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Terms of Service

Uhouzz provides comprehensive information and services for overseas property rental to students and families living abroad. Before using any of the services offered through Uhouzz, clients (hereinafter referred to as user or you) fully agree to the following Terms of Service. It is the responsibility of the user to read the User Agreement carefully.

By clicking the “Agree to User Agreement” button, the user gives their consent to all of Uhouzz’s Terms of Service, as well as the right to make any modifications to the Terms of Service at any time.

Please read through the provision outlined below which constitute a legally binding relationship between the user and Uhouzz.

Terms of Service

1. Uhouzz provides services to students and parents living abroad to buy or rent housing.

2. All information provided by the user for Uhouzz’s services is considered to be true. If the user provides false information, Uhouzz does not assume any responsibility for the consequences that follow. All information provided by the user is handled in accordance with Uhouzz’s Privacy Statement.

3. Never at any time will users be required to provide password information such as bank card passwords, login passwords, or any other password to a Uhouzz employee.

4. If the user provides false information or violates the Terms of Service, Uhouzz reserves the right to unilaterally suspend user services without notice.

5. Regular and irregular maintenance is conducted on Uhouzz’s network server and related equipment. Uhouzz will bear no responsibility in the event of a downed network or interruption to online services. However, as far as possible, Uhouzz will provide prior notice to the user in occurrences or regular maintenance.

Uhouzz has the right to modify the Terms of Service of according to changes made to the internet, the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China as well as those of international law. Thoughout your use of Uhouzz’z services, it is necessary to read the Terms of Service and remain well informed of any modifications made to these terms. In any dispute, only the latest Terms of Service are valid.


1. Under provisions outlined by the Constitution, Uhouzz supports the right of all users to exercise their freedom of expression. Uhouzz holds no responsibility for comments made on the Uhouzz website, and these comments do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Uhouzz, but only those of the author. Appropriate action will be taken if any language is found to be offensive or insulting.

2. Users are strictly prohibited from copying text, images, audio, video and the like from Uhouzz’s website. If content from Uhouzz’s website is copied, it is necessary to indicate the source of the information. If you believe that the Uhouzz website contains any copyright material, then please contact us and appropriate actions will be taken. Here at Uhouzz, we respect the rights of third parties, which includes intellectual property. We also expect all users to respect the individual rights of other users and third parties. Uhouzz retains the original copyrights to all content disseminated through our company, and reserves the right to take all necessary legal action against all those who infringe on these rights.

3. When the Chinese government requires Uhouzz to disclose user’s personal data, they shall comply. Furthermore, Uhouzz will comply with all requests made by law enforcement and public security agencies for user’s personal data.

4. Uhouzz shall not bare any legal responsibility for data leaks caused as a result of a user sharing their computer, password or account information with other parties.

5. Third parties are permitted to to link directly to Uhouzz’s website. You should consult the respective privacy policies of each of these third-party websites before disclosing your personal information to a third-party website. Uhouzz shall bear no responsibility in instances where the user shares personal information on third-party websites.

6. Uhouzz shall not bare any responsibility where incidents of negligence, contract defamation, copyright or intellectual property rights, and various other incidents cause loss to the user for any reason other than using Uhouzz and except where listed within Uhouzz’s Terms of Service.

7. Uhouzz shall not bear responsibility for any loss sustained while users use websites linked to the Uhouzz homepage and which are not third-parties with whom Uhouzz is in direct association.

8. Uhouzz shall not bear responsibility for any payment not paid through Uhouzz official App or website.

9. In giving their consent to use Uhouzz and its services, users are considered to have read and agreed to all the Terms of Service.

10. This statement belongs to UHOUZZ CO., LTD. All terms are based on statements found in Chinese law. Uhouzz shall not bare responsibility for users who disagree with this statement and trespass the law.

If you have any questions about these terms, please email your questions to : info@uhouzz.com.

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