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Zephyr, Nottingham, England NG1 1DX







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Entire Tenancy·1Bedroom1Bathroom·Zephyr FAQs

Are bills included in my rent?

This depends on the property you rent, but most of our properties in Nottingham have all bills included, so you’ll only have to pay the rent and nothing else. Remember to make sure if this is the case with the property you’ve chosen though. You can see what bills are included on the property page of every property.

Do I need to pay the rent prior I check in?

If not the lump sum, you must pay at least the first installment of your rent. So, you need to spend some amount otherwise you can’t move in. So, your first installment is like the security that makes the process transparent.

How much rent does a student pay for accommodation in Nottingham?

The type of student accommodation you choose will impact how much you pay. If you plan on living in some of the popular student areas in Nottingham, the average weekly rent you might pay as a student is from £189.51.

How can I make sure I get my deposit back at the end of my tenancy?

All landlords and property managers in Nottingham are legally required to protect your deposit in a legally recognised tenancy deposit scheme. If you take care of your student accommodation you should have no problem getting your money back. You can check out some further information right here.

How do students look for accommodation in Nottingham?

1.University student halls are a popular choice for student accommodation in Nottingham, particularly students in their first year, as they’re usually located close to the university campuses. There are many types of university accommodation in Nottingham, but most are ensuites or come with shared bathrooms and kitchen facilities. 2.Private student halls are a great choice for student accommodation in Nottingham, with options located across the city, making them ideal for attendees of any Nottingham university. This type of student accommodation, like on, offers Studio, En-suite, and shared student flats often with premium facilities, including on-site gyms, TV and movie rooms. 3.Shared flats and houses are another common type of student accommodation in Nottingham. Though further away location-wise, Nottingham’s transport network makes travelling for lectures a breeze.

Can I get discounts for student accommodation in Nottingham?

Yes, students who book in advance typically receive good discounts and pay lower rent in Nottingham. You can save money by making a group reservation. Other cashback offers are constantly available, keeping an eye on our website to stay updated on the same would be very useful for you.

What options are there for contract length? Can I book summer accommodation as well for example?

Most contracts last for one academic year. If you would like to stay for a longer or a shorter time, contact us and our booking consultants will be able to give you information about which landlords are currently accepting stays of different lengths. If you’d like to stay in your accommodation over the summer as well, this can usually be arranged as many of the properties we list also accept bookings for summer accommodation.

What different accommodation types are available for students in Nottingham?

Students who are selected for the September intake may begin their search for accommodation between January and March or preferably 6 months prior to their intake.

Can I stay with a friend at my student accommodation in Nottingham?

Yes, you can rent an apartment with your friends; but, depending on the property, you may be charged a small fee to do so. You can either share a room or rent a dual occupancy unit.

What do you mean by dual occupancy student accommodation?

As per local authority licencing schemes, dual occupancy properties are generally one or two-bedroom properties, as larger properties do not typically allow two people to stay in the same room.

Why are there so few flats in Nottingham?

There are a number of reasons why there are so few flats in Nottingham. One reason is that demand for housing is high and there aren't enough flats to meet the demand. Another reason is that many people who work in Nottingham don't want to live in the city center, preferring to live in the suburbs instead. Finally, developers often prefer to build houses rather than flats because they can make more money from selling houses.

What are the advantages of renting a furnished flat?

When you rent a furnished flat, you have everything that you need right there in the apartment. This can be really convenient, especially if you are new to the city and don't know where to start looking for furniture. Another advantage of renting a furnished flat is that it is usually cheaper than renting an unfurnished apartment or house. This can be helpful if you are on a tight budget. One advantage of renting a furnished flat is that you can rent it for medium-long term periods. This is ideal if you are in Nottingham for a few months and need a place to stay, as it can be difficult to find long-term rentals in the city. Furnished flats come with all of the amenities that you need, such as furniture, appliances, and linens.

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