En-suite and Studio rooms available to cater to the different needs of students. The flats are also in an excellent location, close to a variety of well-known UK supermarket chains and well-regarded restaurants, making them an ideal choice for students.

Room Tour Video

Rooms & Amenities

  • University of Glasgow: 10 minutes walk
  • University of Strathclyde: 15 minutes by train
  • Glasgow Caledonian University: 13 minutes walk
  • City of Glasgow College: 21 minutes by train
  • Partick Train Station: 4 minutes on foot
west view student accommodation glasgow

West Village, Glasgow

Beith Street, Glasgow, Scotland G11 6PS
From £175/week

Review: 4.7

West Village is one of the most popular student accommodation in Glasgow. The flats are conveniently located so that you can walk to Glasgow International College and the University of Glasgow within minutes. With a number of supermarkets and restaurants just downstairs, West Village offers both En-suite and Studio rooms to suit a wide range of students. All rooms are fully furnished and equipped with all amenities so students can quickly settle into their new surroundings.

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Rooms & Amenities

  • University of Glasgow: 8 minutes walk
  • University of Strathclyde: 20 minutes by subway
  • Glasgow Caledonian University: 24 minutes on subway
  • City of Glasgow College: 22 minutes by train
  • Partick Train Station: 8 minutes on foot

If you’re looking for student accommodation in Glasgow, uhomes guarantees you the best deals on accommodation options. With uhomes special offers, you can take advantage of a variety of cashback deals and accommodation packages. In addition to the various special offers, our website will also provide you with detailed information about student accommodation, its location and facilities. Some of the properties even offer VR viewings and Room Tour video services, so you can get all the details of your room without leaving your home. Here, you will experience the most comprehensive service available.


We recommend true Glasgow, Fountainbridge, West Village, Westfield and West View, which are well-regarded accommodatino in Glasgow and offer a wide range of room types and communal facilities. The flats are ideally located for quick access to universities and train stations. An excellent choice for students studying and living in Glasgow.

As we mentioned in the blog, students are advised to pay attention to price, location, security, council tax and bill when renting an apartment. Each student’s room type and budget choice will also affect the final choice. It’s also a good idea for students to check their college’s location in advance to ensure they choose the right place.

All student accommodation will have numerous communal facilities such as study rooms, lounge, laundry and reception. Some flats may offer a gym, games room, karaoke room, courtyard and sports field. Please see our flats page for more details.

If you are interested in Glasgow or other city’s accommodation. Please check following blogs!

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