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Student Accommodation in Coventry

Coventry Student Accommodation

uhomes is a leading portal to search for student accommodation in Coventry easily. We list 116 student apartments in Coventry, and our tenants help you with sincere feedback and advice, posting more than 817 reviews of the properties’ condition. Moreover, our staff can provide a live broadcasting service and explain the housing situation to you in real-time. If you missed the live broadcast, you can check the live replay explanation on the apartment page anytime to get the most authentic experience before moving in.


Coventry Student Accommodation offers a choice between halls of residence, individually rented rooms, and private student accommodation in Coventry. Most of the home for students in Coventry on our platform is near famous universities, such as the University of Warwick, Coventry University, Barnet Colleges, Henley College Coventry and Coventry College.


uhomes covers student flat for all tastes. Usually, 43% of the students choose the En-suite room type, and 44% prefer the Studio room type. Coventry is priced from £91.00 - £225.00/week for an En-suite, £124.00 - £437.00/week for a Studio, and £210.00 - £419.00/week for a one_bedroom apartment. 

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