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United Kingdom

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Student Housing in United Kingdom

About The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, divided into four parts - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Irelandwhich, is situated in the British Isles in the northwest of the European continent and has London as its capital. The education sector here has evolved over thousands of years and is extremely well developed.More than 155,000 international students chose the UK as a study destination during the epidemic, and as enthusiasm for staying in the UK climbs, UCAS predicts that 1 million people will apply to UK universities by 2026, an increase of around 27% on 2021.


Finding high-quality student accommodation in the UK could be quite challenging because of the sheer number of students. uhomes provides free assistance to students in locating the best and most economical student accommodations in the UK. When you book student accommodation with uhomes, you'll be provided a booking executive. We even have 24-hour support for your convenience. All of the accommodations on the platform are completely furnished, ensuring a comfortable living environment and a stress-free university experience.


With uhomes servicing 100,000+ students globally, become a part of our ecosystem and receive the best support to help your study abroad ambition in the United Kingdom thrive. Uhomes can help you find the best student accomodation in the UK to make your study abroad experience more meaningful.


Top Cities For Student Accommodation in The UK

As well as world-class education and high-quality teaching, there's much more to love about the UK. The UK has so much to offer with an inclusive lifestyle, a rich heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and an unrivalled international cultural environment. In addition, students have access to trustworthy and affordable transport services. As a student in the UK, there are countless ways to enjoy life, learn new things, make friends and experience exciting adventures.


1. London: As the capital of England and the largest city in the UK, London's bustling streets offer a colourful life for everyone. Whether you are a history buff or a student of art, the various landmarks here will capture your attention. And London's food culture shouldn't be underestimated. London offers multiple food and dining experiences, from street food markets to Michelin-starred restaurants. As the central city of the United Kingdom, London is connected to other critical surrounding locations, including Reading, Oxford, and Southampton.

2. Edinburgh: Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, United Kingdom, and is located on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth in the central lowlands of Scotland. Edinburgh has a long history, and its historic buildings are well-preserved. Edinburgh is also home to one of the oldest universities in the UK, the University of Edinburgh, which remains one of the world's leading universities. With cultural events like the Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh is the second most visited city after London.

3. Cardiff: Cardiff is the capital of Wales and is located on the north shore of Bristol Bay. Cardiff is the largest city in Wales, with modern streets and buildings, old-fashioned streets and ancient churches coexisting in the city. Cardiff is also a renowned city of learning and is home to Cardiff University, where over 10,000 international students come to study each year.

4. Belfast: Located on the northeast coast of the island of Ireland, Belfast is the largest seaport in the Northern Ireland region of the United Kingdom and the capital of Northern Ireland. It is worth noting that, unlike other metropolitan areas in the UK, Belfast does not have a separate borough but lies between County Antrim and County Down.

5. Durham: Durham is a historical city in the North East of England, renowned for its beautiful architecture, rich cultural heritage and world-class universities. With its excellent academic institutions and vibrant student life, Durham is popular with students worldwide. It is famous for students seeking a unique and rewarding university experience.

6. Nottingham: Nottingham is one of the oldest cities in the UK, with many legendary stories. Nottingham is also known as a university town, with institutions of higher learning such as the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University adding to the city's cultural flavour.


Best Universities In The UK

As we all know, the UK has many top universities that are well-known in the world. These universities are not only the best in educating students but are also close behind in all kinds of highly sophisticated research worldwide. In addition to this, they also organise various events on campus, including sports tournaments, concerts, cultural festivals and more. Students can take advantage of these opportunities to learn about the diverse cultures of the UK. When students have completed their studies, these universities also help you find the job of your choice, so your life in the UK is smooth sailing. If you are looking for student accommodation near these renowned universities, visit our website!


Some of the best universities in the UK:


University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

Imperial College London


The University of Edinburgh

The University of Manchester


Recommended Student Accommodation in the UK

There is a wide range of student accommodation in the UK, but whatever your requirements, uhomes can find you the perfect room. Cheap, luxury, brand new and fully equipped, our platform has it all.


Here are some of our popular student flats in the UK:

Vega: Vega is London's brand new student accommodation, a modern 37-storey building with stylish and sophisticated furnishings.Vega student flats are located in the heart of London, facing north-east and surrounded by a wide range of amenities. Inside, the community amenities are impressive, including a rooftop terrace, cinema, games room and gym, providing a vibrant living experience.


Duresme Court: Duresme Court is a brand new luxury student accommodation in Durham, offering students different types of bathrooms and separate kitchens to suit their different needs.Conveniently located close to several top universities, Duresme Court is a renowned flat in the area. While living at Duresme Court, students can explore the vibrant city for recreational activities and weekend events.


Vita Student Station Street: Located in the heart of Nottingham, Vita Student Station Street student accommodation perfectly blends luxury and functionality to give you an unparalleled living experience. It's perfectly positioned, nestled within Nottingham's vibrant cityscape, with a wealth of leisure and entertainment options on your doorstep.


Transportation In The UK

When looking for student accommodation in the UK, the living environment of the flat itself is not the only thing that counts; transport is also an essential factor. Having quick access to universities and amenities will help students focus better on their studies. The UK has one of the most advanced transport networks in the world, with a wide range of transport options available.


Trains: The UK's excellent rail system ensures that almost all cities, towns and villages are connected by rail. If you travel by train, you can travel from London to Manchester in less than 3 hours. In addition, the UK has a railcard tailored to different age groups, with discounts for all!


Underground: Major UK cities such as London, Glasgow and Liverpool have underground railway systems. Students who regularly need to travel on the Underground can get an 'Oyster Card', which offers discounts when tied to a student card.


Bus: Bus services are available in most areas of the UK. Details will vary from city to city, but most offer a variety of tickets to help students save money.


Tourist Attractions In The UK

As one of the world's culturally and historically rich countries, the UK retains a large number of attractions and monuments worth visiting. Famous attractions in the UK include:

The British Museum

Greenwich Observatory

Buckingham Palace

Edinburgh Castle

River Thames

St Paul's Cathedral


Hyde Park

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