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5 Best Healthcare Apps For Students Living in Leicester

5 Best Healthcare Apps

The bustling city of Leicester is not only known for its vibrant culture and rich history but also for its large student community. Maintaining health is crucial for students navigating the demands of academic life. That’s why having a reliable healthcare app at your fingertips can be a lifesaver.

As a trusted guide, I’ve curated a list of visionary health apps that provide a range of services and user-friendly experiences and are widely available to ensure you’re well-equipped to face any health concerns confidently.

Let’s explore the top healthcare apps tailored for students living in Leicester.

5 Healthcare Apps

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1. Babylon Health

Service Range: Babylon Health stands out with its visionary AI-driven health checkup features and the ability to consult with GPs and specialists through video calls.

User Experience: The intuitive design ensures easy navigation, making it accessible during stressful times.

Availability: It’s nationally available and offers an NHS service accessible to Leicester-based students.

2. MyCognition HOME

Service Range: Focused on mental well-being, MyCognition HOME provides personalised cognitive assessments and training programs to enhance mental fitness.

User Experience: A fresh, straightforward interface allows students to seamlessly track and improve their cognitive health.

Availability: Available across the UK, this app is particularly beneficial for Leicester’s students during exam seasons or stressful academic periods.

3. Echo by LloydsPharmacy

Service Range: Echo simplifies the process of managing and ordering repeat prescriptions for ongoing health needs.

User Experience: The convenience of having medication delivered to your doorstep, with reminders to take them, positions Echo as a hassle-free health companion.

Availability: With its service extending throughout the UK, Echo is readily usable for students in Leicester.

4. MeeTwo

Service Range: Excellently tailored for younger users, MeeTwo offers a safe space for peer support and advice on mental health issues.

User Experience: Incredibly user-friendly, the forum-style approach fosters a community of helpful peers and experts.

Availability: While it caters to a UK-wide audience, MeeTwo is especially valuable for students who may feel isolated or seek connections with others who understand their struggles.

5. Forest

Service Range: Forest addresses healthcare in an unconventional but vital aspect – maintaining focus for better mental health and productivity.

User Experience: Innovative and engaging, Forest combines gamification with time management, encouraging healthy study habits.

Availability: Global availability ensures Leicester students can join an international community committed to personal growth and focused wellbeing.

6 Specific Benefits of Healthcare Apps for Students

1. Improved Health Awareness:

Healthcare apps provide students with the tools and information to better understand their physical and mental health. They can track their sleep patterns, dietary intake, exercise habits and more, paving the way for a healthier lifestyle.

2. Accessible Health Information:

Healthcare apps often contain a plethora of information on various health topics. This empowers students to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

3. Immediate Assistance:

Healthcare apps can provide immediate assistance in emergencies. With features such as virtual consultations, students can get medical advice without needing physical hospital visits.

4. Mental Health Support:

These apps often include mental health resources, offering counselling and therapeutic assistance, which can be invaluable for students dealing with stress and other mental health issues.

5. Healthcare Reminders:

From reminders to take medication to prompts for regular exercise, healthcare apps assist in creating and maintaining healthy routines, which is especially useful for busy students.

6. Privacy:

Healthcare apps offer a private and safe space for students to discuss their health concerns without fear of judgment, allowing for more open and honest conversations about health.

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