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15 Queen St S, Hamilton


15 Queen St S, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 3R4

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Property ID: S01522114
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Near school bus Gym 24 hours security Brand new

292 Beds

Highest Floor 24

Built in 2021

The Neighbourhood
Those who call this condo home never have to travel far for dining out, as Lou Dawg's Southern BBQ Hamilton, Smoke’s Poutinerie and Twist Burger Bar are all within 1 minute walking distance from 15 Queen St S. If you enjoy grabbing coffee locally, then you’ll love the fact that you can walk less than 9 minutes to get to Ark + Anchor Espresso Bar, Tim Hortons and McQueen's Banh Mi Viet.

There are a number of grocery stores within a short drive, including B & T Food, Goodness Me! Natural Food Market and Rama Tropical Food.

Planning for your future is easy with RBC Royal Bank and National Bank in the area.

Getting some fresh air is a breeze when you live at 15 Queen St S because excellent green spaces like Gary Hill Memorial Park, Yardener and Victoria Park are walkable in under 13 minutes.

Like to shop? Everything you need is close by when you live at 15 Queen St S, including Main Hess Mall, Jackson Square and Hamilton City Centre which are only 17 away.

If you’re tired of the usual neighbourhood attractions, then perhaps having Circa, Beckett Fine Art and Textures Craftworks less than a 2-minute drive away will give you a lift.

There are plenty of nearby school choices — Dr. J.E. Davey Elementary School and St. Lawrence Catholic Elementary School — with more in neighbouring areas so you can find the best school for your child’s needs.

Those who call Platinum Condos home are a quick 4-minute drive from some of the best medical care in the city at Locke Street Medical Clinic, Dundurn Medical Centre Inc. - Hamilton and Trillium Place.


House Rules

Cancellation Policy


No refunds for cancellations. If you can't move in after signing the contract, find a subtenant or fulfill the contract as agreed. Specific policy determined by the apartment management.

15 Queen St S FAQs

what is a condo

Strata condominium units or building units. Each unit owner owns his own unit, but shares common land and shared facilities with other unit owners, such as foyer, garden, etc. Just like in China, the owner pays the management fee to the building management office every month, which is used for the maintenance and maintenance of common public facilities (including grass cutting and snow removal in public areas), and some management fees also include water, electricity, etc. of the unit. Many Condos have gyms, saunas and swimming pools for common use by the owners, and the fees are included in the management fee.

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condo advantage

1. Geographical advantages Condo must be located in a relatively densely populated area. Therefore, its surrounding supporting facilities (such as restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment venues) and transportation environment (such as bus stations, subway stations) will definitely be better than most House and apartment are abundant. 2. The property management has its own security guards. From the perspective of security, there are 24-hour security guards in the Condo building, which must have a certain effect and deterrent effect. 3. The facilities in the building are complete. The apartment buildings are basically equipped with gymnasiums, swimming pools, meeting rooms and other facilities. Many condos also have BBQ barbecue areas, party rooms, chess and card rooms, billiard rooms, small theaters, surf pools, sauna rooms, etc. and other rich recreational facilities.

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What are the advantages of renting a condo from us?

1. The team gathers online and offline needs, accurately matches the housing resources, serves as a bridge for communication and prepares documents, so that the rights of both parties are fully protected 2. Consultants organize materials one-on-one and guide offers 3. Assist in renting, you can Use the APP to pay the deposit and rent, which is convenient and worry-free. 3. Provide IKEA furniture purchase and installation services or Chinese furniture dealers. 4. Special personnel are responsible for water, electricity, tenant insurance, etc., and the reservation can be completed on WeChat, saving time and worry.

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Student Accommodation in Hamilton

What are the factors to consider before renting an apartment in Hamilton?

Before renting an apartment, you should first understand your accommodation needs, including the area you are renting, the distance and time to and from school, the budget cost, and whether you are sharing an apartment. After deciding on your needs, it is recommended that students spend some time researching the security situation in the area they have chosen. You can visit the relevant local websites to check the safety factor of the area, and if it is an area with a high crime rate, it is best not to choose to live there. When looking at properties, pay attention to the availability of amenities around the community, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, banks, etc.. You should also pay attention to what living goods are provided by the landlord, whether they can meet your daily needs, and what additional things you need to buy. If you plan to find a roommate to share a room, you must discuss these issues with your roommate in advance to avoid conflicts in the future.

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What are the start and end times for Hamilton student housing?

Most student apartments have specific move-in and move-out times, mostly 3-5 days before the start of the school year. Some apartments offer flexible check-in times during the summer, or early check-in for some rooms. Check-out dates are usually May 31, July 31, August 31 of the following year.

When should I start looking for student housing in Hamilton?

Start in January, and if you see a suitable property during that time, just apply as soon as possible; if you don't find a suitable property, you can wait. But if it's May or June, do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less cost effective housing becomes available, and after August, the options become scarce.