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Privacy & cookie statement

Privacy Policy

Welcome to uhomes! Your trust means a lot to us, and we work hard to protect you and your personal information as well as improving the user experience for you and all our users. Our specialist Privacy Team is responsible for the collection and processing of all personal information around the world. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, process and share information on users. In using the uhomes platform and related payments services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of this Policy. The ultimate aim of this document is to clearly describe how the uhomes platform works. We want to explain the collection, processing, storage and deletion of information in a way that makes sense to individual users.

1. Foreword

2. How does uhomes process your personal information?

3. How do we store and protect your data?

4. How do we manage your personal information?

5. Protection of personal information of minors

6. Notices and Updates

7. How to contact us

1. Foreword

This Privacy Policy governs the uhomes platform including related third party services on the platform. Where additional policies apply to individual products or services, this will be clearly indicated to you. Where there is a conflict of interest between additional policies and this Privacy Policy, this Policy shall take precedent.

2. How does uhomes process your personal information?

You are able to control your privacy settings when using the uhomes platform. For example, the options available to you include the following settings:
  • Essential: The minimum settings for us to effectively provide the uhomes service to you, including the lowest levels of information collection.
  • Advanced: Allows users to access the additional functions and services on the uhomes platform for the most comprehensive and effective use, without affecting the essential or basic functionality discussed above.
(1) Required Information

Certain information is required for the smooth and functional operation of the uhomes platform. The principles governing what constitutes required information are that it be reasonable, legitimate and essential. Listed below are the types of information that uhomes deems as required information and the reason we believe so.
  • Registration information
When registering with uhomes, users are required to use their phone number or email address (other information such as profile pictures, usernames and passwords are on a case by case basis).

In the process of registering you will also be asked to provide additional information such as your gender, date of birth, address, interests and emergency contact or family information. Such information is used to provide the highest quality service to you, but is not required to use the uhomes platform.

Where you choose to use a third party log in, uhomes will receive account information from that provider. For example, the profile picture, username, region and gender associated with that third party account. uhomes will comply with the Privacy conditions of that third party, as well as other related laws in order to protect your personal data.
  • Location Services
uhomes makes use of certain location and other geographical information in order to provide the most accurate search function, the most useful property recommendations, and provide you with the highest quality of service. In order to do this, uhomes will collect and process information, including:
  1. Location information: when a user has location services enabled, uhomes will use this to provide you with the most accurate search services. In addition, uhomes will use your IP address, GPS, WLAN or Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or base station information to provide the most exact location information. Users can adjust or amend their location settings at any time. Turning off location services will mean the map and search services have reduced capabilities.

  2. Log information: when using the uhomes service, your browser, search history and other log information will be processed, including but not limited to your IP address, browser, language, operating system, date and time of access, published information, as well as browsing, search and web request information.

  • Booking Services
uhomes requires certain information to complete booking, payment or airport transfer services, including but not limited to name, contact details, ID details, tenancy details, payment details and emergency contact information (name, gender, telephone number). This information may be personally identifiable information or sensitive information. We will only ask for such information where it is required to carry out the service for you. You should always take extra care when disclosing such information to uhomes or any other party.
  • Favorite, Follow, Share, Recommend
In order to manage your preferences or recommend users with similar hobbies or to recommend potential roommates, users are able to save, share, and follow properties, locations and/or users and groups. We collect information about the people, pages and groups you interact with to improve engagement with the uhomes platform and to allow users to find and interact with each other. We also collect information on how you interact and share with third party platforms such as sharing to Facebook or WeChat.
  • List my Property, Comment, Roommate Match
Where users list their property on the uhomes platform, post to the Roommate Match forum, or comment on the Properties available on uhomes, this information will be collected and processed. Including but not limited to username, profile picture and all of the posted information. For more information on List my Property, please view the List my Property T&Cs.
  • Payment Services
Where users make use of the payment services on the uhomes platform, including but not limited to WeChat Pay, AliPay, UnionPay, and Paypal, uhomes will collect booking and payee information as well as other information legally required when third party payments are made on the uhomes platform.
  • Customer & Post-sale Service
When contacting customer service, the communication history may be recorded and your account information will be checked to verify your identity. When contacting us for assistance with your booking, the booking information will need to be reviewed. Assistance with a booking enquiry or amendment may require you to provide additional information.
  • Payment Services
Where users make use of the payment services on the uhomes platform, including but not limited to WeChat Pay, AliPay, UnionPay, and Paypal, uhomes will collect booking and payee information as well as other information legally required when third party payments are made on the uhomes platform.
  • Marketing activities
We use your information for marketing activities. These activities include:

Using your contact information to send you regular news about the products and services. You can unsubscribe from email marketing communications quickly, easily, and anytime. All you need to do is click the "Unsubscribe" link included in each newsletter or other communication, or manage your preferences via your account settings.

Based on your info, individualized offers might be shown to you on the website, on mobile apps, or on third-party websites/apps (including social media sites), and the content of the site displayed to you might be personalized. These could be offers that you can book directly on the website, on co-branded sites, or other third-party offers or products we think you might find interesting.

When you participate in other promotional activities (such as sweepstakes, referral programs, or competitions), only relevant information will be used to administer these promotions.
  • Privacy Protection
In order to protect your account security, financial security and to protect the operational security of uhomes as well as to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements, your equipment and system information may be obtained. This includes but it not limited to device, model, unique identifiers (IMEI, androidID, IDFA, OPENUDID, SIM or IMSI information), device MAC address, software information and telecom carrier.

In order to maintain and improve the security of the uhomes platform, and to more accurately avoid phishing, trojan and other viruses, uhomes may use or integrate your information with our affiliates with your consent or where legally required to do so. uhomes will carry out certain checks to judge the account and transactional risk of your account based on your typical usage and software information, including but not limited to ID verification, detecting, investigating and preventing any fraud, virus, system attacks and other security risks including those that threaten our affiliate partners and other third party linked platforms. In order to protect you and other users as well as the legitimate interests of our affiliates, uhomes will record any suspicious behaviour or any links sent by users deemed to be suspicious.

In order to provide you with one-click sharing service, our App has integrated Umeng+ U-Share SDK , which will collect your device identifiable information (such as IMEI/android ID/IDFA, etc.) and public information of social account in order to share information with social account. For your information security,we have made data security confidentiality agreements with Umeng+, who will strictly abide by our data privacy and security requirements.We will not share your personal identifiable information unless authorized by you. For more information,please log in to learn privacy policy of Umeng+.
  • Indirect information disclosure
In order to confirm identity, protect account security, confirm transactions and provide post-sale services and resolve any disputes fairly, uhomes may obtain information from third parties. For example, information or progress of a payment you made from the payments provider you selected, payment information in order to quickly and efficiently confirm a booking you made, or information to better prevent fraud or credit card fraud.

(2) Optional Information

In order to provide a service tailored to your needs, you can use our Advanced function. uhomes will collect information based on your permissions but in keeping with our legal obligations. The information we collect is specific to the individual service used, and does not interfere with the functionality of the uhomes app in general.
  • Camera
Users can turn on camera access for uhomes in order to take photos, record videos, scan QR codes, and upload images to the uhomes platform. List my Property, sharing in the uhomes community or Roommate Match forums are all examples of where we use the camera. Where you want to record a video including sound, you will need to grant access to the microphone. We will collect information based on your uploads. You can switch this off, but it will affect your ability to use the uhomes platform where you want to take and upload photos.
  • Photos
Users can turn on photo access in order to upload images and videos to the uhomes platform directly from your photo albums. You can switch this off, but it will affect your ability to use the uhomes platform where you want to upload photos.
  • Microphone
Users can turn on microphone access. We collect information on the voice recording as well as the content of voice messages and use this information to improve interaction with the app and the accuracy of your search results. You can switch this off, but it will affect your ability to use the uhomes platform as you will not be able to send voice messages.
  • Address Book
Users can make use of uhomes sharing functions that allow uhomes access to contacts and address book information on your mobile phone as well as public information from other third party platforms and social media accounts such as Facebook. You can then share with your friends on the uhomes platform and invite friends and contacts to join you to share more. You can switch this off, but you will not be able to share and exchange with your friends if you do so.
  • Calendar
Users can make use of our calendar and reminder function in order to get a clear picture of the booking process and to get reminders so you never miss a booking. We collect information in order to be able to provide this function. You can switch this off, but it will affect your ability to use the uhomes platform and you will not be able to receive calendar reminders for your bookings.

(3) Exceptions

Please read the following carefully, as they list out the circumstances where uhomes does not require your consent to collect information. uhomes will do so where:
  • Required to do so in the interests of national security;
  • Required to do so in the public interest or to protect public safety;
  • Required to do so by a current criminal investigation, proceeding, trial or judicial enforcement;
  • We are unable to obtain consent but feel it is necessary to protect the legal rights of the individual, i.e.: their right to life or property;
  • The information in question has been voluntarily disclosed in public by the individual;
  • The information in question is in the realm of public knowledge, such as verified news reports or government information disclosure;
  • Required in order to sign a contract or other agreement;
  • Required to do so in order to protect the safe and stable operation of the platform and uhomes services;
  • Required for legitimate news reporting;
  • Where academic or research bodies carry out investigations in the public interest, anonymizing the personally identifiable information;
  • Legally required to do so
(4) Rules of Use for Personal Information

In order to provide an individual, flexible service we will collect the following data in accordance with the current legal and regulatory requirements:

We may collect booking information, browser and search info, user preferences, location information and information that you provide in the course of using the uhomes platform. In addition we analyse information to build user profiles and recommend product and services information best suited to your needs and third party advertisements that best fit your interests, including but not limited to, push notifications, smart recommendations, promotional materials and/or commercial advertisements.

If you do not wish to receive notifications, these can be switched off either in the app itself or in the Settings on your mobile phone.
  • uhomes collates information on how you interact with our products and services, as well as those of our partners and third parties on the app, in order to complete bookings and assist with cancellations or complaints as well as improve the quality and process of the uhomes service.
  • We use anonymized information in order to conduct research and analysis on users and use of the uhomes services. For example, location and preferences research to determine how to improve our products, services or marketing plans; or technical information in order to improve internal processes, carry out network maintenance and make improvements to our systems. Anonymized information cannot be recovered for use in establishing a database or for commercial purposes.

3. How do we store and protect your data?

(1) Personal Information

Unless required by law, we will only store personal information for the minimum time we need it to complete the uhomes services. When you delete your account, we will anonymise and delete your data in accordance with the timelines set out by law.

All uhomes data is collected and stored within the People’s Republic of China, except for in the following circumstances:
  • Where required by law
  • With your express permission
  • Where your booking, payment etc is cross-border in nature
  • (In the above circumstances, we require third parties to comply with the protections of this Policy in the storing and processing of your personal information)
(2) Protecting your Personal Information
  • Data Protection
uhomes has measures in place for the physical and electronic protection of your data. We keep up to date with industry standards on data protection. We have protocols for classifying and grading data, managing the different levels, and oversight to continually develop and improve all aspects of how we classify and improve data protection.
  • In addition to the efforts uhomes makes, users must understand that your personal information is valuable and the internet has inherent dangers. Users should follow the guidelines on uhomes and the internet more broadly for setting a complex password to resist any attempts to access your account. Please notify uhomes immediately if you fear your username or password has been leaked or your account compromised and we will act decisively to discover any breach and take appropriate action.
  • Security incidents
In the event of a security breach, uhomes will immediately form an Emergency response team specific to that threat, and implement best-course of action plans to stop the threat spreading. You will be informed, as the law requires, of any breach. We will notify you of the pertinent information regarding the breach, the possible consequences of such breach, the measures uhomes is taking in response, the measures and remedies you can take to mitigate the threat and reduce further risk.

You will be informed by email, letter, telephone or push notification. Where the breach affects a large number of people, it may not be possible to inform each user individually. We will use the most reasonable and effective means of informing users in such instances.

Furthermore, we will report the breach and the measures we have taken to the relevant regulatory authorities in accordance with their requirements.

4. How do we manage your Personal Information

Users have the following rights and protections with regards to their Personal Information:

(1) You have the right to access, correct and delete your personal information, except where prescribed by law. You can manage your information in the following ways:
  1. Account information – the right to access and amend account materials and information (except for uhomes ID authentication information), payment details, and phone or email info. You may also amend passwords, add security info and amend third party or payment provider information. This info can all be changed in either the app or the webpage.
  2. Location information – the right to access, amend or delete information. This info can be changed in either the app or the website.
  3. Search & Browsing information – the right to access and delete your search history, as well as to edit or amend your interests and manage your data.
  4. Booking information – the right to view your booking info including completed, pending and after-sale bookings within the “My Bookings”. Information regarding completed bookings may be deleted, but this may affect your after-sale service and we cannot retrieve this information if you need it later.
  5. Comments & reviews – the right to access, amend and delete your comments and reviews. This can be amended within the website or the app.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to access, amend or delete any of the above mentioned information. The relevant contact details can be found at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

(2) Editing & withdrawing authorizations

Your consent and authorization settings can be amending within the uhomes app or website, or by accessing the Settings on your mobile phone or computer. If you withdraw these authorisations, we will no longer be able to provide certain services that require your consent, however, this will not affect the information processed before authorisation was withdrawn.

(3) Targeted push notifications & other marketing

You have the right to cancel and amend targeted marketing and other messages. Reply “TD” to any text message to unsubscribe. Algorithms are used to promote properties in search results based on suitability and availability. But you can use the “Sort by” function to display properties based on your requirements (eg: distance or price) rather than the automatic property filters and promotions.

5. Protection of Personal Information of Minors

uhomes respects and upholds the rights and protections afforded to minors, whilst acknowledging that it is a service primarily aimed at adults. If you are a minor, you should ask your parent or guardian to read and agree to this Privacy Policy. Your use will then be governed by the acceptance of the relevant parent or guardian.

uhomes will act in compliance with all laws and regulations governing the collection and processing of the personal information of minors. The use, sharing, or disclosure of any information is done under the principle of acceptance by the parent or guardian.

Where uhomes discovers that is has collected the information of a minor without the prior consent of a verifiable parent or legal guardian, we will delete the information as soon as possible.

6. Notifications & Amendments

uhomes is continually looking to make improvements to our service and the protections we offer to user information. As a result, this Policy will be updated from time to time. Where your consent is required, your rights cannot be amended or reduced without your express agreement. We will update you whenever changes are made to the mobile or web versions of the uhomes platform. You should also check the Privacy Policy from time to time. Where the Policy is amended without reducing any of your rights, your continued use of the uhomes platform will act as consent to the most up-to-date Privacy Policy.

7. Contact Us

We are available anytime through the following:
  • Instant messaging services are available on both the uhomes app and the uhomes website (
  • The uhomes customer service line is located in China, the number is 400-8106-781. Please note international calling charges may apply
  • Email with your query or issue and we will respond as soon as possible