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Uhomes List my Property Terms & Conditions

Uhomes List my Property Terms & Conditions

1. Disclaimer

(1) This Agreement is made up of the Agreement itself as well as other rules and regulations regarding List My Property, that have or are issued in the future.

(2) In using the uhomes platform or uhomes services, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein and within the uhomes Terms of Service and Terms & Conditions. Uhomes may amend this agreement from time to time in order to make improvements or to update it in line with new legal developments. Uhomes will announce changes in advance on the uhomes platform. If you do not agree with any amendment, delete your account information and cease using the uhomes platform immediately.

(3) In using the List my Property function on uhomes, you are making a promise that you understand and have complied with the legal and regulatory framework of the country where your property is located, that you are eligible to rent out the property and comply with all the relevant requirements to do so. You acknowledge that all legal provisions regarding the renting out of property may change from time to time, and undertake that you are up to date with the current laws and regulations. Except where outlined within these Terms, uhomes bears no liability where you have not complied with such legislation or regulation.

2. List my Property (1). Prior to listing your property, you undertake and confirm that the information you are posting is truthful and correct, including but not limited to: a) the property is owned by you exclusively or owned by you with another whose consent you have already received; b) the property is owned by a relative or close friend and you have received their consent to list the property; c) you are subletting the property and have written confirmation from the landlord to do so, and have checked and abide by local legislation on the subletting of properties.Uhomes is not liable where any of the above information is contested by any other party or where your ownership or right to let the property is contested by the local authorities.

(2). In addition to the truthfulness and legality of the information you post when listing your property, you must also provide the information uhomes requests in the format we request it

(3). After listing, you must maintain up to date images, facility, price and other information as well as the rental status of the property, in order to avoid any conflict or dispute.

(4). In addition to the above mentioned information requirements, you undertake and guarantee that the information you post to Uhomes is in no way misleading or false, is directly related to the listing and nothing else, does not contain any promotional or commercial elements, and does not encroach upon the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.

(5). You undertake and guarantee that the property and the fittings and facilities within it are fit for purpose, and have passed the necessary safety checks (and can provide the relevant safety certificates where required). Any loss or damage to any rental user or third party as a result of unsafe conditions or facilities is borne solely by you.

(6). Uhomes reserves the right to amend, edit or delete your listing at any time. Where uhomes receives a complaint or query about the veracity of information included in your listing, where the information is deemed to be unclear or may cause confusion, the post will be edited or removed. Uhomes will inform you when this is the case, but where uhomes deems it to be urgent, this will be done before you are informed. Uhomes is an online property information platform only, the rental user and List my Property user will need to sign an offline agreement to facilitate their agreement. Such agreement is therefore signed between the two users and/or any third party and Uhomes bears no liability for any loss or damage that results. 3. Termination

These terms are terminated or suspended where: False or inaccurate information is provided You cause loss or damage to a rental user Where uhomes receives a complaint from a rental user or third party Illegal information or conduct is provided or carried out Other issues are raised by the provided information

Disclaimer: Uhomes is an online property information platform, information to the platform can be uploaded by third parties. Uhomes is unable to verify or guarantee or the accuracy of all information on the platform. Some information, including errors in price or availability, may occur. Uhomes bears no liability for information included on the List my Property or related sections of the uhomes platform. 2) Uhomes does not provide refunds where the issue is due to the veracity or omission of any information provided by another user or third party or provide subsidy or assistance for any additional fees charge by a governmental or other agency, nor any loss incurred as a result of renting a property.

4. Other

By Listing your property on uhomes, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement Where uhomes deems your actions to have breached this agreement, you will receive an official warning and your listing will be taken offline These Terms are governed by the Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China.