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Fontessa House – Chester, Chester

Student Accommodation

51/57 Upper Northgate Street, Chester, England CH1 4EF

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Property ID: S00180260
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Basic Info

117 Beds

Fontessa House is a modern student accommodation in Chester, offering 5 types of Studio and En-suite rooms to suit the requirements of the affluent student population. The rooms are provided with basic furniture, domestic appliances, and kitchen facilities to help students quickly adapt to life in their new surroundings. The student flats are ideally located on the northern edge of Chester city centre, within walking distance of many amenities, supermarkets and restaurants. The city centre area offers a variety of attractions and entertainment locations. Best of all, students can walk to the University of Chester from here or take a quick bus ride to Cheshire College - South & West Chester Campus.



Fontessa House offers 3 types of studios and 2 kinds of En-suite rooms, all offering exquisite furnishings and décor, double beds, tables, chairs, bookshelves, and wardrobes furnished in the bedroom area. As the most common room in the UK, the En-suite offers the perfect combination of privacy and socialising. Private bathrooms are provided in the bedrooms to ensure students' privacy and hygiene. On the other hand, the communal kitchen and living room serve as a social area for the people, with the two spaces not interfering with each other. The Studio, on the other hand, is a favourite for singles, with all the amenities and facilities, and combines a kitchen, bedroom and study to give students complete independence and freedom.


Fontessa House Chester offers a range of amenities for the modern student. Among these facilities, the laundry room ensures students can wash and dry their clothes without leaving the residence. Study rooms provide a quiet, focused environment for individual study or group work, equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and comfortable seating. In addition, secure bike storage is available for students cycling to university or exploring the city.


Location and What's Hot? 

Fontessa House student accommodation is close to the business district and surrounded by various basic amenities. Students can shop for everyday essentials at the local Tesco, Icelandic, International Supermarket, Morrison's and Asian Spice supermarkets, each with a unique range of products for different dietary preferences. When it comes to hanging out, JAX Bar, the Shropshire Arms Bar, and the Oddfellows Arms Bar are all great places for students to relax and socialise, while restaurants such as the Pied Bull, Green House and Chez Jules offer a great selection of food with a global flavour.


Fontessa House student flats are ideally located and surrounded by various attractive attractions. Not far away is Total Fitness Chester, a comprehensive fitness centre offering a wide range of classes and equipment. For those seeking a blend of history and architecture, Chester Cathedral beckons with its stunning design and rich heritage. Finally, for shopaholics, the Grosvenor Shopping Centre offers a wide range of retail options, from high street fashion to unique boutiques, ensuring that students can find everything they need and some things they don't!



Students living at Fontessa House are within a 7-minute walk of the University of Chester, making it an easy commute. There is a direct bus route for students attending Cheshire College - South & West Chester Campus, which is approximately a 19-minute journey. In addition, a bus journey from Chester railway station takes just 13 minutes, providing students access to the broader regional and national rail network.


Security & Services

With student safety as a priority, Fontessa House is equipped with security cameras and an access control system. Each building, each suite and each bedroom is also equipped with individual door locks to ensure the safety of students and their property.

House Rules

Cancellation Policy

No Visa No Pay

If you fail to obtain a UK Visa before the start date of your tenancy, we will cancel your Tenancy Agreement and refund any rent payments made, so long as you provide within 72 hours of receiving your official confirmation:
• Supporting official evidence that your Visa was declined
• Written confirmation that you wish to cancel your booking

No Place No Pay

If you are a first year prospective undergraduate student and your offer of a place at your preferred University/Higher Education institution is withdrawn because of you not achieving the required entry grades or you have surpassed your required entry grades and choose to go to a different University. To meet the criteria, you will need:
o To provide a written rejection letter from your chosen university/higher education institute within 72 hours of your exam results being published
o To provide a copy of the acceptance letter from your new university.
Where proof is provided in accordance with these terms and conditions and to our and the landlords reasonable satisfaction, you will be entitled to cancel the booking and you will not be liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Tenancy Agreement from the date of cancellation.


If you choose to cancel your booking with us, you have 14 calendar days after receiving the original Accommodation Offer to do so and get a full refund of the Holding Deposit paid.If you have made your booking less than 14 days before your scheduled check-in date, you may cancel your booking until the earlier of (a) 14 days after receipt of the Accommodation Offer email and (b) the Tenancy Start date on your Tenancy Agreement.You may cancel your booking by sending an email
to the relevant Accommodation Office email address.We will refund your Holding Deposit within 7 calendar days of cancellation. If you cancel your booking after the cooling off period has expired, you will not get your Holding Deposit returned to you and you, and your guarantor if reasonable, will be required to meet the obligations set out within the Tenancy
The Landlord and Students reserve the right to not return your Holding Deposit and cancel your booking on
notice if:
2.1 We take all reasonable steps to enter into the Tenancy Agreement before the deadline and you fail to do so, for example, if you fail to complete your application or provide guarantor details and supporting documentation in good time;
2.2 You provide us with relevant false or misleading information; and/or
2.3 We are prohibited from entering to the Tenancy Agreement because of the Immigration Act 2014.
Cancellation for any other reason
If you have entered into the Tenancy Agreement and you wish to cancel your booking after the cooling off period has expired andyou do not fit into our eligible criteria above, you will not get your Holding Deposit returned to you, and you and your guarantor, will be required to meet the obligations set out within the Tenancy Agreement regardless of whether you have collected your keys.If you cancel your booking and can find an eligible replacement tenant, subject to our agreement, you will be released from the contractual obligations as set out in the Tenancy Agreement.Any overpaid rent will be refunded to you, less an amount equalto your Holding Deposit as a cancellation fee. The site team will confirm your official release date.
3.1. We hope you have a happy stay in your accommodation, but if for any reason you decide to leave during your contracted term, the landlord may agree to release you from your contract. Providingthe conditions set out below are met:
3.1.1. You agree that you will not transfer or sublet the tenancy created by the Tenancy Agreement to anyone else without obtaining our written consent in-line with point 11.1(m) of the Tenancy Agreement.
3.1.2. You find a suitable replacement to take a new Tenancy Agreement for your room for the remaining period of your contract. Replacement tenants must be 18years old or over and enrolled as a full time student in a university or college in proximity to the accommodation. Where the accommodation has agreements with set universities, the replacement may be restricted to that university - Please check with your Accommodation Team. The incoming tenant must enter into a Tenancy Agreement with us and pay sums due within this agreement.
3.1.3 Refunds due will not be processed until the replacement taking over the contract has signed the Tenancy Agreement,paid and moved into the accommodation.
3.1.4. If you do find someone to take over your contract, you will need to pay a £50 administration fee.
3.1.5. If you fail to find someone to take over your tenancy, you will be responsible for paying thefull rent until the end of your contracted time at the accommodation.
Our terms and conditions require you to sign your Tenancy Agreement online within 14 calendar days of receiving the Offer of Accommodation. If you fail to sign your agreement within this timescale, we may cancel your booking, giving notice by email and you will forfeit any booking fee paid if it is outside the cooling off period above.
If you fail to check-in on your accommodation start date and you have not signed your agreement, we may cancel your booking at any time by giving notice by email. If you are outside the cooling off period, your Holding Deposit will not be refunded.Once you have signed your Tenancy Agreement, it may only be terminated if we mutually agree to do so or in the circumstances set out in point 3 above.

Fontessa House – Chester FAQs

Can I connect to the internet?

Yes, super fast internet connection is available in every bedroom.

Do I need to move out during the holidays?

Your contract is for a fixed term, so the room is yours for the duration of the lease. This means you don't have to move out of your belongings over the Christmas or Easter holidays and can choose to stay at home during these holidays if you want.

What does a fully furnished kitchen mean?

The apartment is equipped with all your cooking utensils: hob, kettle, toaster and microwave.
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Student Accommodation in Chester

Will I have to pay a deposit for Chester student accommodation?

Some student accommodations in Chester will require a deposit (which may start out as a reservation fee) but not all – it depends on which accommodation you choose. If you are asked for a deposit, it will be capped at five weeks’ rent.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Chester?

Yes, students who book early or a while in advance are eligible for good deals and pay lower rent in Chester. You can also save on rent by making a group reservation. Other offers are constantly available; we recommend you keep an eye out for the latest ones on our website!

How much does student accommodation cost in Chester?

The amount you pay will depend on the type of student accommodation you choose. A shared house in Chester will cost you £143.23 per week. A halls of residence will cost, on average £143.23 per week, but could cost more depending on what type of room you select.