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33 Deansgate square, Manchester


Deansgate Square, Manchester, England M15 4TQ

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Property ID: S01572961
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Basic Info

24 hours security

One of the most prestigious high-end apartments in the center of Manchester, not only the apartment has supporting facilities and decoration, but also the location is a must.


The room type is relatively spacious, with a bright living room and an open kitchen. The living room is fully equipped with a comfortable sofa. The kitchen is equipped with an oven, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, dining table and chairs, etc.; the room is equipped with a large double bed and a wardrobe.


-The apartment is only a 20-minute walk from the South Campus of Manchester University; -Manchester Metropolitan University is only 11 minutes away.


It takes only 13 minutes to walk to Oxford Railway Station.


- It is about 15 minutes walk to the city center and Manchester's Chinatown. There are various large supermarkets along the way, as well as Chinese Super League and Korean Super League.


A unique large corner two-bedroom apartment, located on the 33rd floor of the South Tower, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 7*24-hour front desk service, the apartment itself is equipped with a large gym on two floors, as well as tennis courts and swimming pools


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请注意:在租赁协议双方签署完成的情况下,任何情况下对合约的修改,包括但不限于,转租,租期延长,重新预定我司代理的其他房源等情况。租户均需承担£ 100修改手续费

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Student Accommodation in Manchester

When is the best time to look for Manchester accommodation?

Most students have been looking for student housing in Manchester since May, although some student accommodation is available all year round. However, first-year and international students are advised to start looking in January since the on-campus Manchester student accommodation is always in high demand.

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What types of student accommodation in Manchester are available?

On-campus student accommodation in Manchester is a popular choice, especially for first-year students, as they are usually located close to the university campus. Most universities offer accommodation types that allow students to experience group living, such as Shared room and Non-En-suite.


Off-campus student houses are also famous, with Manchester student houses located throughout the city and suitable for all students. You can find rooms for students to rent in Manchester on uhomes.com, which offers private and shared student apartments, often with study and recreation rooms, among other amenities.


Social accommodation and properties to rent in Manchester are other common choices. Students can get rid of room type and location restrictions and choose their accommodation freely. The well-developed transportation infrastructure will help them get to the classrooms quickly.

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How much does Manchester student accommodation cost?

On-campus student halls in Manchester are the most common choice since they are close to the university facilities. The cost of the room could be around £130~£180 per week. 


Off-campus student accommodation in Manchester is becoming more popular nowadays; people can find luxury rooms and services in some high-end Manchester student homes. The price of ensuite rooms to rent in Manchester could be around £200 per week. If you prefer a studio apartment, it could be around £300 per week. Moreover, the cost of 1 bed flat to rent in Manchester could be expensive, around £400 per week.


The social property is the most flexible option; students can decide everything, including room types, location and price. Generally, the prices for private Manchester student houses could be £200~£1000 per week, but you can share it with others to reduce the cost.

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