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Best Things to Do in Aberdeen | Ultimate Guide 2024

Let’s find all the best things to do in Aberdeen. In the sea breeze of the British Isles, this romantic medieval ancient city is waiting for you to explore. We have prepared a meticulous Aberdeen guide for you; follow us, and you will notice its beauty.

What to See and Do in Aberdeen

Where is Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third-largest city in Scotland, with a population of around 220,000. It is located in the northeast of Scotland, between the River Don in the north and the estuary of the River Dee in the south. Aberdeen is home to one of Scotland’s oldest universities, the University of Aberdeen, with its world-class oceanography and petroleum engineering disciplines. Aberdeen has a distinctive architectural style, including many grey granite buildings, hence the name Granite City and Silver City.

Great Things in Aberdeen


Aberdeenshire has more castles per acre than anywhere else in the UK, with over 300 magnificent castles, earning it the nickname “Scotland’s Castle Country“. Such as Balmoral, Craigievar Castle, Dunnottar Castle, Duff House, and Leith Hall. In a place like this, you can put a visit to all kinds of castles on your list of things to do in Aberdeen.

2. Beach

Sandy beaches are not typical at high latitudes. Aberdeen’s three kilometres of golden sandy beaches are a proud landmark in the city. With its shallow grass, flat sands and blue waters, you can experience the unique high latitude seascape and enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset views everyday. Aberdeen also boasts an abundance of seafood, with a wide variety of freshly caught fish, crab and lobster appearing daily in the city’s restaurants for seafood lovers to enjoy.

3. Arts and aesthetics

Aberdeen is known as the ‘City of Roses’. The gardens in the city are filled with all kinds of flowers, among which roses are the favourite of the residents here. Going to the gardens in the city is one of the best things to do in Aberdeen.

It was called Silver City because of the silvery sheen of the mica in the granite used for the city’s buildings. The sculptural architecture of the grey, blue, pink, and red-patterned rocks quietly tells the story of Scotland’s industrial past.

Aberdeen Nuart, the world’s largest festival of connector art, brings the city to life with colourful street art and painted gates that light up the streets of Aberdeen.

Is Aberdeen Worth Visiting?

You may think of it only as “grey” when you first set foot in the city. Still, it’s one of the “most architecturally distinctive cities in Europe”, according to The Scotsman, and “one of the most beautiful coasts in the world” according to National Geographic. A place of character and glamour.

Thanks to Aberdeen’s well-developed oil and gas resources, it has always been a place of innovation and opportunity. So there are lots of things to do in Aberdeen Scotland. A thriving economy has brought vitality and growth to the city, complemented by a diverse urban culture.

Aberdeen is blessed with natural beauty, delightful greenery, and a stunning coastline. It also has historic sites that have stood the test of time, all elements that will keep visitors coming back for more.

Best Things To Do in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum

The origins of the Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum can be traced back to 1873 when John Forbes White and several local art collectors decided to hold public exhibitions of their collections, which led to the museum’s establishment. The museum is housed in a building designed by Alexander Marshall Mackenzie and opened to the public in 1885. Situated in the heart of Aberdeen, the museum is the largest public museum in the north of Scotland. It has over 200,000 visitors a year and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Its permanent collection consists mainly of post-impressionist paintings, Scottish polychrome paintings, and applied arts and crafts. The most exciting part of the museum is the central hall, constructed from coloured marble extracted from quarries in different parts of the region and is a fine-finished artwork. In the museum’s west wing is a war memorial building with a room inside and a monument outside. It fully showcases Scottish artists’ talent and commemorates Aberdeen’s history.

The Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum is conveniently located in the city centre, making it easily accessible for visitors. When you don’t know what things to do in Aberdeen city, a leisurely walk down Union Street will lead you to the museum, offering a pleasant journey filled with opportunities to explore the city. You’ll pass by various shops and cafes, perfect for a quick breakfast or a leisurely break. This route also allows you to take in some of Aberdeen’s iconic landmarks, such as the Gilcomston Church, the Music Hall, the Tolbooth Museum, and the Mercat Cross, adding to the cultural experience of your visit.

Beach Trip

Jurassic Coast

1.Aberdeen Beach

Just a 5-minute drive from the city centre, you’ll find the long stretch of Aberdeen Beach, with its spectacular cliff walks, breathtaking bay views, adorable wildlife, surfing, fish-watching and sunbathing at your leisure. 

2. Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast is the southernmost stretch of white rocky coastline in the UK, dating from the Jurassic period. The scenery of the coastline is one of the most beautiful things to see in Aberdeen. There is also a Jurassic Coast coastal walk, starting from either West Lulworth or Weymouth, which takes in the magnificent coastline with white cliffs of all shapes and sizes, perfect for a sunny weekend of relaxation.

A visit to the Dunnottar Castle

In Stonehaven (a town near Aberdeen), you should visit the famous Dunnottar Castle. Look towards this castle from a distance. It sits on a cliff-top overlooking the North Sea. The fortress is currently open to the public, and you can find information about the daily life of the castle, historical battles, and the Scottish crown. Once an impregnable fortress, Dunnottar Castle has a rich history, with important figures from the past making it their home or visiting it. Recently, this striking landscape has become a favourite of filmmakers, serving as a picturesque location for several productions.

If you are out of town, there are still many great things to do near Aberdeen. I’ll go over them below.

Fish and Chips

One of the most unique experiences you can have in Stonehaven is indulging in a taste of Aberdeenshire with a traditional lunch at Bay Fish and Chips. Nestled on the seafront, this renowned fish and chip shop not only tantalizes your taste buds but also supports the local economy by sourcing all its ingredients within a 50-mile radius.

It’s easy to get to Aberdeenshire, whether you have a car or not. It’s only a 20-minute drive, and it will take a short time by bus. Stonehaven is just 45 minutes from Aberdeen city centre.

You can walk along Stonehaven harbour. It is still the largest leisure harbour in the North East, even if it has been destroyed by storms in the past. Although the fish market has disappeared, the fishing boats are still here for people to visit, and you can take breathtaking photos of the area. 

Take to the streets for the festival

Still struggling with what to do in Aberdeen? Nuart Aberdeen is the UK’s premier street art festival and the only one in Scotland. During the festival, artists from all over the world revolutionise the blank spaces in the city centre. Best of all, the street art trails are free to enjoy all year round. If you take a bus from Robert Gordon University to the city centre you’ll see Super Busy by Conzo & Glöbel’s.

Find interesting sculptures in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is home to dozens of strange statues, each giving you something different to play with. For example, outside Marshall’s College, Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, is riding along on horseback; in mid-air in Marshall’s Square, a panther is leering; and in the city centre, on the streets of Union Terrace, Robert Burns, the bard, is lost in contemplation with a daisy in his hand. William Wallace -Scottish national hero of the British Resistance. His statue is erected in Aberdeen city centre. The American film Braveheart was based on William Wallace. Aberdeen Football Club also has a statue of Sir Alex Ferguson, the decorated manager who led Aberdeen FC to the Scottish Premier League champion.

Play with lambs on the farm

Wynford Farm Park is an animal pup farm near Aberdeen. There are cute little goat cubs, guinea pigs, meerkats, calves, piglets, parrots, and other birds. Playing with the lambs and feeding the various critters is definitely one of the fun things to do in Aberdeen!

You can take bus No.5 or 6 from Unique Square and get off at Kinmundy Drive. You need to book your tickets online before you enter the farm, which closes at 5 pm.

Visit the Kirk of St. Nicholas

The Kirk of St Nicholas is a historic church built in the 15th century. The present church was first mentioned in a papal document of 1151. Due to Aberdeen’s proximity to the sea, St. Nicholas was chosen as the patron saint of Aberdeen for his miraculous rescue of sailors in a storm.

Play Golf

Located in the north-east of Scotland, the birthplace of golf, there are more than 50 golf courses in and around the Aberdeen city centre, known as Golf’s New Mecca. Whether you’re a veteran golfer or a budding newcomer to the game, you’ll be able to find the right course in Aberdeen.

Visit the University of Aberdeen

aberdeen university

Established in 1495, the University of Aberdeen, located in Aberdeen, Scotland, is one of the four ancient Scottish universities founded in the Middle Ages and the fifth oldest university in the UK. The University has five Nobel Prize winners, including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, and Peace. The University of Aberdeen is renowned for its medicine, including insulin and MRI, which Aberdeen professors invented. The University is steeped in history, and its buildings are equally distinctive, with a great library.


There are so many interesting places and things to do in Aberdeen, a city surrounded by granite, old European buildings, castles, roses, the coast, and artistic atmospheres. It is a great place to live, and if you’re going to school or working here, you can find great flat listings on our website uhomes.com.

In the morning you can visit the Aberdeen Art Gallery, find a café in the city for lunch, take a ride to the Dunnottar Castle in the afternoon, and return to the city for a tipple in the evening.

Aberdeen is most famous for the fact that the entire city is built of granite, and its title as the oil capital of Europe.

Aberdeen is a safe city with a thriving economy, a robust entertainment and cultural scene, and beaches and historical sites. It is an excellent place to visit!

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