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Entire Place·4B2B···15 Winnie Rd, Birmingham


15 Winnie Road, Birmingham, England B29 6JU

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Property ID: R00689651
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Entire Place·4B2B···15 Winnie Rd 1
Entire Place·4B2B···15 Winnie Rd 2
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Basic Info

Short lease
The property cotains bedroom, living room and bathroom. It is refurnished property with nice bedroom. All rooms are full equiped with full furniture. The transportation is so covenient.


House Rules

Cancellation Policy


1. This offer applies to all existing customers who booked directly with MasonKnight Property and have already completed a Tenancy Agreement for a room with , and all new customers who complete a booking and complete a Tenancy Agreement for 2020/21 directly with MasonKnight Property on or before 28th September 2020.
1. 此优惠适用于在2020年9月28日或之前直接向MasonKnight Property预订并已完成客房租赁协议的所有现存客户,以及在2020年9月28日或之前直接向MasonKnight Property完成预订并完成2020/21年租赁协议的所有新客户.

2. To be eligible to benefit from this promotion the original 2020/21 Tenancy Agreement must be for a minimum tenancy length of 34 weeks, with a tenancy check in date on or before 31st October 2020. This promotion excludes all short stays and/or semester stays.
2. 为符合此优惠条件,原2020/21租赁协议的最短租期必须为34周,入住日期最晚为2020年10月31日或上述日期之前.

3. In order to benefit from this promotion ,a customer’s university or higher education institute (HEI) must delay the start of the 2020/21 Academic Year for the customer’s course. In the event that they do so we will be willing to defer the check in date of that Tenancy Agreement and credit the customer’s account for the unused complete calendar weeks of the tenancy, up until the earlier of (1) a period of one calendar week before the new Academic Year start date, (2) the 31st October 2020, subject always to the terms set out in this promotion.
3.为了从这次推广中获益,要求房客入读的大学必须有推迟2020/21学年开学日期的政策.如果学校有这样的政策,我们将愿意推迟房客的入住日期,推迟租赁合同的开始日期,并将合同期间房客未入住的完整日历周计入房客账户,但是需满足以下的条件(直到或者早于以下日期)(1)新学年开始前一个公历星期的期间 (2) 2020年10月31日之前.

4. This offer also applies to customers whose course starts initially online only. You can apply for this offer if the face to face teaching for your course has a delayed start date.
4. 这项优惠也适用于那些最初上网课的房客.如果您课程线下教学宣布延迟开学,房客也可以申请这个offer.

5. We will continue to monitor university and HEI Academic Year start dates and may review or amend this offer accordingly.
5. 我们将继续留意大学的开始日期,并尽可能按照房客教学安排来调整租期.

6. If a university or HEI delays the start of the Academic Year and a customer wishes to delay their check in date under this promotion, they will need to email this template to on or before 28th September 2020, stating their booking reference, customer ID and reason for the request.
6. 如果您的大学延迟学年开始日期,且房客希望推迟入住日期,房客需要把预订合同,客户ID和请求延迟入住的原因通过电子邮件于2020年9月28日前,发送至

7. The customer will then receive an email, inviting them to download the MyUnite app and select a suitable check in date in line with the above. We will then cross check this information against their Tenancy Agreement and HEI Academic Year dates before applying the promotion.
7. 之后房客会收到一封电子邮件,并按照上面的要求选择一个合适的入住日期.在申请延期入住前,我们会将这些资料与房客的租期及新学年开课日期进行核对.

8.The customer’s account will be adjusted to reflect the actual new check in date and any future payment changes once the customer has checked into their accommodation for the 2020/21 Academic Year. Customers who have paid for the whole of their 2020/21 tenancy in full before they check in will receive a refund for the unused weeks, after they have checked in
8. 房客在2020/21学年入住后,其租金将根据实际入住日期进行调整,以告知未来需要付房租的情况.如果客户在入住前已经付清了2020/21年租期的全部费用,那么在入住后,房客将会收到未入住周期的退款.

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Student Accommodation in Birmingham

Can I get discounts for stduent properties to rent in Birmingham?

Yes, students who book early or a while in advance are eligible for good deals and pay cheap accommodation in Birmingham. You can also save on rent by making a group reservation. Other offers are constantly available; we recommend you keep an eye out for the latest ones on our website!

How much does room to rent in birmingham cost?

The amount you pay will depend on the type of the room in student flat you choose. A shared student hall in Birmingham will cost you £150 per week. Private student housing will cost, on average £180 per week, but could cost more depending on what type of room you select.

Are bills included in my rent of cheap Birmingham student accommodation?

This depends on the property you rent, but most of our properties in Birmingham have all bills included, so you’ll only have to pay the rent and nothing else. Remember to make sure if this is the case with the property you’ve chosen though. You can see what bills are included on the property page of every property.