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Elizabath Tower, Manchester


16 Silvercroft St, Manchester, England M15 4ZF

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Property ID: S01569205
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Short lease

Manchester's top high-end apartment, 24-hour concierge desk, tenants can use the facility on the 44th floor for free, there are swimming pools, gyms, sky gardens, yoga rooms, and free private lessons can be booked every day. The room is a relatively good room type in 2B. The master bedroom has a walk-in dressing room, and the second bedroom is of a moderate size. All rooms have two full-length French windows facing the southwest central green landscape.


House Rules

Cancellation Policy


1. When you cannot enter the UK, you can sublet:
(1) Due to force majeure factors, such as earthquakes, floods, lightning, etc., you cannot enter the UK. You need to find the tenant and pay a sublease fee of £ 350 before applying for and subletting the apartment. If, for other reasons, you are unable to enter the UK, you will have to pay a subletting fee of £ 450.
(2) Because you cannot enter the UK without obtaining a UK visa, you need to negotiate with the lessee yourself. The apartment is responsible for providing the contract and the sublease fee is 450. If the apartment is required to return your paid rent after accepting the tenant's rent, the apartment will charge a 3% handling fee for this.

2. When the room you booked cannot be checked in due to irresistible reasons, the apartment will be fully refunded.

Pets Policy

No Pet

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