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A Student’s Guide to Melbourne: Explore the City Like a Local

As an international student in Melbourne, you can experience the city’s vibrant culture and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the city’s rich art scene, discover hidden gems, embrace nature, or find the best student hangouts, this guide covers you.

Immerse Yourself in Melbourne’s Culture

Melbourne's Culture

Melbourne is renowned for its thriving art scene. Explore the city’s art galleries, museums, and cultural events to taste its creative energy. Additionally, dive into Melbourne’s history and heritage by visiting iconic landmarks and heritage sites. Besides, don’t miss the opportunity to attend local festivals and events celebrating the city’s diverse cultures. Moreover, engage with the artistic community and build connections to enhance your overall experience.

Here are ten art galleries, museums, and cultural events that you should not miss:

    1. NGV International: As one of Melbourne’s premier art institutions, NGV International offers diverse exhibitions featuring local and international artists. It is a must-visit for art enthusiasts.
    2. The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia: Located at Federation Square, this gallery showcases Australian art from colonial times to the present. Explore the rich history and cultural identity of Australia through its extensive collection.
    3. Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA): Known for its cutting-edge contemporary art exhibitions, ACCA is a hub for innovative and thought-provoking artworks. It offers a platform for emerging and established artists alike.
    4. ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image): Immerse yourself in the world of film, television, and digital culture at ACMI. From interactive exhibits to screenings of classic films, this museum celebrates the art of storytelling.
    5. Buxton Contemporary: A contemporary art museum located within the University of Melbourne, Buxton Contemporary showcases works by leading Australian and international artists. It offers a space for critical engagement with current art practices.
    6. Heide Museum of Modern Art: Situated just outside Melbourne, Heide Museum of Modern Art is a haven for modern and contemporary art lovers. Explore the stunning grounds and discover thought-provoking exhibitions.
    7. Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP): In Fitzroy, CCP focuses exclusively on contemporary photography. It hosts various exhibitions, workshops, and events that explore the medium’s diverse possibilities.
    8. Gertrude Contemporary: This not-for-profit gallery supports emerging artists by providing them with studio spaces and exhibition opportunities. Visit Gertrude Contemporary to discover the latest developments in contemporary art.
    9. Australian Centre for Photography (ACP): ACP is dedicated to promoting and showcasing photography in all its forms. Explore the gallery’s exhibitions, participate in workshops, and engage with the evolving medium.
    10. Melbourne International Arts Festival: This annual festival brings together artists from various disciplines, including visual arts, performing arts, and music. Experience a diverse range of cultural events and performances that celebrate Melbourne’s creative spirit.

Roam the Streets and Discover Hidden Gems

melbourne streets

Melbourne has unique neighbourhoods, each with its charm and character. Take the time to explore these neighbourhoods and stumble upon hidden laneways, where you’ll find street art masterpieces and quirky boutiques. Additionally, seek out the bustling markets and cosy cafes offering a taste of local life. Also, discover secret gardens tucked away amidst the urban landscape and experience the serenity they offer.

Here are recommended ten exciting streets in Melbourne:

The Grampians National Park
    1. The Great Ocean Road: This iconic road stretches along the stunning coastline, offering panoramic ocean views, rugged cliffs, and the famous Twelve Apostles.
    2. Black Spur Drive: Located in the Yarra Valley, this picturesque road takes you through lush forests, towering trees, and winding curves, creating a magical journey.
    3. The Silo Art Trail, The Mallee: Take a road trip through the Mallee region to witness incredible murals painted on towering grain silos, showcasing unique art in a rural setting.
    4. The Dandenong Ranges: Drive through the scenic Dandenong Ranges, where you’ll find lush rainforests, charming villages, and panoramic views from Mount Dandenong.
    5. The Grampians National Park: Explore the rugged beauty of the Grampians on a scenic drive featuring ancient rock formations, stunning waterfalls, and abundant wildlife.
    6. The Grand Ridge Road: Gippsland winds through the stunning Strzelecki Ranges, offering breathtaking views of rolling hills, rainforests, and small towns.
    7. Mount Macedon: Drive to Mount Macedon, where you can enjoy beautiful gardens, scenic lookouts, and the famous Memorial Cross, providing stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
    8. Red Hill: Drive to Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, known for its vineyards and orchards. Enjoy wine tasting, visit local produce markets, and enjoy picturesque landscapes.
    9. Turton’s Track: This scenic road in the Yarra Valley takes you through picturesque vineyards, farmland, and stunning vistas, offering a peaceful and tranquil drive.
    10. Lake Mountain: Head to Lake Mountain, a popular destination for outdoor activities, and enjoy a scenic drive surrounded by alpine forests, snow-capped peaks, and breathtaking views.

Thriving Student Hangouts and Nightlife

Thriving Student Hangouts and Nightlife

Melbourne has a vibrant student scene with various hangouts and social spots to suit every taste. Additionally, uncover the popular student hangouts where you can connect with like-minded individuals and make lifelong friends. Then experience Melbourne’s buzzing nightlife by exploring its bars live music venues, and clubs. Moreover, immerse yourself in the city’s music and performance scene, attending gigs and shows that will leave you inspired.

Here are ten bars, live music venues, and clubs that you should check out:

Cherry Bar
    1. Corner Hotel: Known for its live music performances, it offers a range of genres from rock to indie. Enjoy great music in a lively atmosphere.
    2. Northcote Social Club: This popular venue hosts local and international acts across various genres. Experience intimate gigs and discover new talent.
    3. The Tote: A legendary live music venue, The Tote has been a staple in Melbourne’s music scene for decades. Enjoy punk, rock, and alternative music in a gritty setting.
    4. The Gasometer Hotel: This multi-level venue features live music, DJ sets, and a rooftop bar. Discover emerging artists and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.
    5. LongPlay: Combining a bar, restaurant, and cinema, LongPlay offers a unique experience. Enjoy live music while savouring delicious food and drinks.
    6. Cherry Bar: Known as Melbourne’s best rock ‘n’ roll bar, Cherry Bar hosts live bands playing everything from classic rock to punk. Experience the energetic vibe and late-night gigs.
    7. Howler: This converted warehouse space is a live music, art, and culture hub. Enjoy eclectic performances in a creative and welcoming environment.
    8. The Bendigo Hotel: With a focus on heavy metal and punk, The Bendigo Hotel offers a gritty and energetic atmosphere. Experience the raw power of live music.
    9. The Espy (Hotel Esplanade): This iconic venue features multiple stages and a diverse lineup of live music acts. Enjoy stunning ocean views and a vibrant atmosphere.
    10. The Workers Club: Located in Fitzroy, The Workers Club offers a dynamic space for live music, club nights, and events. Discover emerging talent across different genres.

Practical Tips for Student Life in Melbourne

Student Life in Melbourne

Navigate Melbourne’s public transportation system like a pro, utilizing trams and trains to get around the city efficiently. Additionally, discover budget-friendly accommodation, dining, and entertainment options that won’t break the bank. Then take advantage of student discounts and resources available to enhance your student experience. Besides, engage with student societies and clubs to enrich your time in Melbourne and create a strong support network. Moreover, choose a homelike student accommodation in Melbourne. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to seek help when needed.


By following this guide, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to unlock the city’s hidden treasures. Embrace the charm of Melbourne, connect with its culture, and create memories that will shape your future. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as you explore Melbourne like a local.

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