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The privacy policy of uhomes

Welcome to uhomes!

These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between uhomes and the user, governing direct account registration and platform use as well as alternative registration and use of the uhomes service. Please read these Terms of Service carefully as they contain important information about your legal rights, obligations and restrictions. By accessing or using the uhomes platform, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms.

Throughout these Terms and in order to make them clearly identifiable to you, disclaimers and restrictions will be marked in bold text or underlined. If you do not agree with any terms contained here, you should cancel the registration process and cease using the uhomes platform immediately. Continuing to complete registration and/or use the uhomes platform indicates your acceptance of these Terms.

1. Define 1-1)The uhomes Platform, hereafter referred to as “uhomes” or “the Platform”, refers to the uhomes website (, the uhomes mobile app, the uhomes WeChat Mini Program and the uhomes web app ( managed and run by uhomes Network & Technology Co. Ltd (UK). uhomes provides property information and search services, online rental payments services and other online promotional services.

1-2)The user, hereafter “the user” or “you”, refers to a natural and legal person, social group or other social organisation with full legal rights and the capacity to register or log in to the uhomes platform. Users are divided in to two categories. Registered users refers to those users who have filled in and completed the uhomes registration process. Non-registered users refer to users who have not completed this process but use the uhomes platform without logging in. Furthermore, users are divided in to individual users or enterprise users. An enterprise user uses the platform to list their property or accommodation, or to provide individual users with access to the uhomes services related to their property. Individual users are users who search for, book and pay for accommodation on the uhomes platform.

1-3)The parties to this agreement constitute uhomes in its capacity to provide property-search related and consultation service, hereafter “uhomes”, and the user.

2. Effect

2-1) Through registration you agree to and are bound by these terms of service.

2-2) When using specific or additional services on the uhomes platform, there will be a separate and individual agreement each service. The principles, explanations and other related elements of that service are hereafter known as the “regulations”. The regulations governing these services have equal legal enforceability to this agreement. Where a service or area of the uhomes platform does not have a specific agreement, it shall be governed by these Terms. By accessing or using the uhomes platform, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree with any terms contained here, you should cancel the registration process and cease using the uhomes platform immediately. Continuing to complete registration and/or use the uhomes platform indicates your acceptance of these Terms.

3. Registration

3-1)The user confirms they are a natural or legal person, social group or other social organisation with full legal rights and the capacity to register or log in to the uhomes platform. Where the user does not have the necessary standing to enter in to this agreement, the users parent or guardian (hereafter referred to as the “guardian”) shall bear responsibility for the user. Uhomes reserves the right to cancel the account of such users, and seek compensation from the guardian.

3-2)Uhomes values the privacy and safety of minors. All minors should have the prior approval of their guardian before using the uhomes platform. The guardian should have full understanding of the risk of the internet to minors and undertake to protect the privacy and security of their information.

3-3)Upon registration, you are provided with a unique uhomes account number. The user has responsibility to protect the privacy and security of your account number, log in password, payment password (if applicable), verification number and other information specific to your account. Uhomes will not transmit or share such information, unless a relevant legal or government body has gone through the correct and valid channels to obtain it. The user undertakes never to share or divulge your unique account information to any third party. Where loss results as a consequence of the user divulging information, uhomes shall bear no responsibility for that loss.

3-4)If you discover or suspect that your account and account information is not secure, you should inform uhomes immediately and Uhomes will freeze the account. Uhomes will action this as soon as physically possible but the user acknowledges that this may not be immediate. Uhomes undertakes no liability for loss that occurs before we are able to freeze the account.

4. Transactions

Uhomes online payments services require the user to sign an electronic agreement. Signing signifies that the user is willing and able to enter in to the agreement, and acknowledges that the legal enforceability of the agreement is the equivalent to a written and signed agreement. The following rights and obligations are enshrined in the signed agreement:

4-1)Uhomes enlists the services of third party providers when making online payments (including wallet, e-contract, information verification, financial products and third party payments services). The user agrees and allows uhomes to provide the required information to the third party for them to complete this service. This includes but is not limited to personal information provided to uhomes as well as Certification Authority information, and information you have directly entered in to the uhomes platform.

4-2)The user authorises uhomes and the relevant third party to carry out verification checks on your information, except where prohibited by legal or regulatory frameworks. Uhomes retains the right to process, organise and save the information as required. Uhomes and the relevant third party can continue to provide services to your based on the above information (including but not limited to promotions and product improvement and other services). The user is liable for any loss or damage that results from false or invalid information.

4-3)The user authorises uhomes to use the provided information to set up and carry out the electronic contract and related services required for third party services. The user must provide legal and valid proof of identity or CA certificate when required by uhomes or the relevant third party. Uhomes has the right to retain this information throughout the period in which the service is being carried out, and after the termination or expiration of the agreement.

4-4)The user authorises uhomes to open an account in the name of the user with the relevant third party, to make payments as determined by the contract, and to pay uhomes a service fee as determined upon signature of the contract. Any service by uhomes that requires such a fee will be clearly indicated.

4-5)Your username and password are unique identifiers attached to your account only. You are responsible for any action taken using your username and password, including but limited to information disclosure, posting, and agreeing to any terms and conditions. Uhomes and related third parties bear no liability for actions taken by users.

4-6) Please notify uhomes as soon as possible where you suspect fraudulent or unusual account activity.

5. Rights and Obligations

1. Uhomes provides information and transactional services, but makes no guarantee as to accuracy, practical use, error, negligence or other uses of such information. Uhomes takes all necessary measures to protect the safety and security, stability and sustainability as well as the reliability of information on the uhomes platform.

2. The user acknowledges that a large amount of information on the uhomes platform is provided directly by users. Due to the large volume of such information, uhomes is unable to eliminate all and every risk associated with such user-provided information. Each user must carefully judge the legality, efficacy, and truthfulness of information on the platform in order to protect his or her own rights and interests.

3. Like other online platforms, uhomes faces issues regarding false or spurious information, network safety or failure, including but not limited to:

1) Misleading, fraudulent, insulting or derisory information posted by users;

2) Information posted that infringes upon your own or a third parties intellectual property, or that infringes upon your personal, image, right to reputation, or any other personal right;

3) Hackers, viruses, system crashes, connectivity, network quality, software flaws or other technical issues. The user understands and agrees that the above are instances out of the complete control of uhomes, and uhomes is not responsible nor liable for any personal or financial loss as a result of these circumstances.

4. The user agrees and is obligated to report any information that appears contrary to legal expectations or to the terms and conditions of this Agreement to uhomes immediately upon discovery. Where the user notices or feels that their personal or other information has been stolen or infringed upon, the user must notify uhomes immediately and must provide all or some of the following information if known:

1) The web address, ID or other information about the infringing party;

2) Evidence that you are the valid and legal owner or such rights;

3) Your personal and contact details as well as your legal name, ID number, address, phone number and email address;

4) A copy of your ID, business licence and/or other related materials;

Uhomes will delete the information or account as soon as the claim your verified. Uhomes will only accept written notice of infringement by letter, email, or fax. In case of emergency, please contact customer services directly.

5. Uhomes bears no responsibility for any loss including but not limited to financial gain, reputation, use, data where the following occurs, including but not limited to:

1) the use or inability to use the uhomes platform;

2) The actions of third parties including account access or information change;

3) Loss arising from purchases or acquisitions of services, data, information or other actions whether online or offline with a third party, or in the course of the legal relationship in dealing with a third party;

4) a user’s lack of understanding of the uhomes service;

5) loss as a result of force majeure or actions outside of the control of uhomes.

6. Users must respect the rights and obligations of third party providers when using their services. Any dispute that arises that raises questions of legality and relationship or primacy between uhomes and a third party will be resolved by uhomes and the third party.

7. The user acknowledges and accepts that uhomes will send automated - occasionally including third party - messages or other promotional materials to the user (hereafter collectively referred to as promotional materials, both for commercial and non-commercial materials).

8. Uhomes bears no liability where it is unable to or is delayed in providing the uhomes service because of: planned or unplanned platform and information maintenance, connection issues, hardware or communication errors, electrical errors, strikes or other workers disputes, political instability or disturbances, natural disasters, war, government action or judicial decisions and third party actions; or any other instances that are beyond the control of uhomes.

9. The user understands and acknowledges that he is bound by and must adhere to the terms of this Agreement, and that the user is liable for loss in any form to uhomes or a third party as a result of their violation of these terms.

10. Uhomes reserves the right to refuse service, close user accounts, review, edit or clear user posts, or cancel user bookings, within the scope permitted laws of UK.

6. Platform Use

1. Uhomes posts allow users to share any aspect of their life, in order to share with the uhomes community life as an international student. However, the following content is strictly forbidden and will be removed:

1) Content that opposes or violates the Constitution of UK;

2) Content that undermines the safety and security of UK, divulges State secrets, subverts State authority and autonomy, or undermines the Socialist system;

3) Content that promotes fission or national divide, undermines the unity of the country or causes damage to the reputation and benefit of the people;

4) incites hatred, racial discrimination, or ethnic division;

5) fabricated or misleading information, rumours, or information disturbing the state of society

6) political propaganda, content that undermines national religious policies, or content that is obscene, erotic, gambling-related, or incites hatred and aggression, terrorism or other criminal actions;

7) slanderous or libellous content regarding others, or personal attacks on others;

8) damage to the reputation of state organs;

9) Other content that violates the constitution of UK;

2. In using any and all aspects of the uhomes platform, the user agrees not to undertake any of the following actions: 1) the publishing, transmission or storing of the intellectual property or trade secrets of others, or the dissemination of viruses or any other content that may harm the stability of the the uhomes platform or the quality of the information therein; 2) misappropriation of images, videos, audio or any other medium that enjoy intellectual property protections, including but not limited to, copyright or trademark, right to privacy, where the user does not own or control the corresponding rights or has not obtained the necessary approvals; 3) actions that undermine or endanger computer network security, including but not limited to, the user of unlicensed data or servers and accounts, unauthorised use of public computer networks, the deletion, editing or addition of stored information; unauthorised access to, exploration, scanning, testing for weaknesses or other actions that impair network security; attempts to interfere with or disrupt the normal operation of the platform; the deliberate dissemination of malicious programs or viruses or other actions that disrupt normal operation; forging TCP/IP data; 4)editing or forging instructions, data or data packets within the operation of the software, as well as adding, deleting or editing software operational functions or transmitting information or data to users using the aforementioned softwares; 5) to sell, lease, lend or distribute, transfer or sub-license uhomes software or services or related links including any gain attributed to these services or software, without the express permission of uhomes; 6) Violation of the terms and conditions of Uhomes activities and offers, including but not limited to the sharing of false information on such offers, or providing false information to uhomes for personal gain or to exploit any loophole within the offer;

3. You understand and accept that uhomes may be required to submit your data, including information filled out during registration as well as post history to relevant government or judicial agencies where such requests are made under the correct procedure by agencies with the relevant authority;

4. In using the uhomes platform, you agree to abide by the following principals and rules: 1) the user undertakes that their use of the uhomes platform complies with all national laws and regulations, and with the uhomes regulations on platform use or this agreement, that user use does not contravene the public interest or harm the legitimate rights and interests of others. The legal and other consequences of any violation is to be borne solely and exclusively by the user, and the user shall ensure uhomes does not suffer any loss or expense as a result of such platform use. 2) the user shall not post any material that is forbidden under national legislation, including but not limited to, information that infringes or violates the intellectual property of others, contravenes the public and moral interest or public order. 3) use of uhomes platform information for commercial purposes of any kind is strictly prohibited unless express written consent from uhomes is obtained first, including but not limited to, the copying and dissemination of information found on the uhomes platform. 4) use of hardware, software or parallel programs to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of uhomes is strictly prohibited, large downloads or other actions that disrupt the uhomes network are also prohibited.

5. You understand and agree that: 1)where you have breached the above provisions, uhomes has the right, without requiring consent or the need to inform you, to immediately suspend or retract services from you; 2) where you are suspected of breaching any of the above mentioned conditions, uhomes reserves the right to take appropriate action, including but not limited to, freezing or blocking your account, removing any related posts or infringing information, reducing or withdrawing credit on the app, or suspending service to you; 3) the user understands and acknowledges that Uhomes has the authority to unilaterally determine if a users actions on the uhomes platform and actions that influence or affect the uhomes platform or its users, constitute a breach of these terms, and to take the necessary measures in response to such action. The user bears sole responsibility to provide supporting evidence to refute any breach and must bear the consequences where they cannot provide such supporting evidences; 4) in the event that user breach causes loss or damage to any third party, the user is solely and independently liable. The user understands and shall make sure uhomes is not liable for any loss; 5) in the event that user breach of any relevant laws or provisions causes loss or damage to uhomes or any third party, the user is liable to compensate uhomes or the third party for such loss of fine, including reasonable legal fees.

7. Right to Privacy 1. Uhomes is constantly monitoring, updating and improving its Privacy Policy, which forms an integral component of the uhomes Terms & Conditions. 2. The user acknowledges and understands that uhomes may interact or work together with third parties in the course of providing the uhomes service. Where the third party agrees and undertakes the same level, standard and terms of Privacy protections as uhomes, uhomes may share user information or materials with that third party. In addition, after uhomes has censored or redacted personally identifiable information, it may conduct data analysis and business analysis of the uhomes user database. 3. Uhomes will use a variety of security technologies and procedures to establish a comprehensive management system to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure 4. Uhomes will only transfer or disclose your personal information to third parties not mentioned above where: 1) required to do so by law, by a authorised governmental body or by a court of law; 2) the transfer or disclosure is part of a merger, acquisition, division or asset transfer; 3) the service the user has requested requires such transfer; 4) the user requests such information or service. 5. The user understands and acknowledges that uhomes may, in the course of providing the uhomes service, direct the user, via link or other format to third party websites to complete booking or other functions. The user understands that the terms herein only govern the data and privacy of information gathered on the uhomes platform and the user must read and understand the terms and condition, especially governing data and privacy of that third party. Uhomes bears no liability for information acquired by third parties and their subsequent processing of such information. 6. The user acknowledges and understands that uhomes uses a number of security programs and processes to protect unauthorised access, processing or disclosure of user information 7. Uhomes bears no liability for the loss or deletion of user information. Uhomes makes no guarantees that it will store user information for any given period of time 8. When the user ceases to use the uhomes platform or delete your uhomes account, uhomes will no longer collect or process your information 9. For more information on how uhomes collects and processes information please see the “Uhomes Privacy Policy”

8. Intellectual Property 1. Uhomes, Upay AI, and other Uhomes trademarks copyrights are protected by law and cannot be used under any format or for any reason without the express consent of uhomes. Anyone who infringes the intellectual property rights of the company will be investigated according to the law and may incur legal liability for any breach. 2. Information published on uhomes (including but not limited to code, text, diagrams, logos, buttons and icons, images, sound file fragments, digital downloads, data editing and software) is the property of uhomes or its content provider, and is protected by UK and international copyright laws.

The compilation of all content on this platform is the exclusive property of a uhomes and is protected by UK and international copyright laws.

All software on this platform is the property of uhomes or its affiliates or its software providers, and is protected by UK and international copyright laws.

Any authorised browsing, copying, printing, and distribution of information belonging to uhomes may not be used for commercial purposes and the use of all information or any part thereof must include a copyright notice identifying uhomes as the owner. 3. The user understands and acknowledges that any and all content a user posts or contributes to the uhomes platform (including but not limited to user reviews, consultations, information, opinion, and topics of discussion) as well as all copyright or other rights (including but not limited to reproduction, distribution, rental, exhibition, performance, screening, broadcasting, information dissemination, filming, adaption, translation or compilation) are exclusively and irrevocably transferred to uhomes. Uhomes reserves the right to file its own lawsuit against

4. This agreement constitutes a written agreement as governed by the Copyright law of UK and related legislation, covering any user content on the platform that would entail copyright protection, no matter if such content was posted before or after the agreement.

5. The user further undertakes not to engage or authorise any other party to use the information of the uhomes platform in any form, in continuance of the above copyright enjoyments.

6. User content on the platform in no way reflects the views and opinions of uhomes. User content on Uhomes does equate to endorsement or approval from uhomes or can its authenticity or truthfulness be guaranteed.

7. The authenticity, truthfulness or accuracy of information, text, images and other materials posted to the uhomes platform by individual users are the responsibility of that user. Uhomes does not guarantee the accuracy of such information, and bears no liability for false or misleading information. Where such information infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others, the user shall bear full and complete liability for such infringement.

8. Except as otherwise required by law, the user must not illegally copy, transmit, display, upload or download, reprint, quote, or link, in whole or in part any content without the express permission of uhomes. Uhomes has the right to pursue legal action in such instances.

9. The above discussed content and information on the uhomes platform, includes but is not limited to: all information and details found on the uhomes platform; information that the user does not have or has not yet received express permission to transmit; the unique graphics, logos, page style and other layout methods and processes; content that must receive the approval of the owner or registered user who posted it; other content legally covered by copyright protections.

10. Uhomes bears no legal responsibility for any disputes caused by improperly citing content on the uhomes platform, or for any loss caused in such disputes. Where users do not comply with this statement or other illegal or malicious use of the uhomes platform, uhomes reserves the right to pursue legal action.

9. Updates & Maintenance

Uhomes reserves the right to carry out planned and unplanned inspection, maintenance or repair of the uhomes platform. Uhomes bears no liability for loss or interruption of the uhomes service as a result of such instances, but shall notify users as soon as possible of any planned or unplanned maintenance.

10. Legal & Administrative

1. The creation, entry in to force, interpretation, implementation, amendment, addition, termination, enforcement and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed laws of UK. Where there is no relevant provision in the law, reference should be made to general international business practice and/or industry practice.

2. Where a provision is or becomes revoked, invalid or unenforceable it shall be deemed to be a separable and distinct provision and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement.

3. Disputes arising from these Terms should be attempted to be settled by amicable discussion, where negotiation fails the parties have the right to initiate proceedings with the People’s Court of UK.

These terms of Service may be updated from time to time in order to update and improve the quality of our service. The rights and privacy protections you enjoy will not be reduced without your explicit consent. Users will receive reminders and updates where the Terms of Service are updated through the uhomes website and mobile platform.

In order to protect the rights and interests of users, uhomes has provided readily available and simple to use online and offline feedback and complaint channels. In order to effectively manage and fairly deal with feedback and complaints, uhomes refuses to receive feedback by direct email, the feedback and complaint channels should be used. Furthermore, uhomes will not prioritise emails sent directly to uhomes employees.

Bold text within these Terms indicates provisions of special interest to users, please read them carefully. The user expresses their consent and is therefore bound by these terms by selecting “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service”.

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