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3 Sadlier Petersham, Sydney


Sadlier Crescent, Sydney, New South Wales 2049

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Property ID: S01619871
3 Sadlier Petersham 0
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Basic Info

No Service Fee Short lease

House Rules

Cancellation Policy


If student vacate before their fixed term ends they need to do the following (as per usual rules) in the law:
When student sign a fixed term agreement, they are committing to stay for the full term.

- Replace themself under the same terms as their agreement without interruption (this has no penalty or break fee) and is highly recommended; OR
- Pay a break fee of 4 weeks if less than 25 per cent of the agreement has expired; OR
- Pay a break fee of 3 weeks if 25 per cent or more but less than 50 per cent of the agreement has expired; OR
- Pay a break fee of 2 weeks if 50 per cent or more but less than 75 per cent of the agreement has expired; OR
- Pay a break fee of 1 weeks if 75 per cent or more of the agreement has expired.
If they won’t be able to complete the 3 weeks notice, tenants are still required to pay until their 3 weeks notice ends , plus the corresponding break fee to the total of 3 weeks maximum.
Tenants will not be able to use the deposit in their final weeks of their stay as the law requires they to continue paying their occupancy fees as per normal. The purpose of the deposit is not for rent but as security in case they break the terms of the occupancy agreement.

In the case of paying the break fee the landlord also need costs including loss of rent, advertising and a letting fee. We need to work on this without delay to minimise these costs to they and they're under an obligation to make it as easy as possible for landlord to show the property to potential new occupants.

Example - it’s June 4 now. The students agreement ends in November BUT they are leaving August 12. They’ve told us June 4 they are breaking agreement early. They are still required to pay til August 12, PLUS the break fee

It’s June 4 now, they want to leave June 5, they must then pay til June 5 and pay 3 weeks break fee (which is equivalent to paying the 3 weeks notice)

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